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  1. better pics ! the Bavarian medal is down to tight to see any marks on the swords !
  2. He’s one I found online ! Think centers are gold on the Bavarian 4th Class cross ? Not sure on the Wurttemberg cross ? Bavarian 4th Division ? No jubilee medal so joined Bavarian army just prior to WWI after 1911 into 1940s. Cant seem to get more images to load will try with a different camera?
  3. Still waiting on bar to show up from Germany! Anyone have trouble with DHL transfer to US post office ? Last tracking scan April 1 Frankfort Never had one take this long ?
  4. I got this from a forum member ! This bar has been shown before but wanted to just show it again ! All ways wanted a Double Schwarzburg group !
  5. Thanks for the info ! I have a NCO medal bar coming with St Henry medal on it and a Baden merit medal ! As soon as I get it I will post pictures of it !
  6. Hello just wondered are there any WW I regiments tied to both Saxony and Baden ?
  7. Stop at the craft store and home with a new perch for the White Falcon ! Used bent pins to hold bar down ! What do you think too plain ? I was thinking of putting maybe iron cross ribbon in two corners ? sorry for reflection of the old man !
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