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  1. Thanks Nick. I assume that the faking is largely done in Russia, correct? Are the fakes cast copies or are the original dies still out there? It is a fascinating though depressing black market in action out there.
  2. This is a very disturbing thread (as it should be, alas). I will be looking at some of my pieces in a new way! Nick, are you aware of anyone faking the Preussichs-Eylau Cross of 1807? Some years ago I purchased a purported 'Novodel' 19th century copy from one of the 2 major Russian dealers in the U.S. It was reasonable and sold as a copy (in brass). I had it guilded for my Napoleonic collection since the dealer told me that such original crosses are just not available on the market. Since it was originally crudely made like most St. George's, I'm surprised that I haven't seen those for sale by the fakers. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. Not that I doubt your judgement (I don't), but how does one determine that they are fakes? I have some WW I era St. George Crosses bought years ago and they are all crudely made. The thing about your fake examples that betray them to me is their newly minted shine.
  4. A Different Kind of Full Cavalier

    War IS hell.
  5. Gentlemen, Can any of you provide with the dimensions of an original set of a pilot's collar wings? I'm looking to have a set made for a group since I cannot find an original set. Thanks! Jay
  6. Napoleonic private collection coming up for sale

    La victoire est a nous!
  7. Napoleonic private collection coming up for sale

    As well as the Battle of Austerlitz.
  8. Napoleonic private collection coming up for sale

    I'm sorry that I missed it. I would have loved to pick up one of those veteran eagle devices of the post-Napoleonic period.
  9. A Different Kind of Full Cavalier

    This is wonderful thread. Well done slava.
  10. Yes, it is already on my favorites (which is unbelievably long!).