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  1. I must say - the picture of PC114 looks more modern than the pic of the officers outside Bowling Station - could the two really both be from around 1900?
  2. I don't have many: 1. A portrait of him (formally posed) in the uniform of an Inspector (I think - two rows of lace on the cuff). 2. What looks like a snap of him standing in a park (?) wearing uniform and a greatcoat. 3. A newspaper picture of hm with some of his men winning a First Aid trophy. This was published in the Bradford T&A some 27 years ago when I was at school - they were asking what the photo was about. I spotted Sam and wrote in telling them who he was. 4. A print of a newspaper picture of a parade where some of the men are wearing the cutlasses talked about previously - quite a variety of uniforms on this. 5. A posed group photo of when my Grand Father joined up for WW1. There is my Grandfather in his RAMC uniform, one of his brothers in a Tram Driver uniform, another brother (George Briggs) in a Constables uniform and Sam in uniform with a medal that looks like it may be a King's Police Medal. These photos are squirreled away in various places, but I'd be happy to photocopy 'em and send them to you as and when I come across them - just let me have an address I don't think I can post pics on here can I?
  3. I believe that Bowling Station was one of the places where My Great Grand Father (Sam Briggs) was Inspector - maybe even at the time of your photo?
  4. Hi, Mervyn. Although I don't have any real detail. I have heard within my family that the Police themselves had a strike somewhere between the wars (but, understandably perhaps, it isn't mentioned in the book. Also, reference the Cutlasses. This is indeed true - I've a photograph of a parade in Bradford where the Police have them and I've also seen the actual items when I visited the Police HQ Museum many years ago.
  5. Aye, I have a copy of that book - interesting reading from cover to cover :)
  6. I'd be really grateful - thanks. Others of his family were involved with Bradford Police - so any mention of a Briggs may well be of interest (I know George and Eric both served)
  7. This is all incredibly interesting. I wonder if you've ever come across anything about my Great Grandfather? His name was Samuel Briggs and I believe he rose to the rank of Chief Inspector. I have photos of him - one at least during WW1. He looks younger on others but is still wearing officer uniform (he has the boars head within a wreath badge on page 1). On the WW1 photo, he appears to wear the (then pretty new) Kings Police Medal. I've searched the net to no avail, I wonder if you've come across anything mentioning him?