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  1. Thanks for posting the image Paul. If anyone knows where I can contact the grouping owner, please let me know.
  2. Ach du lieber, that really is a Grosskreuz...
  3. Does anyone know who the current owner of this group is? I have a document that should go with it.
  4. Yes please, are there hooks on this one? Pretty unusual to find a trapetz like this so late.
  5. Interesting looking books, but shouldn't this go under a commercial posting?
  6. Nice cross, a real eye-catcher. Where is our resident ribbon-meister?
  7. Nice one Scott. Didn't this make an appearance on the 'other forum'?
  8. Hammer, aber wie kommt es, dass Essen in Preussen liegt?
  9. Nice looking cross, regardless of ;period. I would get some detailed scans of the ribbon over to Trevor, he is the 'thread count' guru.
  10. Nice one Scott, I like it. Haven't been able to post for awhile, having a problem with my computer and the new site format.
  11. Nice photo. He's got what looks like a Lippe house order in second spot or possibly a Reuss Honor Cross, and an Italian Crown Order at the end.
  12. Holy crap, that is one spectacular Abzeichen, congratulations. I know how rare the real engraved ones are. I've only ever had one, a Bavarian pilot from Johann Schroth which is sadly long gone. Great piece, thanks for showing it.