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    I'm collecting miniature Orders & Decorations from the Older European Kingdoms, preferrably before 1918. However, beeing from Denmark, I would take an special interest in the Scandinavian Countries.

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  1. Paul & Owain, thank you both for your comments. /Lars
  2. All, I assume this is arabic, but I cannot read it. It would be appreciated if anyone could tell me if this is military related or simply a piece of jewellery? It appears unmarked. /Lars
  3. Hello Gord, and welcome to the forum! To me this looks like the Swedish Civil Defence Merit medal in gold (came in silver as well). Does this make sense? /Lars
  4. Michael, welcome to this Forum, and thank you for the additional comments, I never realized this should be so educational when posting the 3 miniatures and a simple question. /Lars
  5. Hello "Rusty" and Uwe, thank you for taking the time to dig into this, I would now have a much better understanding of the evolution of this Order, it was quite interesting to learn this. /Lars
  6. larsb001

    Franz Joseph Order Grand Cross ?

    Hello E.L., although a little different topic than the original post I'd like to understand the difference between the chain for a "Kommandeur mit dem Stern" and a "Kommandeur", I have allways assumed they were identical. Given this distinction I assume this set from my collection qualifies as beeing a chain for a "Kommandeur mit dem Stern" but how would a "Kommandeur" look like? I have seen different type were the eagles have a different spread but have assumed this was due to different manufacturers. /Lars
  7. I checked the site you're referring to, and yes, this seems to be the case. I would never have found this site as I don't speak spanish. I believe the mystery is solved. Thanks alot for your help. /Lars
  8. You may be interested in seeing a miniature version of the type II:
  9. All, in my collection I have 3 miniature examples of the Order of the Bust of Bolivar. On 2 of them Simon Bolivar is facing left, on the 3rd he's facing right. When checking the net I can find a number of full size badges where he's facing either left or right as well. Is there a reason for this, e.g. a 1st and 2nd type, different grade or some other explanation? I cannot find that info? Any comments appreciated! And yes, the middle miniature is a small beauty, it's set with 77 small diamonds in total!
  10. Megan, feel free to use these pictures should you still need some of a nice original badge!
  11. This is a document most collectors miss - but here's your chance to buy the German surrender agreement that ended the Second World War: https://www.alexanderbitarcollectibles.com/categories/Documents
  12. This may be slightly off topic, but the producer of these badges have been discussed. This one, for a Swedish company, is so close in design and appearance that I would say it most likely the same produce. It's not mine, I have taken the picture from a auction site, and do not have a photo of the reverse, but it's described a beeing marked Sporrong and Co, a well known Stockholm based producer of badges and such. Just a thought!
  13. For those interested in the Order of the Westphalian Crown this would be of interest. On a recent auction I was OUTBID - so it's not mine. But this is the best miniature I've ever seen of this one, gold, 3 dimensional, and on a chain with the full suite apart from the Order of Spain. Enjoy!
  14. Is it a full size medal bar or a miniature group that is on display behind the director, and do you happen to have a better photo of that one?
  15. larsb001

    Order of the White Tiger

    This may be completely off topic in this thread, but about a year ago I was unfortunately outbid on this miniature group (so it's not mine). The fourth miniature was described as medal of the order of the tiger. As this is unknown to me I'd like to know if this is a lower class of this order - or something completely else? Just curious! /Lars