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  1. Madrazo, kings of Spain and military portraits

    Hello Mike. I agree with you totally. Madrazo is a very good painter, practically unknown out of Spain, he is called "the spanish aristocracy painter" of the moment. He belongs to the romantic period, that in spain was more late than in the rest of Europe.
  2. Hello I have found in the spanish portraitist, Federico Madrazo, a good source for the knowing of spanish uniforms and order and decorations: I will make in the way of post-cards, more or less. I hope to finish in few weeks.
  3. World War 1 colour Postcards

    German ship postcards
  4. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    Yes Bayern, and this is for sure: Thanks for your definitive help.
  5. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    About the shoulder-boards it likes to below to the Cuerpo General de Policía 1941- 1978 althought I can't find the exact rank: http://www.insigniapolicia.es/cuerpo-general-de-policia-1941-1978 http://guardiadeasalto.com/401/47664.html https://www.policia.es/museo/museo.html It likes to be of Inspector de Segunda de la escala de ejecución o ejecutiva. Anyway, it to be likes various patterns, depending the tailor that made the full uniform.
  6. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    Hello bayern Thanks to you. Yes Serrano use to wear the "Movimiento" uniform. Was the easier and correct way to see things. He was not Carlist at all because Carlist are not fascist, are tradicionalist. Regards
  7. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    Hello Bayern Sorry I thought you were talking about Serrano shoulder-board insignias. Maybe you are right... I have not time to look for the policial ranks but one thing is sure: If you know spanish, please take a view to those links: https://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-1997-21175 https://www.protocolo.org/ceremonial/protocolo_organismos_e_instituciones/breve_resena_del_uniforme_diplomatico.html http://mundomilitaria.es/foro/index.php?topic=12497.45 The diplomatic or consular never wear the rank in the shoulder-boards. Then, it can be policial perfectly. Regards
  8. Spanish Franco regime shoulder boards

    Hello Bayern Sorry, but Serrano Suñer that was Franco's brother in law never was a member of the spanish police. Then it is not possible for him to wear a police uniform. He was lawyer or graduate in laws, and "camisa nueva" of the Falange. It means he didn't be a part of the José antonio's falange, as Hedilla, the falange previous to the civil war and where Franco was an extrange. He was named by Franco chief of the nationalist foreign office (1) because his "germanofilia". Then, he was a high rank leader, of the new falange found by Franco joining the new spanish fascist (JONS) with the traditionalist or requetés. Then he has a falange rank that is the one you can see in the chest with the falange symbol, that it takes from the "Reyes católicos"(3) the famous " yugo y las flechas" more (el nudo gordiano) that was chosen for those kings as symbol (4) and stole by Franco as symbol of the "new Spain". As he chose those king's age as example of the Empire to came. The rank, I don`t know exactly what was as I am not an specialist, and the cup decorations were not from falange, then have to be from the uniform of Foreign Office, logically. Those were my advices, nothing more. The main work to search is not mine. Boris (1) With headquarters in Burgos during the war. (2) From germano=german and (from filius-i, latin= brother; filia (rom spanish=liking)) (3) From the latín Rex-regis: rey, king. And from the old greek katholicós=universal. (4) Y-ugo, Isabel, flechas, F-ernando.
  9. Spanish officers 1917

    Hello Bayern I learn of an argentinian history master (I don't remember now the name) what really was the Spanish Empire, that was not an empire like English in XIX century, by example. The basis of it were nor the gold, neither the Atlantic. Really were the commerce with China and the India trough Manila, in silver ingot. That were the traditional way of exchange in Asia. And thinking that the richest city in america was Méjico, Lima, etc... and that the ruin of hispanic américa comes better from the Manifest destiny that from the English conspiracy. In the Treat of Utrech English have won enough rigths over the american comerce. Note that Spain preserve untill finish of XIXth Philippines, Cuba, and the Ocean Pacific Island and not was England the power that take the Philippines to get into Asia for the great door, but USA. Talking about it, the problem for Spain to get Gibraltar again come not from UK better because the Gibraltar people don't want to pass from a Parlamentary System (with many advantages for them) as the English. To a oligarchie that is not a democracy, as we suffer in spain for 40 years.. If we should change the democratic system in a future, the Gibraltar People will clame to left the UK, and come to Spain. (note that sometimes is imposible to talk about history (Or military History), without talk of politic. before is in most part the history of political affaires. The case of Ceuta y Melilla is more complicated but is political, because USA and France , the Rif and other factors, religious in special are here and there. Anyway and basically, I would say that the most interested power in those places remind spanish is the monarchy of Morocco. And always France and USA are in the middle, of course. Saludos
  10. Spanish officers 1917

    Hello Bayern I don't think have been England or other countrie the responsible of the "maldicón", maybe in the Portuguese fact it have been this way. And not was only England the country that support Fernando VI, better were all the european monarchies in the Viena Congress (the new european order after Napoleón) the ones that crush the liberal mouvement in Spain through the "One hundred thousand sons of Saint Louis (Los Cien Mil Hijos de San Luis), thta were french. The independence of America were not such, better was a transfer of power between Spain and the local oligarchies, via civil war between liberals and monarchic that cut into pieces an empire that works very well economically and politically was near to get a big nation and not 20. Like the canada or other british dominions, without any war or problem. The british only can help the rebelds but didn't were decisive as in the three hundred years before that French,English, Hollanders couln't catch any important city or part of the Empire. Mainly because the local people was who defended the Empire, as In Buenos Aires througt the local militia and not the spanish army that were just in some strong holes and were very weak. (not the Navy). Anyway the traditional enmity with the UK that was friendship before the "Invencible" and María Estuardo. Could change but the bad luck ,france and the weak of spanish governments make the things as it were. Anyway the history of Spanish decadence, that come for many factors is bad nowadays for all Europe. I hope it will be change soon or... never.