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  1. Great view of the 08/15 accessories.
  2. Does anyone know please what are the differences between an infantry used MG08/15 and the version placed inside the German tanks of WWI? I have seen an 08/15 with trunions but assume this is for use in pillboxes/fortifications. Belgians used captured WWI MG08/15 in their forts and 'added' pieces to them. I am assuming for German WWI tank use there may be no butt stock, or different ammunition feeds or indeed different water cooling system etc etc. VMT for any help. Mark
  3. Nick huge thanks for fixing 'photobucket' issue. Mark
  4. Chip understood. Now I need the Moderator to tell me how they wish me to clean up all those redundant posts! Mark

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    Extensive collection of WWI RFC and very early RAF collection of trench art, silks, pictures and porcelain. I can send a link as there are too many pieces - I have to put a price in the box otherwise the advert will not publish, but GBP7k was the auction house evaluation. So GBP7k ONO. Mark


  6. As with MG08, as soon as the Photobucket entries are removed this will again try and add value to the MG08/15 enthusiast. Mark
  7. Moderator is looking at how to remove all these Photobucket 'entries'. Once cleaned I will get back to re-energising MG08 & MG08/15 complimenting 'grips of death'. Mark
  8. Understandably a bit of a neglected area. German mastery of both WWI & WWII MG use is well known, but the adaptions to the WWI MGs are interesting. Even today weapon platforms are 'added to' to extend their use or as an interim measure.
  9. Nice view of the sled mount range plate
  10. Nice collection MOTOJOSH. Just name your price :>)
  11. Firstly it is not an officers cap but a normal soldiers field cap. The lining inside the grey material is not original but sometimes soldiers in all nations would alter their kit. The oil black lining looks too stiff often seen in post 1920 Service caps despite the dates. Mark
  12. Although no longer owning any WWI British MGs (only collecting WWI German now) I thought some imagery might be of interest to the club.Still have the extensive library of manuals if of use though.
  13. WTB: MG 08 hose connector original


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    Best price paid for the MG08 maxim steam hose connectors that screw into the front end of the water jacket. Must be original please. Also looking for other parts. Thanks Mark


  14. Could the moderator please when you have time, remove my posts that have no images. The Image host site has gone so it will help the housekeeping of the thread Thanks. Mark
  15. Can anyone post images of their water cans?
  16. Chip this particular postcard is not mine as people send me all sorts of MG images. I tried cropping and enhancing and it does not get much better! Did they have 'farrier' specialist badges or range finder qualification badges like the British? Mark
  17. Andy other experts speak a qualification badge for minenwerfer. I personally do not know but on another web site this was the agreed understanding. Mark