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    Commonwealth Medals and Badges, military history.
  1. Hi, I came across this cap badge and wondered if anyone can identify it. Is it naval reserve? Thanks, Peter
  2. PeterLT

    How many of us are Brothers ?

    I would think if the grip is right and the word is right they just may. Peter
  3. PeterLT

    How many of us are Brothers ?

    No, we don't get discounts. But we do get together and enjoy one another's company, we sit down to great meals together, we take great interest in our fraternal family, our country, our cities and towns and endeavoring to make all of that, our famililies and ourselves, better. We are an inclusive fraternity that has existed for a long, long time. Oh, one more thing, there is a common misconception that we control everything. That is simply not true....we just control the important things... Peter
  4. An absolutely great collection! Thanks so much for posting it! Peter :)
  5. Absolutely wonderful collection! Peter
  6. PeterLT

    WOW 2 !

    There's just no other way to put it....Wow! Peter
  7. PeterLT

    How many of us are Brothers ?

    Fraternal Greetings to All! I am JW of Hiram Lodge #14, Courtenay, BC, Canada. peterlt :D