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  1. That is a nice variant, must have been silvered by your ancestor.
  2. Agreed, and I would view with a jaundiced eye anything from this dealer.
  3. Hi John, That is a remarkable piece of history, congratulations. I think your piece of ribbon is from a Studentika watch fob or similar.
  4. Ooh, that is cool, I like these weird medical combinations.
  5. The reverse hardware is definitely not Zimmermann, but the cross looks nice.
  6. Hi Claudio, Very fine Schnalle, and very interesting combination, with the Weltkrieg Spange moved over. Since you like Godet Schnallen the best, you can give this one to me.
  7. Boy, I never cease to get confused by these K.u.K. ribbon bars....
  8. Tom is right, and there are numerous variations in the jeweler pieces, and a subculture of collectors who like them.
  9. I believe the EK1 case is an early WW1 example. Ones from 1870 are extremely rare. You have a case for the Friedrich Order, which looks to be a real gold award piece. The MVO is marked for Weiss & Co. A very interesting grouping. The mini medal bar is also great.
  10. Very interesting group of items, the Gallipoli Star is a real gem, not often seen with a genuine case. What markings are on the BMVO4mK?