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  1. For those of you still interested, I believe I found the answer to my question (Adjutants, Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment) in the following passage from Army Dress Regulations 2011: COCKED HATS 10.2. The following appointments are entitled to wear cocked hats1 at public expense only with Full Dress and/or frockcoat: a. Major General Commanding Household Division and Chief of Staff London District. b. Gold Sticks, Silver Stick, and Regtl Adjt and CO and Adjt HCMR. c. QMs and certain other LE officer appointments of the Foot Guards on public duties (see Part 3 for further details). d. Veterinary officers and surgeons of the Household Cavalry2 . e. The Constable, the Lieutenant of the Tower, the Resident Governor and Keeper of the Jewel House of the Royal Palace and Fortress of London. 1 Note that all these cocked differ in the style of the embellishment on the right hand side and the length and colours of the feather plumes – See Parts 2 and 3 of these Regulations for details. 2 Note that the veterinary officers and surgeons of the Household Cavalry are part of the Regiment and belong to one of LG or RHG/D unlike the veterinary officers to King’s Troop who are attached from the RAVC. Thank you everybody for your attention, Bye
  2. Thank you Coldstream. You are correct.The man at min 2:36 is the same as the one at min 4:28. Then comes the other Officer at min 5:17. I'm bound to exclude they are QMs who wear different, upright plumes. My suggestion would be a recently introduced headdress for Adjutants (one for each Household Cavalry Unit; Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, and HCav Regiment). Does anyone confirm? Many thanks
  3. Thank you Simon for your attention. If you look at min 2:36 approx. you can see the same officer more clearly, and he does wear medals. Hope it helps.
  4. Hello, I'd like to submit this The video shows, at min. 5:19 approx, a dismounted LG Officer in Full Dress Uniform with a cocked-hat and rich, white plume. I know that Dress Regulations for Household Cavalry order a cocked-hat only for Medical, Veterinary Officers, Chaplains, and Quartermaster Officers, but they wear different plumes colour (Black for Med and Chaplains, red for Vet; white for QM but in a different, smaller shape). Can anyone in the forum help me to identify the role of this officer.There's another, similar officer in the video, same uniform/cocked hat, marching along the dismounted contingent. Are they possibly Adjutants? Thank you in advance
  5. I'm sorry, I meant the Flying badge specified in HRH Prince Charles' biography reported hereinafter. I don't know if it is a RAF badge. I also saw it somewhere in the net; it's a cloth "Albatross"-type insignia, similar to that worn on the the upper sleeve by RAF airmen. I just wondered if it was ever actually worn by the recipient joining the RAF. "14th January - The Prince's first solo flight was from RAF Bassingbourn after 14 hours 30 minutes instruction. 2nd August - a year after his first flight, His Royal Highness had logged more than 80 hours in the Chipmunk and had completed all the air and ground syllabus required for the Preliminary Flying Badge normally awarded to members of University Air Squadrons. Although The Prince was not a member of the Cambridge squadron, he was presented with his badge on 2nd August 1969, by the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief RAF Training Command." Thanks to anyone can help me. Regards
  6. Hello Gentlemen, Can anyone tell me if and how are RAF Preliminary wings ever actually worn? What if their recipient doesn't succeed in getting the "Full" wings. Can he keep on wearing the "Preliminary" on his uniform? Thanks