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  1. Tom is right, and there are numerous variations in the jeweler pieces, and a subculture of collectors who like them.
  2. I believe the EK1 case is an early WW1 example. Ones from 1870 are extremely rare. You have a case for the Friedrich Order, which looks to be a real gold award piece. The MVO is marked for Weiss & Co. A very interesting grouping. The mini medal bar is also great.
  3. Very interesting group of items, the Gallipoli Star is a real gem, not often seen with a genuine case. What markings are on the BMVO4mK?
  4. Not a ommon medal, and hard to find mounted. I have a cased example on a bow, and one on a bar.
  5. Not the best photos, but I think it looks good. These things are very scarce.
  6. Agreed, there are so many issues with that bar, I don't know where to start.
  7. That is a very interesting bar, I've never seen that device for the MVK before.
  8. Agreed, really nice bars. I've always had a soft spot for Lippe.
  9. Nice and very scarce award. I have one in my lifesaving collection.
  10. Looks like a 1957 version by Steinhauer & Lueck. These are sought after as they are not that common.
  11. Hi Seeheld, very nice medal bar, I was watching this one. Congratulations.
  12. LOL John, I've been on crutches quite a bit lately due to an accident, so no joking about such things. On a lighter note, I'm looking forward to your project regarding our friend Buttlar. My dad was impressed that he was a Pour le Merite winner, since he grew up in East Prussia, where such orders were held in high regard.
  13. You got that right. I'm still annoyed that I missed the von Lossnitzer medal bar that came up on the 'other forum' some years ago, and was snagged by member Alex.