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  1. Nice, these things are getting much harder to find.
  2. Nice one Scott, one of my favorite Imperial orders, and not common.
  3. Thanks for posting the image Paul. If anyone knows where I can contact the grouping owner, please let me know.
  4. Ach du lieber, that really is a Grosskreuz...
  5. Does anyone know who the current owner of this group is? I have a document that should go with it.
  6. Yes please, are there hooks on this one? Pretty unusual to find a trapetz like this so late.
  7. Interesting looking books, but shouldn't this go under a commercial posting?
  8. Nice cross, a real eye-catcher. Where is our resident ribbon-meister?
  9. Nice one Scott. Didn't this make an appearance on the 'other forum'?
  10. Hammer, aber wie kommt es, dass Essen in Preussen liegt?
  11. Nice looking cross, regardless of ;period. I would get some detailed scans of the ribbon over to Trevor, he is the 'thread count' guru.
  12. Nice one Scott, I like it. Haven't been able to post for awhile, having a problem with my computer and the new site format.