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  1. Jaybo

    Militaria 'Must Sees' & shops in Paris

    Thanks for the Alsatian restaurant suggestion. It sounds like great way to spend a day.
  2. Jaybo

    Militaria 'Must Sees' & shops in Paris

    Thank you very much.
  3. Hello, I have only been to Paris once (2003) and did see the Musee de l'Armee but not the Palais de Legion d'honneur (which I still must do). I was wondering what other military related sites are' must sees'. Also, can anyone point out what militaria dealers in Paris are also to be visited? I'm especially interested in medals and 18th-19th century militaria. Are the 2 large flea markets worth searching for such militaria? Merci! Jay
  4. That is a very nice collection. I still need to get an authentic 1813 EK 2 but they are indeed hard to find. I too love this thread.
  5. The above photo is apparently a known authentic 1813. Any other opinions out there?
  6. Thank you Ulsterman. It is a shame that the history of these types of pieces is so shadowy.
  7. Jaybo

    Casualties of the Napoleonic Wars

    That was very interesting. It reminded me of Captain Minard's famous graph on the Russian Campaign of 1812. Thanks for posting.
  8. The leaves, the crown and the bottom stem are details I have been told in the past to be aware of in identifying authentic 1813 EKs from the fakes. But how so exactly? These seem to be somewhat 'trade secrets' on this site. Maybe properly in order to keep the fakers ignorant. I get that. The one detail that I have gleaned (correctly so???) is that the real 1813s have more of a straight bottom stem. Thanks for your input Vince.
  9. Thanks for weighing in. Can you be more specific so I can understand the pitfalls of the 1813?
  10. Let's try this again with some resized SLR photos: another one: another... last one:
  11. Thank you Christiania. Did soldiers ever get it? It seems to turn up in Imperial Russian collections I am led to believe.
  12. Hi Trevor, Thanks so much for your reply. I was fearful that might be the case. The reverse looks too much like my 1914 EKs. Could you please tell me what telltale signs lead you to your conclusion? All the best, Jay
  13. Gentlemen, I took some better quality photos of this medal with my SLR but can't get them to upload successfully. The max size allowed for uploading is 8 mb and the image is 6.4 mb. What gives?