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  1. This Anhalt woman has been abusing her status by selling 'membership' in her family. Ridiculous.
  2. You're right, the ribbon looks like a reduction, making it even cooler.
  3. This fraudster and his charlatan wife have been discussed before on the forums. They give Imperial German orders, as well as humanity in general, a bad name.
  4. Wow, someone really was proud of their service judging from the wear. I like these crusty bars, and I find the Spangenstuecke for the humble 1870 KDM equally interesting.
  5. Interesting items, always nice to see these with the recipient's name.
  6. Holy cow, Claudio, that one is incredible, this guy must have had a very interesting career.
  7. No kidding, that guy is decorated like a Christmas tree.
  8. Thanks, really great bar, just the sort of thing I like.
  9. Very nice Schnalle, anything with a St. Henry is cool, and the combo of SAO1mS and SAO2mS is also pretty unusual. Can you post a shot of the backside of the bar?
  10. It's a nice piece, and watch out, these are definitely a 'slippery slope' type of award for collectors. But watch out, they are very heavily faked.
  11. Very cool indeed, but do you have the Urkunde, or how do you know that this is her actual decoration?
  12. Usually these KO4mS are encountered without marks, but the Friedlaender mark looks good, and the swords should be hollow, two-part construction. Looks like a nice piece.
  13. Are there any maker's marks on it? Can you confirm that the swords are screwed into the cross body? It looks to me like it might be a wearer's copy, not an award piece.
  14. That is a nice variant, must have been silvered by your ancestor.
  15. Agreed, and I would view with a jaundiced eye anything from this dealer.
  16. Hi John, That is a remarkable piece of history, congratulations. I think your piece of ribbon is from a Studentika watch fob or similar.
  17. Ooh, that is cool, I like these weird medical combinations.
  18. The reverse hardware is definitely not Zimmermann, but the cross looks nice.