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  1. Two Iron Crosses 1st Class by Wilhem Deumer, the second one, the pin has been replaced and is not original to the cross. Your comments are appreciated.
  2. Daniel, thank you for your positive comment.
  3. I thought of sharing another Iron Cross, 1st Class, this time a boxed "Schinkel" made by Wilhelm Deumer Ludenscheid. Your comments are appreciated.
  4. Thank you for your positive comment.
  5. A couple of pictures from a short black and white (VCR) movie of the SANP also called "Greyshirts". Top picture, on the left-hand side, the leader of the organisation, Theodor Weichard, next to him, the chap looks like wearing a 'sam browne' belt could also be a member of the police force. Two more "Greyshirt" members wearing the grey jacket with armband. Bottom picture, one of the members from the previous picture, saluting, the badge on his tie could be the stamped SANP badge in bronze or the one shown by Scowen.
  6. 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class L/12 by C. E. Juncker Berlin, in LDO Box Your comments are appreciated.
  7. Very interesting displays, well worth a visit, thank you for sharing!
  8. Among some of my bits I found this Lüderitz-Bucht 1939 Turn-Fest (Gymnastic Celebration) Tinnie, since it was for German-South-West, I thought of adding it here.
  9. Dansson, thank you for your comment, and the info regarding manufacture, much appreciated!
  10. I would like to share here an other cross, L55 Rudolf Wächtler & Lange Your comments are appreciated.
  11. Interesting and rare EK II Citation, thank you for sharing!
  12. Fallschirm-Jäger Regiment 15
  13. Thank you for your reply, not something one likes to hear, but I have contacted the person who sold me the cross. It looks convincing with all the age patina etc.
  14. EK II Citation signed by Rommel, I have been a member for a few years but only started posting a couple of weeks a go. I'm still getting used to participating in this great forum. EK II Citation to: Obergefreiter Walter Hahn, Stabsbattr. II./A.R. 115 Dated: Libyen 25 February 1942, signed by then Generaloberst Rommel
  15. Gentlemen, One-piece-construction EK I maker marked 60, Katz & Deyhle, Pfortzheim. 50 years ago and even today, people think, if on an Iron cross (2nd class) the core does not "rattle" it was fake. Now we know those "one piece" examples have been manufactured and do exist. Please can I have your opinion on this one. Thank you.