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  1. Wow, great tunic. Who is it supposed to represent?
  2. The OZL is no doubt good, but the Schnalle itself I would not want in my collection.
  3. What he said, a total fantasy piece of junk, with ridiculous grammatical errors. I saw one of these a couple of years ago, purporting to be from the estate of a PLM ace. To the crusher with this junk.
  4. I have a nice single-sided Meybauer. Drop me a line if that is of interest to you.
  5. As I stated on the 'other forum', I'm not fond of this Schnalle, the ribbons appear very minty, the method of construction of the bar is weird, and I've never seen a OZL with a split ring suspension.
  6. Holy cow, what a great Nachlass. Could you show the BMVK1 up close?
  7. Alex, please post a scan of the reverses of the two badges.
  8. Finding one with just the Schleife is getting tough, but with Crown extremely rare.
  9. D'oh, you outbid me. The Sachsen VM was loose, but an easy repair. I also like the combo.
  10. He's right, any flight badges with disc-type reverses should be heavily scrutinised. I have only ever had one, and it turned out to be a very good fake.
  11. The badge in the OP is a real beauty, congrats. I have a few Poellath badges, and I know what a minefield these things are, you just have to be patient and keep looking.