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  1. Hey guys, Been gone a long time and haven't been collecting much, but did pick this up at an auction a couple of months ago, RAD medical kit. Haven't seen many out there, but unfortunately it was empty. Cheers! Steve
  2. stevo4361

    Japanese dog tag

    Hello, I haven't been actively collecting for a long time, and even when I was my interest was more in German medals and badges. A friend of mine asked me to research a dog tag he received from a WW2 vet he know that recently passed away, served in the Pacific theater as an infantryman. I know almost nothing about Japanese militaria, but doing some research online believe the "unit code" is 1128. Other than that I don't know, other than it doesn't appear to have a blood type stamp, which isn't unusual for IJA tags. The coins came with it as well, but believe I've found what they are, 2 Chinese "1 cash" coins from the late 1800s and a Japanese "1 mon" from the late 1600s. Any input appreciated, thank you! Steve
  3. Thanks GSB, that's a bummer but I'll let him know. Thanks again! Kind Regards, Steve
  4. Any opinions guys? Apparently not a maker marked blade, and pattern on blade is also on the reverse side, with no other markings or etchings.
  5. A little closer. No info on any maker marks or anything like that yet.
  6. Hello Gentlemen, I've been out of collecting for a couple of years now, and even then was an EK guy, so this is a bit out of my league. This dagger is being offered to a friend of mine for sale, and the only info available at the moment is this picture of it. From the research I was doing so far seems like a 2nd model Luft dagger. I'm not really sure if authentic or not, as specifically cannot find another dagger like it with a similar blade engraving. Hope you guys can help, and would appreciate any info Thanks, Steve
  7. stevo4361

    Another EK1 We

    Another nice one Steve! Does yours have a small "W" or "M" marked on the backside of the pin as well? My "We" also has a W or M under the pin, up towards the hinge. Nice cross man! Kind Regards, Steve
  8. stevo4361

    silver and enamel mini EK2

    Looks great Greg, looking forward to some more pics! Kind Regards, Steve
  9. Another beauty Micha, and the cardbox with the Braunsweig postal stamp is fantastic! Congrats! Kind Regards, Steve
  10. Hey Davey, Great book, thanks for sharing! Any renditions of Americans? Kind Regards, Steve
  11. stevo4361

    Unmarked AWS screwback

    That is a beautiful cross Micha, Congrats! Steve
  12. stevo4361

    EK2 Maker M

    Good eye Steve, never noticed that before, Kind Regards, Steve
  13. Nice catch Micha, beautiful FA1's! Don't seem to see cased FA1s often at all! Kind Regards, Steve
  14. stevo4361

    1939 EK1 mm 107

    Hey Jan, Is that an EK2 jump ring "marker" round spot on the bottom of the frame? Or just a blemish of some sort? Kind Regards, Steve
  15. stevo4361

    Cased "Fr" Friedlaender EK1

    Thanks Bill! Steve