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  1. Hello GreyC, Yes, I am familiar with this thread, but it does not list all of the ranks. I say this, because I have examples that are not described or shown in the Tafel. I am still trying to identify them. Chip
  2. Hello GreyC, Do you have a copy of this book and if so, could you scan the descriptions of the insignia? Thanks, Chip
  3. Did the edelweiß pin come with the grouping or was that just added for the photo? Chip
  4. I'm not crazy about those large winged props and it looks like there were pips on these boards at one time.
  5. Vereinigte Schlauch und Gummidwaren Fabrik = United hose and rubber-ware factory. Chip
  6. Thanks Andy, Just a guess on my part. I thought "Ges." stood for Gesetzlich. Chip
  7. It looks like someone went back over it later and updated the rank and possibly added a death date "ges." might mean "gestorben". Chip
  8. Hmmm. I struck out on the both the color of the state stripes and the color of the metallic lace. Time to get back to the ophthalmologist!
  9. Nice Chris! I swear half of my 3.Jäger Rgt. Sterbebilder (77 of them) show soldiers in other unit uniforms. I have also seen several Sterbebilder where the uniform is that of the 3.Jäger Rgt., but the soldier died while serving in another unit. One look at an earlier war Soldbuch will verify that soldiers (for the most part) got transferred regularly, for a myriad of reasons. Chip
  10. GreyC, The Bavarian enlisted cockade was changed in 1916 from the one with the blue ring on white to the one with the solid blue center. Officer's examples were additionally changed with the removal of the "clam-shell" outer ring to a ring with a "saw-tooth" type edge. Troops already in the field were not so much affected, unless issued new clothing pieces or, in officer's cases, when they wanted to update their cap or purchase a new one. Chip
  11. Very nice indeed! Do you know when the extra silver lace was added to the shoulder boards of this unit and others? I see it, for instance, on boards from officer's of the Badisches Leib-Grenadier-Rgt.Nr.109, etc. Chip
  12. Chris, A few additional, some of which you didn't show. Chip
  13. There was no regulation for feldgrau underlay on medical officer's boards. This was strictly personal preference, as were this collar color and Kragenpatten backing. I have seen this many times on officer's shoulder boards and more frequently on Saxon examples. Chip
  14. I think it's just a summer weight, privately purchased jacket. Windbreakers and the like are usually more loose fitting and don't normally display unit shoulder straps. Chip
  15. I see from the map that the 3.Jäger Regiment was well represented. Chip
  16. Nice soldier artwork on the obverse. It takes lots of viewing time to find these gems! Chip
  17. Chris, Though I am not comparing the two documents, I know how you feel about getting this Militärpaß. I had a similar feeling when I won the 124er pass signed by Rommel. Chip
  18. I think this is the sleeve insignia for the RW-Schützen-Regiment 41.
  19. Nice ring with great provenance! What else was in the Schörner Nachlass auction? Chip
  20. Thanks for the showing the insignia chart Andy. I have that one too, but it apparently does not cover every example, as I have some that are not on it. Chip
  21. GreyC, Do you know if this book you reference has any information on the uniforms and ranks of the Freiwillige Krankenpflege? I collect the shoulder boards and it appears to me that each state had the state colors woven in to the brocade, in a similar fashion to army officer's shoulder boards. I have some with black stripes and blue stripes and am assuming they are Prussian and Bavarian organizations. I also have one with a rank that is not shown in my reference. Thanks, Chip
  22. Sadly, Photobucket has decided to go the way of Imageshack and not allow third party posting of images stored on their site without charging for it. I left Imageshack for this reason and I guess will leave Photobucket too. I have no intention of paying for image hosting, so those forums that require a fee in order for their content contributors to post their photos will no longer be getting any photos from me. Chip