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  1. Landed some very nice stuff over the past weeks.... Juncker 1st pattern ek2 clasp, near mint Minty 6. A nice R3 with stippled core and swas on a plateau. and a super-nice Petz & Lorenz ek2 in vgc, best I have seen in all my years of collecting.
  2. These are pretty rare, since most S&L ek1 clasps have a different model and different hardware. The major part is zinc, this type is in Buntmetall Rare original in vgc
  3. haven't found a number yet, but it won't be a very big part of the awarded crosses.
  4. No problem. Very good, that is one of about 5 I know of. They are very hard to find. I missed one about 15 years ago, it took me over 10 years to find another........
  5. Hi Peter, Erinnerung an den Weltkrieg..... World-War memory is about the translation IMO. At least he survived the war..... Thanks for showing, nice one !
  6. They are rare indeed. No, none of them came from Giel. I don't recall where I did get them, I think on a german forum or auction. There's also a Schinkel with this hardware, those are basically impossible to find.
  7. Hi Alex, thank you! Yes, those are the cases I usually see them in. But it's also possible to find them in left-over ww1 stock cases. Regards, Ben
  8. I had 2 1914's but ended up selling them again. I had a total of 3 with this set-up, one was an upgrade so I sold 1. To the best of my knowledge these are the only 2 variatons around
  9. I have seen that one Chris. A nice example. ek2 versions is very rare, but the ek1 is really hard to find. I got luck and found these 2 about 2 years apart, when they were still "affordable" Toughest to find was this one though, missed one ages ago, took me 8 years to find one...
  10. That's a fact Jim ! I know 2 or 3 in other collections, these are very nice
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