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  1. Hi Trevor, Thanks so much for your reply. I was fearful that might be the case. The reverse looks too much like my 1914 EKs. Could you please tell me what telltale signs lead you to your conclusion? All the best, Jay
  2. Gentlemen, I took some better quality photos of this medal with my SLR but can't get them to upload successfully. The max size allowed for uploading is 8 mb and the image is 6.4 mb. What gives?
  3. Jaybo

    1813 Leipzig Medal

    Here is a link with some better images and information about this medal I found on the web: https://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/44/lot/99689/
  4. Thank you Gordon for ‘unzipping ‘ my iPhone photos. If you guys need better quality photos, I can give it a go with my SLR.
  5. Jaybo

    1813 Leipzig Medal

    Thanks Augustin for the reply. No, I mean the commemorative medal with the heraldic shields of Austria, Russia, Prussi and Sweden on the obverse side. It was for the Battle of Leipzig. Sorry for not being clearer earlier.
  6. Thank you Stuka & Paul for your replies. I will try taking some better photos with my SLR in the next few days and post them. Paul, what exactly do you mean by the fault in the iron? Thanks.
  7. Jaybo

    1813 Leipzig Medal

    Gentlemen, Does anyone know what the correct ribbon was(is) for the Prussian commemorative medal for the Allies victory over Napoleon in 1813? I have been told that it was white with black stripes. The EK non-combatant ribbon? Thanks & all the best.
  8. I need the opinions of the GMIC 'experten' on this question. I have the opportunity to purchase from my very dear friend of 30 years an 1813 EK 2. His trustworthiness is beyond reproach. He has been a collector for well over 50 years. He is slowly selling off some of his massive collection. He bought this 1813 EK 2 many years ago. The question is, is authentic or a fake? We all are aware that even experienced collectors can be fooled. What say you gentlemen?1813.zip1813.zip1813.zip
  9. That is a wonderful group. The fact that it belonged to a member of the Alpenkorps makes it even better.
  10. Jaybo

    Napoleonic Documents

    Outstanding painting on the Ney bust. The potrait painting is wonderful as well.
  11. Jaybo

    Napoleonic Documents

    Better late than never? Ney & d'Hautpoul :
  12. Can any of you gentlemen educate me as to the details behind a Prussian (?) medal that was struck to commemorate the Allies victory over Napoleon in the Battle of Leipzig in 1813? It was a silver(?) oval shaped medal with the heraldic shields of Russia Austria, Prussia and Sweden on the obverse with the inscription "Suum Cuique" at the top and "Deutschland 1813" at the bottom . The reverse has the radiant all-seeing eye at the top and with the inscription (in German) "our God is our Castle". I would like to know who struck it, when it was struck, who received it (combattants vs. non-combattants, etc.), ribbon type, current value, etc. Thank you.
  13. I still love this reply😂😂😂 But Nick, have you seen any 1807 St. Georges out there in Moscow?