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    I'm collecting miniature Orders & Decorations from the Older European Kingdoms, preferrably before 1918. However, beeing from Denmark, I would take an special interest in the Scandinavian Countries.

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  1. Time Left: 17 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Prussian Life Saving Medal, Friedrich III, nicely toned, original ribbon. Shipping is 13 € as signed-for at cost from here, payment in euro, preferrably by banktransfer.


  2. Ah, you bought it. Really nice to see a better picture, I was a little curious. A beautiful miniature I never knew existed before it came up.
  3. Westfale, I like it! I'm also quite taken by these small enamelled bars. If you're interested in Württemberg I can show you a enamelled 9 years service bar for NCO's 1874-1892! I suspect this is more common than yours. / Lars

    • FOR SALE

    Finland Order of the Finnish Lion, a undamaged cased older example.



    • FOR SALE

    A group of 4 with a finnish Order of the White Rose, a finnish Headquarters Cross, a Weimar Red Cross Order and a french LoH. Included is the membership booklet of the recipient.



    • FOR SALE

    A nice cased Bundeserdienstkreuz, Commanders neck cross plus 2 miniature awards. En early award, awarded in 1955 to a Finnish citizen, a small note from a newspaper in included. 200 € plus shipping plus eventual PayPal fees, a bank transfer is preferred.


  7. Mostly for you, Rudi. A rather small version, 12 * 14 mm.
  8. Well, my bet is that he's wearing a 1906-37 type Olav Commanders 1st class set. The ciphers of the Oscar type is very distinct and different from the ones on the photo (look below) and there's no lion above the crown. But interesting that he have an India Mutiny and 50 years later he gets a Olav Commander 1st class without having anything else. It's probably too late, but somebody should teach him the basics about mounting the ribbon !!!
  9. Hi Christer. Nice collection, but I have some thoughts on your last group. If this were to a Finnish recipient he would never had the FLC and the Lion mounted in that order, and if he were FLC II I would have expected that he had something else as well. I cannot really see the true colour of the first ribbon, but my initial thought by looking at the ribbons would be Belgium Order of Leopold, Poland Order of Polonia Restituta and (correct) France Order of Agriculture Although this may not be correct it seems that the group have been assembled later than sewn. There's absolutely no reason for the Agriculture to be mounted in this crude way with a huge steel ring btw the ribbon and the badge, the miniature would have been sewn neatly into the ribbon. /Lars

    • FOR SALE

    Persia, Order of the Sun and Lion Star. Uncleaned, a nice example, Silver, appr. 90 * 90 mm. Price is 650 Euro plus postage, preferrably paid by a bank transfer using BIC/IBAN.


  11. Just aquired an early Christmas gift for myself! Let me present a superb group from the early wars with 3 miniatures artistic mounted from a silver bar : Fürstentum Reuss: Ehrenkreuz für die Feldzüge 1814/1815, Austria: Silbernes Zivilehrenkreuz 1814, Fürstentum Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt: Erinnerungskreuz für 1814/15. The Austrian cross appears to be quite rare with only 149 awards according ti the litterature I have. The group was darker than black when I got it, but with a gentle cleaning we can see some fine details, especially of the Schwarzburg cross.
  12. Another miniature that just came in, 15 * 26 mm.
  13. Joseph, indeed, with a very few exceptions I collect miniatures only! Regards, Lars
  14. Hi Alpha, unfortunately no pic of the reverse, just thought it would be of interest. Regards, Lars
  15. Well, one mysterious Sava, thinking about the star . Not mine, a picture from the net!