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  1. Tony got back to me and said they were around $500 so I've more or less given up on the bird Thanks for your reply.
  2. Very interesting, I take it the eagle then should be this one? are these eagles are rare? Pity, but to be honest, I'm just wrapt that I have one last, I've been concentrating on 3rd reich up till now... BTW just enhancing the pics to make it clerarer:
  3. Hi there, My extensive knowledge ----- > NOT :laugh: Leads me to believe this is a Model 1895 Preu?en any ideas as to the type of unit? (ie, infanterie, cav, etc) I just picked this up off eBay for US$490 ...opinions? :
  4. bratwurstdimsum

    More jump wings

    I am posting a copy of the ebay pics here for reference.
  5. bratwurstdimsum

    More jump wings

    Its funny you should say that David, I just went downstairs and had a chat to him, Richard's his name. When I asked: 1) what a British vet was doing with american jump wings he smiled at me and said that he had a right to wear them, it was given to him and every one of his unit by Americans, he said "121st (later 101st) Airborne had them shipped to England by the crateful", 2) about where he wore it during the war he said: "only on the Gala Uniform above my ribbons" 3) about the brass material used to make up the badge he said, "yes good brass, everything metal was melted down for the war effort", 4) why the lugs on the badge were post war, he said that these were lost and replaced over time as it was easy to do. 5) why this wasn't taken along with his uniform by the robber, he became tearful and said that he and his friend were given these from the Americans, the one I had in my hand belonged to a friend of his who stepped on a mine and died. He shipped his belongings back to his relatives and forgot to send the badge back. So why do I believe him? He gave it to me for our friendship, I've seen his RSL photos and his belongings from the British 16th PARA division. So given all this, is it a possibility that this was some kind of "sweetheart" wings that was made (maybe not specifically for the paras) for public relations ? There is another possibility and that he's going senile, he IS 86 but remembers locations on a map in italy like suburbs in my city and is as lucid as you or I.
  6. bratwurstdimsum

    More jump wings

    Thanks, no they are dimpled so post war it is, the funny thing is this guy is a BRITISH PARA (16 div) vet. So how the heck did he get US para wings?
  7. bratwurstdimsum

    More jump wings

  8. bratwurstdimsum

    More jump wings

    Greg, any chance you could show a close up of the simco set, here is mine, a 86 year old vet gave them to me today but I've been told they are post war... I am a confused man! Text on back = SIMCO-GI Jeff
  9. bratwurstdimsum

    New U-Boat Book.

    Any chance we can get a signed copy off you Gordon? & can we preorder ? Jeff
  10. Imagine my surprise (and obvious ignorance) when I saw this post yesterday and realised Herr Topp is no longer with us! I immediately corresponded to an author friend of mine who knew Topp to get the bad news - again. What a loss Anyhow here is a small contribution, a very poiniant picture, Topp saying good bye to a friend ...
  11. That's the hard part I guess, a dealer that I approached said he would not touch these because, not being impressed (machine stamped) like aussie medals, you can't prove that it was not a cobble-to of blank medals with engraving. His asessment of the worth would be nearly zero unfortunately. But I'm looking for more opinions!!!! The item was still there last week. Jeff
  12. bratwurstdimsum

    De-nazified Knights Cross

    Oh my god that's horrible what was done to the Spanish cross!!! Chris, was that RK the one on Detlev's site about a month ago?
  13. Hi there, My first real posting here. I'm thinking about buying a grouping that belongs to a vet Serial: 14445451 Name: TH G Williams It is a very interesting one, the man I'm purchasing it off says the vet was a fellow in the merchant navy and the grouping is as follows: Stars: (all stars with serial and name engraved (NOT IMPRESSED) on reverse) 39-45 France & Germany with an ATLANTIC bar Africa with an AFRICA 42-45 bar Burma with a PACIFIC bar Medals: (no engravings) Defence War Medal with a Mentioned in dispatches leaf on the ribbon In your learned opinions, what would this grouping be worth? BDS
  14. bratwurstdimsum

    "Frosty" EK1

    You're not alone Billy, I second the "26" nomination.