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  1. Two seater crews would have both automatically qualified for the Ehrenbecher.
  2. Great collection Alan, but you're missing the 'first class' of the Anhalt Friedrich Kreuz, and where is the Oldenburg equivalent?
  3. Thanks for the clarification, that is an unusual Schnalle for sure. I thought that by the post-1870 period the 'foreigners' would be mounted at the end.
  4. Need better pictures of that one, but for sure the precedence of the medals is all wrong.
  5. Does seem a bit weird. Possibly a civil servant who later became a 'Frontschwein'?
  6. Nice one from an uncommon principality. I have an HOH/Ehrenkreuz Schnalle, but that's it.
  7. That's a good question, with several answers. Natives of one state who were serving under another state's unit might get decorations from both states. Sometimes, if an honorary officer of a regiment was from the same state as a 'foreigner' in the unit, he might distribute awards based upon this. Units were sometimes seconded to serve under the command of other states' units, resulting in this practice as well. High profile awards were made as a propaganda statement, for instance in the case of Otto Weddigen in 1914 and later von Richthofen, although the Bavarians never gave him the MMJO.
  8. True, but I've never seen anything other than the 30 mm example mounted on bars.
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