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  1. Hmmm, that's interesting. Maybe from a Jacobite family, my grandmother's neighbor in Koenigsberg was called Douglas.
  2. Very interesting Schnalle, Claudio. I presume this officer had some Anglo background, judging from his name?
  3. Another Rising Sun

    Dear colleagues, Here is another one, I'm guessing a 6th class? Any details of course most welcome.
  4. Rising Sun 3rd Class?

    Dear forumites, I know virtually nothing about these, but I'm guessing this is a 3rd class? It shows some wear to the enamel on both sides from being worn. Any details you can provide such as approximate age would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Medal Bar

    Hi egorka, Thanks for those images, very useful. So if I understand you, only one font was used for these pieces? Do you think the other two medals are also fakes? It seems amazing that someone would go to the trouble of producing such fakes and then getting obvious details such as the font wrong.
  6. Medal Bar

    Thanks for your input. In all honesty I find these Russian medals a complete minefield. I have seen worse looking items deemed original, and vice versa. I have had a good look at these, and they are die struck and show a lot of wear. I know the quality is atrocious, but this is nothing new for this material, as far as I can tell.
  7. Medal Bar

    Gentlemen, I am not a collector of this material, so you're going to have to explain to me why this is no good. Are all the medals fakes? What makes them fakes? Who is producing this material? Laconic comments such as 'too bad' are completely meaningless.
  8. Medal Bar

    Come on people, nobody has info?
  9. Medal Bar

    Need help with this medal bar, which I believe is from the 1905 war. Can anyone help with the maker of the St. George Cross? Note the number stamped at the eyelet. Also, this is not my area of collecting, so if someone could give me a rough idea on value, it would be appreciated.
  10. Nice, these things are getting much harder to find.
  11. Nice one Scott, one of my favorite Imperial orders, and not common.
  12. Thanks for posting the image Paul. If anyone knows where I can contact the grouping owner, please let me know.
  13. Ach du lieber, that really is a Grosskreuz...
  14. Does anyone know who the current owner of this group is? I have a document that should go with it.
  15. Yes please, are there hooks on this one? Pretty unusual to find a trapetz like this so late.