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  1. I did not replace anything it is how I got it ! It was sold as a silver gilt but it is 333 marked for 8k gold ! How many Prussians receive GMMM ? I assume not many !
  2. Been trying to replace it for years !!! Got lucky on this one was listed as silver gilt one ! I just had a feeling it was a gold one by the picture of it !
  3. Looking at LS award ribbon seems crossed swords were on ribbon ? I'm wondering if originally it had Austrian wwi cross on it not 15 year cross ??? Was it updated by vet ? Or was missing and just replaced with LS award ??? Now do I get Austrian cross or leave on 15 cross ??? Thinking this belongs here ? Thoughts ?
  4. Nice wurttemberg Gold bravery medal on nice Weimar era bar guess I date this bar to about 1929 to 1933
  5. Weimar era bar with gold bravery medal marked 333 on ring ! I was pleasantly surprised to find the 333 for 8 k gold mark since seller sold it as a silver gilt WMM bar ! Makers label
  6. Here's a New Prussian NCO bar or deck officer bar ! Awarded Saxon Albert cross !
  7. Bar arrived today and it's seems all original and correct it have even age and the sword device has been on it forever! Seems to be a nicely made Albert cross made in one piece ! What year would this one date to ???i know early ones had applied centers !
  8. Is there a list of Prussian awards of Albert Cross ?
  9. So why how would a deck officer get Albert cross with swords ?? How many guys had this combo without iron cross ?? Could he have been wounded and not recieved iron cross and spent rest war at home front ?
  10. This is my only 3rd riech bar to a Berlin Police officer !