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  1. 226 Lance Sergeant E. L. Andrews, 2/11th Regt.
  2. A little piece you generally don't see. Now the Max Planck Society, this remains the foremost German scientific research society, with numerous Nobel laureates among its members. The badge was established in 1911 as a mark of recogition and favor by the Kaiser.
  3. JBFloyd

    Monaco badge

    I'd guess that the gilt badge is either for a consul-general or perhaps someone in the diplomatic chain.
  4. JBFloyd

    Monaco badge

    OK, not exactly French, but close. This badge came to me identified as the badge of an ambassador of Monaco. I've seen a similar badge, but silver-gilt, also without a solid identification. Does anyone know what it actually is? It measures 61x44mm.
  5. JBFloyd

    Monaco badge

    After some back and forth with the Embassy of Monaco here in the US, the Ambassador has confirmed that this is the badge given to Consuls of Monaco. The Ambassador is herself a past consul and consul-general.
  6. JBFloyd

    2 Cuban Awards

    There are very few published sources on Nicaraguan awards. However, one light in the darkness is a book published in 2002 by Luis H. Flores called"Nicaragua: It's Coins, Paper Money, Medals, Tokens". The section on medals (which also covers military insignia) runs just over 100 pages and illustrates many of the awards from the Daniel Ortega period. This is the only place I've ever seen these Ortega-era awards. It's a very hard book to find, but might be available through numismatic book dealers.
  7. JBFloyd

    2 Cuban Awards

    Nicaragua. Ministry of the Interior Distinguished Service Medal. Comes in three classes - gold, silver and bronze.
  8. JBFloyd

    Unknown award with UN connectuion?

    Many thanks, Frank. That clears it up.
  9. The text is not the problem. The problem is who issued it and why?
  10. JBFloyd

    Pakistan Princely States - Bahawalpur

    Jeremy Tenniswood Militaria often has Bahawalpur ribbons available on his web site. I haven't looked in a while, however.
  11. I cannot find this in my Greek sources. What is it?
  12. Thank you, Paja, for having a memory far better than mine.
  13. Thank you for the information.
  14. I know very little about the internal workings of the Greek Army in World War II, so I hope someone can enlighten me with some information. 1. How common was it for a man to be commissioned from the ranks? 2. How long would a second lieutenant stay in that rank during wartime?
  15. JBFloyd

    Unknown cross

    The reverse is blank. The marriage possibility is certainly viable. This came out a very large estate collection, so there's no way to go back through the previous collector.
  16. JBFloyd

    Unknown cross

    I've seen this one somewhere, but cannot recall the proper name for it. Can anyone help?
  17. Thank you both for the input. It's been most helpful.
  18. This came to me described as the star of the Libyan Order of Good Workmanship. However, all the images I can find of this order show the center enameled areas to be in green, rather than red and black. The center inscription is appropriate and it's marked by Bomisa. Is this an earlier type? A trial piece? Something else entirely?
  19. It would certainly make sense that the decisions bringing about the flag change would also be reflected in the design of orders.
  20. This 6-shot revolver came with the estate of a US Army veteran who served in Europe. His family thought it was a bring-back from WWII. It has no visible serial numbers or any other marks other than the maker's mark on the grip discs (stylized M superimposed over an F). The barrel length is about 56mm. This is so far out of my areas of interest that I'm at a complete loss. Can anyone give me any information on this pistol? The other side.
  21. JBFloyd

    Unknown revolver help, please

    Many thanks for the link. I'm not sure I ever would have found that and it makes my task so much easier. Regards, Jeff Floyd
  22. JBFloyd

    Unknown revolver help, please

    Many thanks for that. I'm now light years ahead of my complete ignorance.
  23. JBFloyd

    Chinese badges identification?

    Can anyone give any information on these two Chinese badges. They are both roughly 49x45mm. The dark area at the top is actually a bird of prey with black feathers. The reverses have the remains of a vertical pin. And another badge from the same source (48mm, with the remains of a horizontal pin).
  24. The Army Catering Corps was established in 1941, so that's not the source. If you Google "Association of Conservative Clubs", you'll find images of this type of medal.
  25. General Sir Charles J. Napier left India in 1851, so your Napier is probably a relative. By the way, Napier's "message" may never have existed in reality, and may have been invented later for drama, but it goes to my point of the uses of a classical education.