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  1. wow, i've never seen that one before, either! my best guess is that it could very well be a weimar-era military vet's organization award, and this picture was taken during the very early, initial stages of the third reich. only thing missing on this character is his monocle! here's a link to something similar, but absolutely not the same as the above cross that charles is curious about, which could have enameled arms
  2. it's a steinhauer and lueck badge from the 1930s, it's good
  3. Maker ID required please!

    can't find the cross i mentioned in the above post right now, but i'm pretty sure this is a partial 'wus' mark, for wagner und sohn, berlin p.s. or was it werner und sohn?
  4. Maker ID required please!

    i think i have something similar, just haven't found it yet. another thing to consider is that there is a possibility that it could be a partial ldo or pkz number
  5. Maker ID required please!

    would it be possible to provide images of the entire cross? perhaps the core and frame characteristics will provide insight.
  6. Uncommon EKI.

    hi jannis, please perform a search using the letters "kmst" in this forum and you will find multiple interesting threads regarding this scarce and desirable type of 1914 ek1.
  7. Here's a nice veterans cross for the so-called "Vauxsturmer".... the appearance as well as the pin/catch setup has always reminded me of that costume jewelry made by Coro that emulated orders and decorations. Marked to A. Nolzen of Bochum. The EK1 is for scale I have included a link to an interesting article: http://thefifthfield.com/verdun/tracking-history-53rd-infantry-regiment-vauxsturmer/
  8. that is indeed a nice little bar. well done, nice haul!
  9. Imperial EK1 rarity stats!

    Also, don't forget that when antii started this thread way back in 2005, there was far less information available in consolidated form. i think the intention was admirable and exactly what this forum (and others) should always be about: sharing information.
  10. now that is something quite special. thank you for sharing, roman. can't get much better than that!
  11. My original WW1 Grand Cross is really Grand....

    even grander....
  12. here's a tinnie that i have always kind of been interested in-- i finally got around to acquiring an example. it's for a rally/gathering that took place nearly 10 years after the war and i'm sure that the design appealed to many dmv members. from a distance it is very similar in appearance to a prinzen-sized flight/aviation award, and i'd wager that this organization had a fair amount of veterans.
  13. here's an item i posted way back in november of 2008