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  1. For a bit was out off work and need some cash ! But ended up keeping it !
  2. Dave Thank you here are the 7 names Gefr Ammon 6 OA infanterie Regiment Uffz Hauck OA Reiter Regt Sgt Heinrich J H Linemann 4 O A IR Pioner Wilhelm M?ssig OA Pionier bat Kanonier Karl Schumann OA Bat schwerer Feldhauitzen Paul Skowanek 4 OA inf regt Gefr Hermann H?pfinger Kommando fed OA exp. thanks Scott
  3. Ok using the internet I found list of Bars awarded for China medal by unit also break up of German forces by state / unit in China So I used reverse thinking on bars instead of units with bars I went through and combined 2 lists without bars and states ! So in my calculating if he was not awarded any bars it would be one of three NCOs of course it my theory and I may be wrong but IMO its one of the following FW Paul Skowranek 4 OEIR Sgt Heinrich Lindeman 4 OEIR Both these units made up Baden and Prussian troops 3rd Co Prussian 4th co Baden received no bars or Gefr Ammon 6 OEIR made up of Prussians, Bavarians and Wuert. troops 1st and 2nd Companies made up of Prussians and Bavarians Received 2 bars But 3 4 and 9th Companies were Prussians and received no bars !!! So IMO its one of these 3 ? is there a list of men by CO ?
  4. Here is lower bar now on German eBay faked up !!! Ruined a nice bar ! Why do they do it ?
  5. This is my favorite NCO group ! Just traded for it its been tracked to 7 NCOs that received both MEZ and Baden Silver Merit medal on MKF ribbon for China/boxer rebellion ! I feel this is a Prussian NCO ? is there a list or break up of the units in China by State ?