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  1. Gentlemen, Can anyone help me with this issue: how did this minor Saxon principality issue a 'Waterloo' Medal? I realize that this tiny state had an infantry regiment in the Confederation of the Rhine under Napoleon (4th Rheinbund) that serve in the XI Corps (along the Northern German coast) during the Russian Campaign (per Nafziger). However, I cannot find any order of battle listing a Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg contingent in the Waterloo campaign. What gives?
  2. I saw this item Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 1813 EK2 Preußen FW Friedrich Wilhelm lll mit Band ( 332559729084 ) for sale on ebay. The question is obvious; is it authentic or a fake. The seller responded to my inquiries by 'guarantying' it is genuine. However, he doesn't allow returns.....hmmmm. What say you experten on the GMIC? Although it appears genuine to my untrained eye, I recall in a previous 1813 EK thread that the person had only ever seen one genuine 1813 EK for sale on ebay. Caveat emptor?
  3. Jaybo

    1813 ? EK 2 on ebay

    What do you mean by the "design of the core'? Also, I was led to believe on this forum that a real 1813 EK 2 has an oak sprig whose stem is straighter than later issues and leaves more like cabbage leaves. The ebay piece looks to me (albeit an untrained eye) to have those characteristics. But I trust your opinion which is why it is so good to be a member of the GMIC. Thanks.
  4. Jaybo

    1813 ? EK 2 on ebay

    Thank you for your expertise. Based on the final sale price I assumed it was. I want to acquire a real 1813 EK 2 but will only do so through a reputable dealer ( like Detlev N.). If you would be willing to send me a PM as to how you came to your opinion I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. Jaybo

    1813 ? EK 2 on ebay

    It went for just under $1,400 last week. I would enjoy hearing opinions on its 'authenticity'. I certainly wasn't going to gamble on it though that price was indeed probably too good to be true.
  6. Jaybo

    1813 ? EK 2 on ebay

    Thanks. Yes, it is still for auction. It looks authentic to me but I thought the experience here could weigh in with their thoughts. There are a lot of 'shavers' out there I have learned.
  7. Jaybo

    Strange St Helena medal

    Very cool if authentic. It looks a little like the 'Dying Eagle' monument at Waterloo. Perhaps it is covered in the Moreau book (which I do not own, alas) on the veterans association medals of post-Napoleonic France.
  8. Jaybo

    The 1812 Russian-Turkish War

    I don't have any images of this war but it does make me think of a postulation that I have had for years. What if at Tilsit, Napoleon would have offered Alexander and Austria unfettered 'access' to the Balkans & Constantinople, to divide as they saw fit (minus Greece perhaps)? As Bismarck would later say, "the Balkans aren't worth the bones of one Pomeranian grenadier!" That would of really taken up Austria & Russia's efforts. It would have also peeved the British.
  9. Jaybo

    Marching to the Beat of a 9 Bars KGL MGS Medal

    I really miss Rick Research. RIP.
  10. Jaybo

    EK 1813 Winner photo

    Incredible photo. I have never seen a photo of a Napoleonic veteran with that many different decorations. Outstanding.
  11. Does anyone have the history and details of this particular Prussian medal issued in 1863 to the survivors of the Napoleonic Wars? Thanks.
  12. Merci beaucoup Augustin. Was there a difference between medals issued to officers and other ranks? Thanks.
  13. Thanks Paul. Since the cost of buying an original is beyond my means, I was interested to see if good quality copies of the 1807 Saint George's Cross were being made. My Napoleonic collection is comprised of original pieces except for 2 medals (1813 EK 1st Class and the Novodel Preussichs-Eylau Cross as I mentioned above.
  14. Hi Nick, Are they making fakes of the original Saint George's Cross of 1807? If so, can one buy them as a copy and not get ripped off? I realize that this is a stupid question......Thanks.
  15. Thanks Nick. I assume that the faking is largely done in Russia, correct? Are the fakes cast copies or are the original dies still out there? It is a fascinating though depressing black market in action out there.
  16. This is a very disturbing thread (as it should be, alas). I will be looking at some of my pieces in a new way! Nick, are you aware of anyone faking the Preussichs-Eylau Cross of 1807? Some years ago I purchased a purported 'Novodel' 19th century copy from one of the 2 major Russian dealers in the U.S. It was reasonable and sold as a copy (in brass). I had it guilded for my Napoleonic collection since the dealer told me that such original crosses are just not available on the market. Since it was originally crudely made like most St. George's, I'm surprised that I haven't seen those for sale by the fakers. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  17. Not that I doubt your judgement (I don't), but how does one determine that they are fakes? I have some WW I era St. George Crosses bought years ago and they are all crudely made. The thing about your fake examples that betray them to me is their newly minted shine.
  18. Gentlemen, Can anyone post color photos of what the Bavarian Leib Regiment collar lace would have looked like in the second half of the Great War? I'm trying to get some repro stock to go with a sterbebild & medal group that I own. I have seen Leib Regiment uniforms recently on a trip to the museums in Rastadt and Ingolstadt and they appear to be entirely white. All help is grealy appreciated. Jay