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  1. Thanks a lot for the transcription. I made a quick research at the Volksbund site and there is a Wilhelm Lindmüller, rank "Fahrer", listed as KIA on June 14th, 1916. I'm afraid he is the sender of this postcard. Douglas
  2. Hi, I just picked this up at Ebay. As my major interest is firearms, this photo is a P08 bonanza. I simply never saw so many in a single picture. I would like to know what is written on the back, units, names, etc. Thanks in advance. Douglas.
  3. Here are some of mine. My major focus is handguns (mostly Luger and C96 pistols) in use, so trench pictures are not so easy to find. The first one, show a bunch of guy (maybe two brothers among them) with their gas masks and their Mauser C96 pistols tucked inside their holsters stocks. The reverse is blank, unfortunatelly. Here is a MG crew, some of them armed with Artillery Lugers (Lang Pistole 08). Nothing written in the back. Last one. Another MG08 crew, now with some of them armed with Mauser C96s guns. Again, nothing written.
  4. Great discussion. If it helps somewhat, the reverse of the picture gives the photographer studio city as Gaildorf, district of Schwäbisch Hall, in Baden-Württemberg.
  5. Hello, I recently got this postcard, showing a NCO armed with a Mauser C96 pistol and Seitengewehr, and awarded with the EKII and EKI. But I can't figure it out what is the other medal in his buttonhole. Any ideas? Thanks, Douglas
  6. I made a research at the Volksbund site, where the German war graves are registered. It seems that the postcard sender - which I assume was named Karl Göttel - didn't survive the war. Although there are 10 individuals listed with the same name, eight of them died during WWII and were too young to have fought during WWI. From the others, one was KIA in 1914 - before the mailing date of this card. The final one, KIA in June 6th, 1918, is, unfortunately, a close match, as his rank was Kanonier and he is buried in France - according with some on line references FAR 55 was engaged on the Western Front at that time. Sad ending, I guess. Douglas
  7. Thank you so much, Bernhard! Do you have an idea what is the surname of the recipient, Peter "?" (Göttel)...
  8. Hello, I recently ought this 1915 dated postcard, mostly because of the guy on the right, holding an Artillery luger pistol (Lange Pistole 08). However I'm curious about the content of the inscription on the reverse.If someone could translate it I would appreciated. Thanks in advance, Douglas.
  9. In the commercial postcard, most of the rifles are second line Kommisiongewehr M1888 (probably the upgraded 1888/05).
  10. Just what I had thought. Thank you gentlemen for you kind help.
  11. Hello, A friend of mine has this KVK II award documment supposed to be signed by Wilhelm Bittrich, I do not collect this stuff any more, but from what I remember there are some points of concern. I would like to hear from you if it is a forgery or not. Thanks in advance, Douglas.
  12. Nice presentation. You got to love that EKII patina. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Imperial Order of the Rose

    Nice topic, with great pictures. Lambert, I'm glad you managed to grab this one. Congratulations! Douglas.