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    Interested in all aspects of the Imperial German Army machine guns and in particular the MG08 and MG08/15. Attempting to collect one example of all ground accessories and wpns/items to both those maxims.

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  1. Sorry CCJ, I am unaware of the unit type, but I know you will enjoy this one.
  2. I have lost a lot of my 'inter-war' MG imagery due to photobucket re-shaping. I will ask the moderator if I can clean up this thread but just to re-energise here are some fresh images. There were several modifications to both the MG08 and 08/15 and they can be of interest to any MG enthusiast. There are stand alone MG08 and 08/15 threads but to begin, here is an image of the standard WWI 08/15 configuration.
  3. Nice 'spiked' helmet gun team. Sorry for absence but now time to re-inject some life into this thread to compliment 'Grips of Death'. Happy New Year.
  4. Please forgive my absence due to work. Time to re-energise all MG threads. Please review as some retrospective wotrk has been done and again please let me know if you have spares. I hope the 08 and 08/15 threads are useful. Mark One of the best images.... of a Kaiser moustache
  5. Great view of the 08/15 accessories.
  6. Nick huge thanks for fixing 'photobucket' issue. Mark
  7. Chip understood. Now I need the Moderator to tell me how they wish me to clean up all those redundant posts! Mark

    • FOR SALE

    Extensive collection of WWI RFC and very early RAF collection of trench art, silks, pictures and porcelain. I can send a link as there are too many pieces - I have to put a price in the box otherwise the advert will not publish, but GBP7k was the auction house evaluation. So GBP7k ONO. Mark


  9. As with MG08, as soon as the Photobucket entries are removed this will again try and add value to the MG08/15 enthusiast. Mark
  10. Moderator is looking at how to remove all these Photobucket 'entries'. Once cleaned I will get back to re-energising MG08 & MG08/15 complimenting 'grips of death'. Mark
  11. Nice view of the sled mount range plate