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  1. heusy68


    For those who want to see some photo of the Coronation of Emperor Akihito : http://royalwatcherblog.com/2018/11/12/coronation-of-emperor-akihito-1990/
  2. heusy68


    Hello to all the honorable Gentlemen member of this Club. I recently acquired what I truly believe, is the Medal for Akihito Coronation Medal. For reference Akihito succeed his father Hirohito after his passing on 7 January 1989, and was officially crowned on 12 November 1990. It was the first time in Japan history that the ceremony was held in Tokyo (before the ceremony was held in Kyoto). However as I do not read japanese, I would be glad, members of this forum, who do speak and read japanese to correct me. The medal is 30 millimeters in diameters, the thickness is 2,6 millimeters, and its weight : 22 grammes (including the ribbon). The ribbon is 36 millimeters wide, red with 2 white stripes towards each edges (with stripes are 4 millimeters). The medal came in a dark purple velvet case with inscription inside the lid. I do believe, but I might be wrong, that this medal was a Commemorative, but not intended to be awarded to any members of the JDF (Japan Defense Force), i.e.it's the official name of the army in Japan. I just do know, that on the obverse side is the Japan Imperial Symbol of the Sun, placed where the Throne Chair is located on Takamikura. The Takamikura is the structure used for the coronation. It's the last photo. Best regards to all & I wait for your comment. Emmanuel
  3. Hello Gentlemen, This is a recent photo of a Fiji Police Group. The 1st Medal at left is Fiji Police Medal (instituted in 1995), The 2nd Medal is Fiji General Service Medal (instituted in 1992), The 3rd Medal is Fiji Police Overseas Service Medal (instituted in 1995)., The 4th & 5th Medal are UN Medals, The 6th Medals might be a Singapore Police Medal, the 7th & last Medal is the Republic of Fiji Medal. The 2nd photo is the reverse of the GSM If anyone up there has Fiji Group or Single Medal for sale, I would be very happy to buy. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  4. Hello Gentlemen, It is sad not to have a full color photo of it, but Eva Peron was awarded a special collar of Order of San Martin, made for herself.This Collar entierly of gold & platinum was made of 4574 elements, which 3821 are of platinum and gold, and 753 precious stones (diamonds, emeralds, and rubies). This collar differs from future Collar for Head of States, because as you can see, the links on the Collar ,represents each one , the Coat of Arms of the 14 Provinces of Argentina. http://evita3.marianobayona.com/14jun06.html You can read this page, indication on the collar are at the bottom of the text. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  5. I had the opportunity to visit Foundation Pinochet in Santiago do Chile in February 2016. It's a private Museum, you have to write them at least 24 hours ahead of your visit (or like myself being lucky). General Augusto Pinochet was awarded Gran Collar of the Order of San Martin on 29 April 1976 by General Jorge Videla. And here I join the photo. His collar among 90 % of all awards General Pinochet was awarded during his life is in the museum of the Foundation Pinochet. I have to add, that doing some research in the last 12 hours, there is also a controversy in Argentina about, if they have stripped Maduro from his Collar of Order san Martin, they should also strip General Pinochet & General Stroessner from Paraguay from their respective Collar of San Martin, and here I add the link (it's in spanish). http://nacionalypopular.com/2017/08/21/macri-negri-y-la-quita-de-condecoracion-a-maduro-pinochet-el-mas-distinguido/ General Augusto Pinochet & General Stroessner have passed away in 2006, in December & August 2006 respectively. Regards. Emmanuel
  6. A recent event in the History of the Order of San Martin, is that on 11 August 2017, Dictator Maduro from Venezuela was stripped from his award of Grand Collar of Order San Martin by President Macri, an award he gotted from President Cristina Kirchner in 2013. https://www.lanacion.com.ar/2052125-en-que-consiste-la-orden-del-libertador-san-martin-que-le-retiraron-a-maduro Best regards. Emmanuel
  7. Here is a 5th Class, Caballero del Orden de San Martin, This class, as you can see has no silver-gilt laurel crown between badge and ribbon. This class is much much scarcely awarded than any other class of the Order of San Martin. That specific Order I bought it in Madrid in 2003, said to be part by the seller from a small group of award belonged to a low level employee of the Spanish Royal Household. I bought several other awards from this group, but the document were not in offer. So I have no proof that then seller said. On the precedent post, I stated that size do not matter, the explanation is that the pendant of the badge of this 5th Class is bigger than the 2 Official ( 4 Th Class ) from my collection. But as I believe this 5th Class was produced in the early 1970ies , and the 2 4th Classes I own were produced earlier somewhen in the 1950ies or 60ies, this could also be an explanation. The Order of San Martin is only awarded to foreigner, with the sole exception of Eva Peron, who as a gift of the Argentinian Nation was awarded a Collar of the Order of San Martin in gold with diamonds. Regards. Emmanuel
  8. Here are 2 Officer's of Order of San Martin, Size, dimension, it's not what is important, what made this Officer's, is the small silver-gilt laurel crown between the badge and the ribbon. From Argentinian status, Officer never have a ribbon with rosette !!!! Regards. Emmanuel
  9. Hello Gentlemen & Hello Megan, Here is the Commandor of the Order of San Martin. Regards Emmanuel
  10. Hello Gentlemen, Here is a Grand Officer of the Order of San Martin, in Argentina (like in Belgium, Dem Rep of Congo (1960-71), the Zaire till 1977, Zanzibar, the 2nd Class of a National Order is/was only a breast star. If my memory is good some chinese Order from the period 1929-37 had also the 3rd Class (or 1st Grade 3rd Class should I say), only as breast star. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  11. Hello Gentlemen, Rarely I have to confess, my lack of documentation, but here it is. I have recently acquired this Order from Chile. It's a large very large breast decoration, from the 1973-83 (first decade of General Pinochet as President). The badge by itself is 63 Millimeters, with laurel suspension : 92 x 63 Millimeters, It's weight : 60 grammes. It's made of silver, with gliding parts (laurel between the arms). On the reverse the Small Chilean Shield, with motto : DIOS PATRIA LIBERATED I have visited the Fundacion Pinochet in Santiago in 2016, and I was allowed to take photo, but this medal was not in the showcases, also, not in the book issued by the Fundacion on the Awards of Augusto Pinochet. Over the years, I have seen, and/or being offered a lot of south american Order, so I have a huge data base, but I would be happy to ear news from the GMIC Members from Chile. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  12. heusy68


    And the last of the 3 : Mozambique Medalha Condiçao Militar. Again on a UN ribbon (that was 99 % chance likely put on medal by the auctioneer, because a medal with ribbon sells more easily than a medal without). These 3 different medals are what they are, maybe there are more medals, but these 5 (3 types), are the ones I was able to get. They are made of silvered and gilded metal. If Ilja can find some more information, it would be great. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  13. heusy68


    From the same suite of awards from Mozambique, Medalha Tempo de Serviço (I bet a Long Service Award). No idea if this medal is a multi class award, as the Military Leadership was But sure, ribbon is a UN ribbon, so a ribbon put on the medal by the auctioneer, for it to be sold easily. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  14. heusy68


    Hello Gentleman, And well done Ilja, these medals are recently instituted and are (and I believe), will be ever rare on market. I was able to get the Military Leadership 3 Classes medals from an auction in South Africa, however they came with incorrect ribbon.That's why the 2 first photo present the medal WITHOUT ribbon, because they are INCORRECT on the medal I own. The Medal posted by Ilja, show what is the Correct ribbon. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  15. Courtesy of a London auction house, that had this fantastic neck badge of the Order of Radama on his web site in the 1st years of the 21st Century,I can share with you the pictures that I host. That neck badge was awarded to Lord Anson (1826-1925 ), who was in 1862 Vice Governor of Mauritius, the Governor didn't wished to go to Madagascar to represent the British Government, and then he sent his Deputy, Archibald E.H. Anson, who went to Madagascar, and stayed 7 months on the Island. He assisted to the Coronation of the King, and was bestowed a Commander of the Order of Radama. Later Anson became Governor of the Straits Settlements, and nowadays in Singapore, Anson Road is named after him. He published his memoire at the end of his long life, and his book depicts with details the life in Madagascar on that time, and the Coronation Ceremony. The book name is : About Others & Myself and is a fantastic testimony from a person who witnessed the evolution of the world from the pre victorian era to the 1920ies Later this fantastic neck badge was purchased by a well known swiss collector, who later auctioned his collection by a well known swiss auction house of Basel in November 2008. Best regards. Emmanuel