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  1. Many thanks for clarification.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I assume these will only be issued to those in attendance?
  3. Lovely medal bar. I have a ribbon bar with similar combination, minus the oak leaves.
  4. I have similar suspicions. This bar and the one in the photo are definitely two different medal bars. This is supposedly Looff's medal bar.
  5. Gordon, You have been given very good suggestions above. I have one more, though it may not give you a conclusive list. If you can, check the medal rolls of the George VI Coronation Medal.
  6. I checked the 1925 & 1929- both say the same thing, Albert Order with Swords. However, based on the photographic evidence this must be a mistake. Everything else seems to match up.
  7. The Saxon Albert Order was awarded pre-WW1. See below extract from 1914 Prussian Rank List.
  8. David, I could provide some detail of his WW2 service, from the LW Career Summaries. However, there is no Heinrich Buschmann, but there is a Fritz. Could that have been his first name? Kind regards Pierce
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