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  1. thanks guys. I was able to get a old wooden box full with 150 original german ww2 color slides from a old man that didnt want them any more. they were going to go in the bin and then the same week, he found out i collected these old color slides. so thank god, it all worked out and i found this incredible and rare collection. I was able to do a little bit of research from some unit symbols found. I posted up all the findings here http://www.pixpast.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=1093 if your interested. I still have to make some sort of historical connection between the 711 heavy artilery division and the 62 infantry division, seen together in these color photos ?? best wishes. Ian
  2. i was very lucky to find this very rare original german ww2 color slide of a klein kettenkrad on the russian front. this came in the post last week with some other super new original german color slides from world war two. here is the scan. hope you guys enjoy it. best wishes. Ian www.pixpast.com
  3. very interesting and rare shoulder boards. thanks for showing. Ian www.pixpast.com
  4. I thought this was really nice and good to share. I bought a great box of 52 farbdias slides with ss and wehrmacht photos. All the farbdias are taken in 1944 and a few show very rare shots of the M44 in wear. I thought this was really cool and thought you guys would like to see. Best wishes. Ian
  5. Hello Robert. Let me congradulate you on a fantastic collection ! Well worth the wait from what I can see. And I think this is a fantastic collection for further research even maybe a small book project ? Congradulations again. Best wishes from Leipzig. Ian :-)
  6. lovely photos Robert. I think the second one is my favorite, showing the flags behind the sailor. May i ask what type of material the photo is made from? Is almost looks like fabric with treading ? Greetings from Ireland. Ian
  7. warfootage

    Bringing History to life...

    same here, what program do you use Alex? By the way your results and effortd are superb. well done. Just make sure you water mark these pritty well as some people on ebay trying and rob them and sell as original color shots. Believe me it has happened many times already ! Best wishes. Ian :-)
  8. Rick. That is brilliant. Thank you and thanks for the great photo to compare! Ian
  9. Rick, what is a Beamter? Thanks. Ian
  10. Thanks Joel. I think when i post a few more shots. things will clear up. But my own opinion, this guy is wearing a standard wehrmact outfit, but his face and how he stands, just tells me, he would have had no problem making his uniform a little more confortable and even a little more interesting. Until this evening then. Ian
  11. another interesting thing i just noticed, look at the differece in material of the silver infantry boards on his shoulders and the rich tabs on his neck collar. I think this might be a personnel upgrade that the officer got made? Ian
  12. Joel. I will post more shots of the same man this evening. But they all show the bars as deep rich gold and the corners of the bars material are ruffled, so im thinking its a custom made job? I have a lot of color slides of other officers with the standard silver and it looks nothing like these. Ian
  13. Hi everyone. Got in a new box of color slides and they show a wehrmacht officer on holidays with his wife in Italy. 1938-1939 When i first saw the slides i thought the man was military police with the gold bars on his neck collar but with the wehrmacht eagle on the jacket, im not so sure? Can anyone tell me why they are gold as i have never seen this on a normal officers uniform? Any help would be great. All the Best. Ian
  14. Are thos Wurzburg radar sets in the photo above ? Thanks. Ian