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  1. Eric Stahlhut

    classic K.M.S.T. mousetrap

    ....or as a Kaesereibe!
  2. Eric Stahlhut

    deutsche schutzdivision badge

    i suppose you could also get away with calling that medal a jeton
  3. underneath the dust and grime on the core there's that beautiful classic 'piano-black' lacquer. reverse has the more common type of hallmark
  4. Eric Stahlhut

    deutsche schutzdivision badge

    even though current literature and catalogs call it a bewaehrungsmedaille, a short search shows that the term plakette is equally valid for this piece, if it was intended to be worn from a necklace, watch fob, or bierzipfel. it certainly wasn't made to be suspended from a ribbon
  5. the metal insignia themselves seem to be fairly prevalent, but to encounter an example still attached to a collar tab is a rare occurrence. in any condition! removed from uniform and perhaps glued into a scrapbook. yellow is noticeably more vibrant on reverse
  6. Eric Stahlhut

    deutsche schutzdivision badge

    link to another good thread http://gmic.co.uk/topic/61375-new-schutzdivision-photo/?tab=comments#comment-581215
  7. Eric Stahlhut

    deutsche schutzdivision badge

    would you mind posting measurement and weight? let's see how it matches to the example i have. p.s. also, perhaps the letter seems to reference two separate items: the aforementioned 'plakette' and a previously unreferenced 'abschiedszeichen' or going-away commemorative badge? (or does the wording of the letter describe the "going away gesture" of gifting the plaque)? also, the pin on the "club/ordenssammler" example appears to be larger. look how it extends past the wreath
  8. here's an image of the corresponding document:
  9. i noticed that in my first post i neglected to include that sometimes these crosses are also attributed to c.f. zimmerman. anyhow, here's another that i find interesting due to the fact that the front frame is silver while the rear frame is of silvered brass. pin appears to be silver.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Iron-Cross-1870-Germany-original/253729533409?hash=item3b13756de1:g:78YAAOSw1NJbPJBo
  11. superbly mounted piece to a flanders veteran
  12. hard to find, seldom encountered! such self-purchased "vanity awards" for non-combatants seem to be quite rare.
  13. very interesting indeed. well done!
  14. thank you for the correction, matthew. when i made the post back in 2008 i was probably using a nimmergut or niemann catalog for reference, which most likely had very limited or inaccurate information. and thank you for reviving this old thread with an updated and detailed summary!