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  1. No problem. Very good, that is one of about 5 I know of. They are very hard to find. I missed one about 15 years ago, it took me over 10 years to find another........
  2. ben bijker

    Unknown German Soldier - photo

    Hi Peter, Erinnerung an den Weltkrieg..... World-War memory is about the translation IMO. At least he survived the war..... Thanks for showing, nice one !
  3. They are rare indeed. No, none of them came from Giel. I don't recall where I did get them, I think on a german forum or auction. There's also a Schinkel with this hardware, those are basically impossible to find.
  4. ben bijker

    My tererium...

    Nice display indeed!
  5. You're welcome Alex! Regards, Ben
  6. Hi Alex, thank you! Yes, those are the cases I usually see them in. But it's also possible to find them in left-over ww1 stock cases. Regards, Ben
  7. I had 2 1914's but ended up selling them again. I had a total of 3 with this set-up, one was an upgrade so I sold 1. To the best of my knowledge these are the only 2 variatons around
  8. ben bijker

    Prinzen clasps and cross

    and a non-magnetic Deumer SB
  9. ben bijker

    very rare Schinkels

    I have seen that one Chris. A nice example. ek2 versions is very rare, but the ek1 is really hard to find. I got luck and found these 2 about 2 years apart, when they were still "affordable" Toughest to find was this one though, missed one ages ago, took me 8 years to find one...
  10. ben bijker

    very rare Schinkels

    That's a fact Jim ! I know 2 or 3 in other collections, these are very nice
  11. 2 so-called "straight 9" schinkels Very hard to find.
  12. 2 nice marked Souval pinbacks. These are pretty rare with a mm. Cores are different.
  13. I have one here as well, also on a Godet button Crappy pic, sorry... and this Prinzen
  14. All known Prinzen clasps Top left: Schickle Bottom left: unknown maker Center: Deumer 2-prong (most common) on a non-magnetic Deumer Prinzne ek Top right: 4-prong Deumer ( very rare) Right center: S&L Bottom right: 4- prong Schickle. Very nice these little buggers Comapring the size to a normal clasp Upgrade, the one on the left is now in the collection Near mint 1870 Prinzen