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  1. Chris, What are you talking about? Is this another of your cryptic goosechases?
  2. Hello Stephane!, Beside the cyphered shoulder strap, the soldier wears the typical Saxon field gray collar tabs with branch piping on his overcoat. This was done only by the Saxons. It would be interesting to know if his cap Kokarden are missing or if the cap is reversed? I have alway thought that Kokarden made excellent targets and wondered why they later covered only one of them. Chip
  3. Hello, I don't see any silver threads in the knot on the Albanian sword and the knot looks more golden than silver colored (but that could be the lighting?). Chip
  4. With the red and black at the bottom of the knot, I would guess it is for a Württemberg officer or Portepee NCO.
  5. What, no issue examples?! Any of those would do, depending on if the tunic had company numbered buttons or was marked inside to a specific company. Bayonet? I would say a Bavarian issue M98 n/A.
  6. Ouch! You think he would at least have sent a postcard home just to avoid something like that.
  7. Nice examples. I still haven't found a zinc one. Are there any maker marks on the leather tab?
  8. Yes, the Kragenpatten are for this overcoat. Good luck with the search for pairs of the wartime versions. I have been looking for years and I have only found a few singles.
  9. Very nice Chris! Here are a few more. Chip