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  1. This is to see how I trim, they are new one medals, from e-medals and one from here: Lanzallamas I have lost the osprey book about freikorps
  2. Yes you are right, but I would have to do a summary of books. I like more in german case the pre-war uniforms and the post-war freikops etc... Maybe I'll begin studing the freikorps badges. And then begin with the uniforms, I think there is as less an Osprey book that treat the freikorpss. Anyway without the german regulations for uniforms, I go blind . (Voy a ciegas). For this reason,I prefer freikorps, are more free. regards
  3. Hello Bayern Anyway on those times I thought to go on, but prussian army was too complicate for me, mainly because the most interesting information was in german, and german for me is worst than chinese to undenstard. Even russian is easier. Anyway I'm looking for the sources I used to take a view on it. Thanks you anyway.
  4. Hello Megan Thanks very much for your ofert.i will use it the way i'll explain. Yes, I know paintshop and i had it for sometime but I changed the system two to wo times followed and then expire the license and I don't renoved it. It was as less five years ago and i don't remember how it works. But in all the draw programs you have layers and some tool to trim by hand (automatically is near to impossible. Then in photoshop, that is the program i use now the first layer is blocked in the begginin, if you d'ont unblock this layer all foreground trims are going to be black and not colourless as you want. Then you need to unblock this layer. Paste the image and trim. Can you get photoshop program? if not I am not doing nothing in especial know, you can send me any image(s) you want and I can help you in your web-page.
  5. CCJ and Bayern, I agree with you. But this is just a show of you can do with a computer drawing uniforms. It was maybe done eight years ago and maybe there is some mistakes. Thanks to say me and i will try to look for the sources i employed. Regards
  6. Boris

    Medal Work

    It is finished by now.
  7. I'll finish here with all the more interesting I have seen. The other stuff is repeatandmore repeat.
  8. Boris

    Medal Work

    Thanks Megan.
  9. Other start was in the democratic uses that is clear, don't go with the spanish character. Razon: It is as we understand it nowadays a greek and angloxason discovery. Maybe the formal democracy is thing of French and USA revolution, and the parlamentary-king way exclusive of english, than not of irish. But the spanish tradition is democratic "per se", not formal but go inside some way, this explain the peninsular war, that was really a civil war and the civil war of 1936. is the medieval principles, one of all equal to the king, and alltogheter more than him. this is the problem that have Carlos V with the communeros than don`t be too happy with the imperial politic, for castillia. They were all nobel, but was the equivalent to the people of nowadays. Maybe if they don't loose the war, Spain would be now as the protestant countries, plenty of work and money but that d'ont have a clear politic idea of europe because for they is a europe "Against" thna a clear idea, apart the money and more money. Even the french with "la grander" and the "revolution" just think of money. This is history, not politic at all. Sorrry for the speach I go ON. British ranks for the forum, different tahn I make for THIS forum five yeras ago, I think. There was a scottish variant: If you remember those are more primitiv, even the computer program were diferent
  10. More from the forum historry: the espirirt of this forum, for my side was mainly to get the cooperation between the spanish people, even soem nacionalist catalans as Poilu was a great forum man. But this is impossible at last. The individualism that come many times from ignorance, even from celousy brake all wisdom. And as I don't like the "Black Legend", I have to say that is a human race (not especie, race), fault. But with the spaniards is a law. And the people that work get tired of the people than don't work. Very few times aws a collective work, as you do text, I do grafics. At last forum was dead for this reason mainly. Even spanish of german or english families were this way. Even more than the other. You can think in the moral conclusion. But maybe it is too late to change, tiem of the "tercios viejos" and the spanish own thinking have dead with God. Now we are as stupid as we can. An unusual colaboration between Falkenhayn from german family and institut professor, and myself. He comments the pictures from the artistic point of view (history of art was his speciallity)
  11. Some of then are in spanish and some in english