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  1. seb16trs


    This is impresive, saddly all documents have been lost?
  2. seb16trs


    Hello Igor, I'm sorry I don't; I only specialize in post-1944 communist period...
  3. seb16trs

    Socialist Yugoslavia Documented Groups

    Hello, this is a really nice group, with I suppose a huge affective signification... Let me ask you a few questions please: -What is the link between the small certificate ("uverenje") and the big dilpoma? Were they both decerned to the recipient (as it is done in Hungay or CSSR) -I never saw any document about the commemorative medal (10, 20 and 30 years of JNA), do they exist? Thank you for your insight!
  4. seb16trs


    These are extremly beautifull pieces! As I'm specialized in comunist stuf, I specially apreciate the hungarian national merit star...
  5. These are not pieces for average collectors, with a minimum market price of 1500-2000 euros...
  6. I am preparing a small database , because surprisingly I noticed there is a batch of documented stars within a short interval of time, that came in western Europe.
  7. Really early piece, first time I see a 3-digits s/n...
  8. seb16trs

    Polish Cross of Merit

    The communist variation of this order had deleted the Swords...
  9. seb16trs

    Romanian Veteran help?

    Hello, I don't believe you'll find the location of this participant to a chess contest since I believe this medal could be given to everyone who won at a stage or another. Seems to have been a military contest. The ribon is not the good one, there has been a mistake from the seller or the former owner...
  10. The best hypothesis woiuld be the 1948 rupture...
  11. It is time to show you my stars... and they belong to a known serie awarded to soviet soldiers. And this one , maybe to a Georgian soldier:
  12. Thank you for your input. So we could conclude that Belgrade mint had huge stocks of unissued orders in 1992...
  13. Do you have any ideas for explaining the huge quantities and cheap prices of all this amount of stars?
  14. Gentlemen, could you explain please what is not correct on this 2nd class? They look poverly made: enamels flushing, mold traces on reverse...
  15. Hello gentlemen, please confirm my analysis: the 1st and 2nd classes shown here (and in post #29 from Ruiz) are soviet versions, with really thick and very smooth finish, and the bronze one is an albanian version with a slimer enamel and a more porous aspect. Am I correct?