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  1. Here is my 2nd class wo swords w/ OLC I would think 1st class with OLC very rare ? Very Rare !
  2. I think it's a nice Knights 2nd class in silver gilt ww1 era nice with the OLC rare! I think the stones are the represent the ruins of the old castle ?
  3. Show in other forum ! figured I would post it here ! a cheap Ebay find ! A baden NC and a SWA NC
  4. Thanks guy for confirming my concerns !
  5. THOUGHTS ON THIS BAR ??? A Prussian with 2 saxon awards for SWA ?
  6. I'm looking at one of these and wondering buy it or not is ww1 example with sword device ! Is $200 too much ?
  7. I believe that is incorrect ribbon ? that is close but I believe it the Saxon FA Medal peace time ribbon ?
  8. looking at this Bavarian merit cross 1st class ! I know they are a mine field ? What do you guys say good or bad ??? I'm leaning Bad ? But not sure ?