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  1. Dear Friends, A collector in the US has sent me this document in the hope of finding out about more about what it says. It relates to a Kriegsmarine engineer who has transferred back to civilian service with the Reichsbahn. I believe it mentions him being confined to barracks for 3 days (Stubenarrest?). Does it state the reason? Any help that can be offered with this would be appreciated. Many thanks Pierce
  2. P.F.

    Unknown Chinese Medal

    Many thanks. Your help is appreciated. I assume this is the Junior grade, 1st class?
  3. P.F.

    Unknown Chinese Medal

    I would appreciate some help with obtaining the name of this medal, and what ribbon goes with it. Thank you Pierce
  4. I would not rule out the 5th ribbon being for the Turkish Liakat Medal. It has a red stripe on the edge of the ribbon, which the Bavarian Jubilee Medal does not. It is more clear to be seen on the reverse of the bar.
  5. The Chilean ribbon is correct for this time period. Kind regards Pierce
  6. Is this him- Oberst a.D. (Honour Rank List 1926)? What was his firs name?
  7. Can we see the rest of the ribbon bar? Can you date it to the time period you describe?
  8. P.F.

    Japanese Marine Officer?

    Thank you Nick.
  9. P.F.

    Japanese Marine Officer?

    Hi, Would anyone be able to put a name to this Japanese Naval Officer? Thank you Photo
  10. The medals both look fine, but there should be an eagle device on the blue service ribbon.