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  1. Many thanks for sharing this addition to your POW collection. I am pleased that you are still interested. Regards Brett
  2. Thank you for a very interesting post. Regards Brett
  3. The Scottish Courtesan

    Thank you for a most interesting post. It introduced me to a person I had not come across before. This is one of the reasons I so appreciate the GMIC. Regards Brett
  4. Congratulations on acquiring another wonderful POW group, and also for the well told story behind it. This is evidence again of the importance of research to medal collectors. Regards Bret
  5. Bernhard Thank you for your service as a soldier. By sharing your memories here you inspire others to keep them alive. All honour to you! Kind regards Brett
  6. Do you have any of their medals and badges that you could show here? Regards Brett
  7. Korean War Medal Bars

    A wonderful medal group! Thank you for showing it. Regards Brett
  8. Thank you for a most interesting post. That is a wonderful example of a rare item that will be envied by collectors of Jubilee memorabilia. Regards Brett
  9. Anand Thank you for revealing more about the interesting history of what must be a very proud regiment. Regards Brett
  10. Jock Thank you for sharing this sad story with us. We know that the death of any soldier must be mourned by someone, somewhere, but in this instance the documentation makes it sadder still, since it reveals the circumstances so close to being discharged, and the names of his family who he left behind. Regards Brett

    Food for thought there, Michael. Thank you. Regards Brett
  12. Thank you for posting an interesting medal with a great story. It is such a pity that so many Indian medal groups are disassociated. Judging from records on another forum there are seldom, if ever, any re-unites. Regards Brett
  13. A very interesting story well told! I hope you find what you are looking for. Regards Brett
  14. Dutch Medals and Medalbars

    Another amazing group, Herman. Congratulations! Regards Brett
  15. That is the best POW group that I have ever seen, and it has been matched by an extremely well researched write-up. Congratulations! Regards Brett