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  1. Here one off ebay Saxon NCO from 13th Jager Bn
  2. Could this bar be tied to a specific regiment ?? Large silver Austrian medal
  3. Nothing super rare but want an Austrian group ! Good ???
  4. Austrian ww1 bar ? Correct ?

    Ok thank you !!!
  5. i hate that honor cross and prefer a pre 34 Saxon bar but from what I can find only one unit the Saxon army has the connection to Reuss so I think a pretty cool bar !!
  6. Not as nice a bar as shown previously but I'm happy with it for my Saxon collection !!! 13th NCO will post better pics in a bit
  7. Looking at this on line ! Correct ? Order seems wrong ? Would iron cross be after Austrian awards ?
  8. Snagged this off eBay seem correct for Saxon NCO in 13th jager regt 2nd Saxon army corp ? I believe only Saxon Reuss connection ?? After it arrives will post better pics ! Post 1934 bar so I almost passed on it but I got it too cheap to pass ! And figured it would go well with my small Saxon collection !