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  1. Here are the buttons.
  2. I thought about embassy official too...
  3. Any ideas on the branch of service of this gemtleman judging from the uniform he wears?
  4. Many thanks for your help, Michael!
  5. Dear gentlemen, could you please help to ID neck order and second order of this military (?) official? CDV is from 1890s, I assume, and was made in Paris. Neck order - ??? Breast decorations: 1. Croix d'officier de la Légion d'honneur 2. ??? 3. British Crimea Medal with two official clasps and strange upper clasp 4. Ottoman Mecidiye Nişanı, 4th or 5th class. 5. Russian Imperial Order of Saint Anna, 3rd grade. Is it possible to identify this Monsieur?
  6. Dear gentlemen, could you please let me know whether it's an original WWI Prussian belt buckle or a modern-day reproduction/copy/fake? Thinking of buying it but need advise to be on a safe side! Thanks in advance! Unfortunately I don't have better photos as these are the only two provided by a seller.
  7. I see what you mean - you are talking about Deutsche Ehrendenkmünze des Weltkrieges, but that's not the one on portrait... Please compare colour scheme.
  8. Well, just had a look at the portrait through the magnifying glass, but those vertical stripes are clearly visible. It seems they were really "present" at the original ribbon and are not defect of printing.
  9. Maybe... Unfortunatley I found no matching post-war commemorative / veteran association medal
  10. Thanks for your reply, Dave! Anyway the last ribbon is plain blue/light blue so we have there long service award. Any ideas regarding the last ribbon worn by the Sta-Bataillonsführer from the very first post in this thread?
  11. Could it be Prussian Dienstauszeichnung für Offiziere? I suupose there are no vertical stripes on the ribbon.
  12. Many thanks! I think you're absolutely right! Only the last one is not identified yet)
  13. Well, here's a portrait of another Stahlhelm member. No date, no name, unfortunately. Only place where photo was taken is known, it's Magdeburg. Could you please jelp with identifying two last ribbons attached after EKII and Friedrich-August Kreuz 2.Klasse?