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  1. 4th Indian division

    I am looking for any information on the 4th Indian division as my grandfather served in this division in WW2 campaigned in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. I was told its nickname was the Fireball division. Any information however small will be appreciated. Paul
  2. Post the names and let's see ?
  3. Hi you will find him on the London gazette dated 10 March 1925 page 1694 telegraph office
  4. hi all, does any one has a copy of the 1911 police coronation medal roll for the county and borough police forces.i need a name look up to see he on it.the name is p.n.reeves. i got 3 medal group of ebay in the week consisting of a ww1 pair and the 1911 coronation medal for the county & borough police medal. all the medals came unmounted with original ribbons.i believe the group may be made up.on the pair the naming is 3573 spr.p.n.reeves.r.e.i check out his mic on the natianal archives web site.got his two numbers 3573/552757 so he was in the territorial force with the 4th field company. london division.will make a vist to the n/a next week for his mic and get a copy of the county and borough medal roll.the group was very cheap only £46.06 + £3 for the pp. i seen the 1911 police coronation medal for the county and borough being sold around 75-85 pounds.that for a unnamed medal.so if it a made up group am still happy with the money i paid for it paul
  5. J Hogg was a civilian. I see the medal made very good money paul
  6. Hi pierce if a British soldier served in some part's of India he will only get the bwm.and if he only served in England only get the bwm as well. I got single bwm to the royal marines who only service in England. As well bwm to the royal navy air service Hope that help. At the end of the day you must see his mic to be 100% sure paul
  7. I been watching a royal marine group on ebay. Named to a Albert Edward partridge.so I gone another search for RM.a another group came up to the same name.1st group is a WWI pair, swb, 1939 star,Atlantic star,Africa star,defence medal and war medal. Selled for Haywood Lancashire. 2nd group is for buy it now same name.all the same medals.plus his LSGC medal and his ISM named to him. but no SWB. This seller from ham richmond surry.on the royal marine service papers theirs only one marine with that name.I like this group but am now keeping alway for bidding on the 2 groups paul
  8. I found this saying about the defence medal in a old medal book (1950s).only the wearer know how he won the defence medal.as their is so many organisation who awarded the medal paul
  9. Wow Odin mk3.you been busy I got two singles PC j o'hara and PC f emery who was dismissed. I remember a few years ago I single 1911 to a officer who been dismissed made over 60 pounds on ebay.this week I pick up a ww1 pair and the 1911 all named to PC f noon.your book states he served from 1905 to 1930.anyone who in to metropolitan police medals. this book is the one to have.paul
  10. Hi he was David McNaughton warrant number 51320.I got no date when he joined.he pension on 04/02/1895.as a PC in B division.he rejoined for the 1897 jubilee warrant 82333.and rejoined again for the 1902 coronation. Warrant 1044.so you missing a 1902 coronation paul
  11. The list of officers am on about is for the metropolitan police
  12. I believe the roll come in 2 parts .country then borough. The named police force at the top of the page and the rank and the name of the officer that all.paul
  13. Yes there a list of the officers who got the sack in the police orders of 1919. At Kew.I got a copy do you need a officer look up ?.they did keep their medals. I got 2 1911 coronation medals named to sacked officers paul
  14. Station cat thanks nice groups of medals on that site paul
  15. Sorry Nigel to get back to you late.1st when he went from 19 to 3R.R is for reserve. He is still in the police.going back to naming on the police medal they never put SPS on the medals paul
  16. Hi nigel find this for you.on the 22/08/1891 PC James king PC 61 l divn. To PS 19 c divn,11/12/1897 ps 19 to ps 3r c.divn.on 26/06/1899 PS 3cr to sps 3 n divn,on 09/04/1906 SP's 3 n divn pensioned. can't find him as a 1911 rejoined so you got all his police medals.the numbers before the division are his collar number.paul
  17. Sorry can't help you with his date of brith. Will do his police orders in the week paul
  18. Hi Nigel your officer is a James king warrant number 65563 joined 04/04/1881 L division. Left 09/04/1906.he was a station police sergeant.L division was Lambert N division was Islington.1887 medals to L divn was 339 his 97 clasp was for C division and by then a PS.42 clasps for C division to PS.1902 N division to PS was 95 hope that help.I do have the print out for the surname king police orders. I post him in a few days time that tells you all the dates paul
  19. Hi guys. just got a Christmas treat a city of London police trio.named to a inspector Frederick William fox. medals are a 1887 & 97 clasp & 1902 & 1911.i found some information on him. warrant number 5445 joined 28th April 1881 retired 3rd April 1906.so my question is if he retired in 1906 did the city of London police have rejoins for the 1911 coronation.just like the metropolitan police. Paul
  20. Hi mate went to the London metropolitan archives today.what a nightmare !.that where they keep the city of London police archives. First the lift not working so they can't get the police officers papers.then ask to see the warrant book for 1879 onwards.after asking to photo copying some of the pages. To be told I should not been given the book in the first place.as it got serving police officers names in it.I find 4 officers out of five.back to insp Frederick William fox warrant 5445 joined 28th april 1881 age 19 years & 9 months. Pensioned 3rd may 1906.penison £109.11.6. I do know that he served in the 4th division.that all I find on him so far.will go back soon to the LMA.to see his papers paul
  21. I found him on the old bailey web site in the kitty Byron case.she killed her lover arthur baker.
  22. Hi guys. I just got a ww1 south Africa bwm named to a cpl c.j.labuschagne s.a.s.g. I never seen this unit before.please help me on this unit with the full naming of the unit.Paul
  23. Thanks Paul for your reply.I pick up one more ww1 bwm from the same seller.named as pte.j.meder s.a.s.c.7th.m.b.f.train. paul
  24. Yes it a G.i look under a glass it the same g as in the surname paul