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  1. Be careful, the Chinese are starting to produce good quality copies of this order.
  2. Officers didn't always mount what they were entitled to. I had a Schnalle with the 1870 EK2, Officer's LSC and an RAO.
  3. Thanks. The reason I ask is I think people are trying to figure out some medals which have the clover-like mark on them, specifically some Hamburg Hansa Crosses. I have a Naval Flyer's Commemorative which also has this mark.
  4. Don't forget that Denmark ruled Norway until fairly recently (1905?). Very interesting all-Scandinavian medal bar.
  5. What he said, the fakes of Blass were frequently in evidence with such dealers as Graf Klenau back in the day. These things are of very high quality, and need to be catalogued in their own right. Regarding the MMJO, I have seen a few wearer's copies over the years. They are usually gilded bronze and lack the quality of award pieces.
  6. I think for the military awards, it was typically conferred as an 'Abschieds-Abzeichen', on retirement.
  7. Some really nice ones in that group. I have a Trapetz with the RAO3 mit Schleife and the RAO4mdK, always a cool combination.
  8. D'oh, you're right. My problem is I see everything through Prussian eyes.
  9. If it's 'Schwerter am Ring', this combo should be identifiable.
  10. Let me get this straight: that's a RAO3 with Schleife on civil ribbon, with a swords device for a military award. I'm confused.
  11. Those are cool. I think you have a double Mecklenburg MVK combo, Schwerin and Strelitz. I agree that the black ribbon is a Johanniter, that is a really interesting combo on that one.
  12. Wow, great tunic. Who is it supposed to represent?
  13. The OZL is no doubt good, but the Schnalle itself I would not want in my collection.
  14. What he said, a total fantasy piece of junk, with ridiculous grammatical errors. I saw one of these a couple of years ago, purporting to be from the estate of a PLM ace. To the crusher with this junk.
  15. I have a nice single-sided Meybauer. Drop me a line if that is of interest to you.
  16. As I stated on the 'other forum', I'm not fond of this Schnalle, the ribbons appear very minty, the method of construction of the bar is weird, and I've never seen a OZL with a split ring suspension.
  17. Holy cow, what a great Nachlass. Could you show the BMVK1 up close?
  18. Alex, please post a scan of the reverses of the two badges.
  19. Finding one with just the Schleife is getting tough, but with Crown extremely rare.
  20. D'oh, you outbid me. The Sachsen VM was loose, but an easy repair. I also like the combo.