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  1. here's an image of the corresponding document:
  2. i noticed that in my first post i neglected to include that sometimes these crosses are also attributed to c.f. zimmerman. anyhow, here's another that i find interesting due to the fact that the front frame is silver while the rear frame is of silvered brass. pin appears to be silver.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Iron-Cross-1870-Germany-original/253729533409?hash=item3b13756de1:g:78YAAOSw1NJbPJBo
  4. superbly mounted piece to a flanders veteran
  5. hard to find, seldom encountered! such self-purchased "vanity awards" for non-combatants seem to be quite rare.
  6. very interesting indeed. well done!
  7. thank you for the correction, matthew. when i made the post back in 2008 i was probably using a nimmergut or niemann catalog for reference, which most likely had very limited or inaccurate information. and thank you for reviving this old thread with an updated and detailed summary!
  8. Eric Stahlhut

    a sedlatzek and its cousins

    thank you. here is another cousin, who despite having been not worn so much, deserves to be included in this gathering. some say sedlatzek, others say mayer p.s. note the rounded inner corners of the frame. seems to be found primarily on screwback examples
  9. a superbly worn example hand-engraved, the most seldom seen version of hallmark from this maker... ...with a few of it's cousins, the mayers
  10. Eric Stahlhut

    der Deutschen Ehrenlegion

    hiya, chris! nope, the austrian-made version is larger at 48 x 46mm. gilding worn down to base metal, which appears to be tombac
  11. Eric Stahlhut

    der Deutschen Ehrenlegion

    pretty excited to have found this, simply because of the obscure austrian maker. seldom encountered! i edited the reverse image in order to show the hallmark a bit more clearly.
  12. then why is the obverse of the badge fairly shiny and bright after nearly 100 years? no signs or smells indicating recent cleaning--- one would think that being made of brass it would be extremely tarnished. the reverse certainly is tarnished, but not the obverse. the silver half moon and letter band are somewhat tarnished, as would be expected from silver or silver plate.
  13. ...and in jewelry terms, "echtgold auflage" means gold plated... i couldn't imagine they were worried about knockoffs, but if they were, that could explain why their brand seems to be the most replicated of all the makers