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  1. It appears to be silver gilt? I would say it's a later WW1 award piece. Too bad about the damage.
  2. Correct, that is a scarce one, and it appears to be an award piece with the Stempelschneider's name.
  3. You do see entries in Soldbuecher where this decoration is described as the Golden Military Merit Cross, but all you have to do is look at the Urkunde for the proper designation. Sorry to be such a pedant.
  4. Nice stuff Rudi, you are the 'Hessen-Mensch'.
  5. I believe there are ten variants of this coinage.
  6. I have a real soft spot for these, and I've managed to get almost all of the variants.
  7. I'm still trying to find information on my great-uncle, Oberst Otto Heinemann, who was in the Feldartillerie and a recipient of the HOH. Hello! In the ranklist of honour is a Hauptmann Heinemann (Feldart.Rgt.15), after the war he was Major in Reichswehrministerium (inspection of the artillery). In the ranklist of 1925 he had HOH (knight with swords), EK I and service award. Promoted to Major Dec.1, 1922. No entry in ranklist 1928 (I don´t have 1926 and 1927)
  8. There is absolutely no way that this cross was produced during the award period, or even prior to 2010. There is a wealth of material on the various forums about genuine examples, and those recognised as being produced during the interwar period (Meybauer, Rothe etc.) not to mention those made by Steinhauer after the second war.
  9. I hope you didn't pay any money for this thing. It's not a 'Spanish' fake, those are actually pretty decent quality. This type of fake is showing up all over the place these days. The ribbon might be of some use as a replacement, otherwise to the crusher!