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  1. The Chilean ribbon is correct for this time period. Kind regards Pierce
  2. Is this him- Oberst a.D. (Honour Rank List 1926)? What was his firs name?
  3. Can we see the rest of the ribbon bar? Can you date it to the time period you describe?
  4. Japanese Marine Officer?

    Thank you Nick.
  5. Japanese Marine Officer?

    Hi, Would anyone be able to put a name to this Japanese Naval Officer? Thank you Photo
  6. The medals both look fine, but there should be an eagle device on the blue service ribbon.
  7. Peter, I think your supposition is correct, though I have seen this Baden ribbon being used in lieu of the Spanish Order of Naval Merit- but I think with the Zahringer Lion on the bar, it is the Jubilee Medal. Interesting that the Hungarian Commemorative Medal is not at the end with the other foreign award. Pierce
  8. This is the pre-1932 ribbon but with a later cross.
  9. Thank you for your help. You are the Romanian expert! Kind regards Pierce
  10. Many thanks for your reply. After translating this I think he is a good match- in particular as he was the Military Attaché to Germany at this time. Does this article say he was the King's honorary adjutant between 1930-1940? Kind regards Pierce
  11. Is there any way of working out who this General was? The certificate is dated 12th November 1936. Many thanks Pierce
  12. Thank you for this link Claudio. Kind regards Pierce