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  1. Hello Gentlemen, Rarely I have to confess, my lack of documentation, but here it is. I have recently acquired this Order from Chile. It's a large very large breast decoration, from the 1973-83 (first decade of General Pinochet as President). The badge by itself is 63 Millimeters, with laurel suspension : 92 x 63 Millimeters, It's weight : 60 grammes. It's made of silver, with gliding parts (laurel between the arms). On the reverse the Small Chilean Shield, with motto : DIOS PATRIA LIBERATED I have visited the Fundacion Pinochet in Santiago in 2016, and I was allowed to take photo, but this medal was not in the showcases, also, not in the book issued by the Fundacion on the Awards of Augusto Pinochet. Over the years, I have seen, and/or being offered a lot of south american Order, so I have a huge data base, but I would be happy to ear news from the GMIC Members from Chile. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  2. heusy68


    And the last of the 3 : Mozambique Medalha Condiçao Militar. Again on a UN ribbon (that was 99 % chance likely put on medal by the auctioneer, because a medal with ribbon sells more easily than a medal without). These 3 different medals are what they are, maybe there are more medals, but these 5 (3 types), are the ones I was able to get. They are made of silvered and gilded metal. If Ilja can find some more information, it would be great. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  3. heusy68


    From the same suite of awards from Mozambique, Medalha Tempo de Serviço (I bet a Long Service Award). No idea if this medal is a multi class award, as the Military Leadership was But sure, ribbon is a UN ribbon, so a ribbon put on the medal by the auctioneer, for it to be sold easily. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  4. heusy68


    Hello Gentleman, And well done Ilja, these medals are recently instituted and are (and I believe), will be ever rare on market. I was able to get the Military Leadership 3 Classes medals from an auction in South Africa, however they came with incorrect ribbon.That's why the 2 first photo present the medal WITHOUT ribbon, because they are INCORRECT on the medal I own. The Medal posted by Ilja, show what is the Correct ribbon. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  5. Courtesy of a London auction house, that had this fantastic neck badge of the Order of Radama on his web site in the 1st years of the 21st Century,I can share with you the pictures that I host. That neck badge was awarded to Lord Anson (1826-1925 ), who was in 1862 Vice Governor of Mauritius, the Governor didn't wished to go to Madagascar to represent the British Government, and then he sent his Deputy, Archibald E.H. Anson, who went to Madagascar, and stayed 7 months on the Island. He assisted to the Coronation of the King, and was bestowed a Commander of the Order of Radama. Later Anson became Governor of the Straits Settlements, and nowadays in Singapore, Anson Road is named after him. He published his memoire at the end of his long life, and his book depicts with details the life in Madagascar on that time, and the Coronation Ceremony. The book name is : About Others & Myself and is a fantastic testimony from a person who witnessed the evolution of the world from the pre victorian era to the 1920ies Later this fantastic neck badge was purchased by a well known swiss collector, who later auctioned his collection by a well known swiss auction house of Basel in November 2008. Best regards. Emmanuel
  6. Hello Gentlemen, These are the 3 Bulgaria 1893 Wedding Medals that lives with me. There s-is a gold one with crown (bronze gilt actually), a silver with crown, and a silver without crown. The gild with crown weight the same as the silver with crown : 20 grammes both (with ribbon). The silver one without crown weight : 17 grammes (with its ribbon). Strangely pendilia of crown are only one sided on the gold medal with crown. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  7. The Officer's badge of the Order of Radama from a post by Yankee in 2007, is also a 100 % original one. The Officer ribbon is very rare. As you can see, here the "Ceres God Head" hallmark in on obverse side at 6 O'Clock. This specific cross has a very good provenance, as it was long the property of the author Jeffrey Jacob who in the 1960ies published the book : "Court Jeweler of the World". I had the possibility to buy that cross, but sadly it did not materialized, and a well known dealer from Toronto bought it for probably a fraction of what is its value. Transation over the Atantic are not always easy...... Best regards. Emmanuel
  8. My friend who got the Type 2 Knight badge (with Radama with long beard), he was lucky enough to get it from a case of Orders awarded to the same person, incl a Radama Order breast star (sadly with 4 white arms damaged). You can clearly see the back plate of Kretly, sole original manufacturer of this Order, and on the pin of this breast star, there is that specific hallmark : "Ceres God Head" for items produced in France BEFORE 1879, and made of silver & gold. The cross, superimposed on the breast star, is made of gold. It's difficult to see, but there is an empty space in the case, so if we refer to the chain of miniature, it could have been either a St Sylvester & Golden Sporn or a Christ from Portugal, or a Legion of honor 2nd Empire that is missing for the case. Sadly this friend never accepted to sell this case to me. That's life.... Best regards. Emmanuel
  9. Hello Gentlemen, The Order of Radama has a thrilling history, the first supply of Orders sent to Madagascar was close to go down to the Ocean, as the ship which carried them suffered a storm, and was close to sank. However it finally reaches Madagascar. Here you can see the 2 types of center side by side. The one at left hand side is from my collection, the one at left is from the collection of a fellow, who was kind enough to leave it with me for a couple of days, some years ago. The reverse (photo 3) is of my Knight. The reverse (photo 5), is of the Knight of my friend, and his Order bear also the hallmark at 11 O'Clock on reverse (photo 6) For the potential buyer, this Order is rare and expensive, but DO NOT LET dealer get you fooled. French Order (or Medals) produced for EXPORT, before 1879, must bear a specific hallmarks, (watch on 4th picture), it's like the head of the greek Ceres God. On my Knight this hallmark is on reverse at 11 O'Clock, but it is NOT always in the same place. Collector should ay extreme care, because this Order was still produced by company Delande in the 1930ies. The Delande catalogue is a very good documentation for french Orders & Medals, and Mr Delande did great job in researching information from 1910 till the 1950ies about any information he could get on Orders & Medals (keep in mind that on that time, no internet, you had to write letter to your Embassy abroad, and wait a reply of the Chargé d'Affaire there, and then get in touch with the information he would have got for you, usually Mr Delande was able to get information within 1 to 2 years). But the Radama Order produced by Delande do NEVER have the "Ceres Head" hallmark, and are almost always found with the white ribbon edged in blue. Best regards. Emmanuel
  10. heusy68

    What is this medal

    Hello Gentlemen, I do not know from where you get this value figures for Korea Crown Prince Wedding Medal, but the silver version of this medals pop's up in auction house in the UK, maybe one every 2 years, with a range price about 400 to 600 GBP incl buyer premium. Of course the bronze version is much much rarer. Regards. Emmanuel
  11. heusy68

    More Burma/Myanmar unknowns

    Hello Gentlemen, Nice contribution of Antonio with color photo of the highest Awards of Burma/Myanmar. On my last visit a year ago, I got this Title badge (see first photo, it's a similar to the one on the upper row at right hand side). Unfortunately suspension was broken, but I bought it. You cannot come across these just by random…..(I've been to Rangoon 7 times). Size of that badge (without suspension….) : 62 x 60 Millimeters. But Watch carefully the photos provided by Antonio and the black and white photo that was provided by Dragomir years ago, whatch the 3 medals on second row at left (not the last one at right hand side of 2nd row). In January 1979, these 3 Awards were breast badges, now they are neck badges (compare the centers on the photo provided by Antonio today). Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  12. Only ounce in my life a saw a Grand Cross set for sale, it was an auction held by the late Luc Farhi in January 1997, in Paris. I attended the auction, but on that time, no I Phone.....so I didn't took a pictures, and I do not remember if the set came with its sash. By browsing the net, I have been able to find this picture of an Order San Lorenzo set of the Grand Cross, but Carlos Peña Moreno is to be credited for having posting it on his twitter account : @cpenamoreno It shows how looks like the sash ribbon colors, with the correct shade of red. King Juan Carlos from Spain & King Felipe VI have been awarded this Order, maybe Iija can get a photo, I have look hours to catch a photo, but unsuccessful. General de Gaulle who visited Quito in 1964 (as part of his 10 Nations South America Tour), was (after some confusion & quiproquo awarded the Collar of the Order of Merit of Ecuador). The whereabouts of this Collar of Order of Merit awarded to General de Gaulle was really odd, but finally this Collar is now in the possession of the Museum of the Order of Liberation in Paris, but not yet in display. Watch this : https://fresques.ina.fr/de-gaulle/fiche-media/Gaulle00101/voyage-en-equateur.html Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  13. Hello again, over the years of collecting, I've been lucky enough to get ounce a neck badge of the Order of Saint Laurent (from an auction in which Arthus Bertrand had sold some of ODM the company had in its drawers). The 2nd class breast star came from another source. The neck badge is 53 x 80 Millimeters. The neck ribbon loop is hallmarked by Arthus Bertrand and with silver hallmark, but not the badge itself. The ribbon was the one, with which it was sold, regarding to available ribbon charts, it might not be correct ribbon. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  14. Just to show here both breast star of Grand Cross and Grand Officer side by side (to compare). Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  15. Here is the 2nd Class breast star of the Order of Saint Laurent, which of course retain the same design, but is smaller, and without enamel on tip of arms. The 2nd Class breast star is 69 Millimeters in diameter, and its weight is 62 Grammes. It was also made by Arthus Bertrand from Paris, which their hallmark is on reverse of the pin "AB & Cie 925". Best regards to all. Emmanuel