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  1. Well done Windu. I bet 1st circunscripcion was Asuncion, the capital. Even nowadays when you travel more than 50 Km out of Asuncion, you're in another time...., so 116 years before Maybe there was never medal for others circunscripciones..... But you mark 1 point !! Emmanuel
  2. There is also a movie by History Channel available on you tube (in 2 episode) And the second episode (introduction is same kind of scenery, the Sultan on his bike, but it is Episode 2, believe me).
  3. Some of the photos of the coronation ceremony. There is a lot more photo on the first link, that is in the post below. Photo from each steps of the Coronation. Regards. Emmanuel
  4. Here is a link to the official coronation web site. A new Order had been instituted and a series of 3 Medals (bronze, silver & gold ) for merit to the State of Johor, that do not requires the award of an Order. http://kemahkotaan.johor.gov.my/darjah-kebesaran-2/darjah-kebesaran-baharu/?lang=en All who lives or have lived in Malaysia, or are interested in Malaysia ODM knows that Johor awards its Order & Medals much more sparingly than others States of the Federation of Malaysia. Regards. Emmanuel This is the link in english to "current" or historic Johor Orders & Medals : http://kemahkotaan.johor.gov.my/darjah-kebesaran-2/?lang=en And this is the link concerning the new Order and the series of 3 medals Pingat Sultan Ibrahim : PSI, respectively PSI (I), PSI (II), PSI (III) for gold, silver & bronze. Sadly this link is only in malay. http://kemahkotaan.johor.gov.my/darjah-kebesaran-2/darjah-kebesaran-baharu/?lang=en Regards. Emmanuel
  5. I have a photo of a silver version of the medal. Emmanuel
  6. Hello Gentlemen, In the southern State of Johor in Malaysia, Sultan Ibrahim if the ruler since 2010. In 2015, for the first time in 55 years the decided to make coronation ceremony. To mark that event, a Commemorative Medal was awarded, in 3 Classes, bronze, silver & gold. The medals were made by Royal Insignia in Singapore. The medal is 36 millimeters in diameter, and 3 millimeters tick. Weight : 34 grammes with its ribbon & suspension device (for the bronze medal) The ribbon is 31 millimeters width : 7 millimeters blue; 3,5 millimeters white; 10 millimeters red; 3,5 millimeters white; 7 millimeters blue. The case of issue is in sky blue leather, with an outer case for protection, with painted Cypher of Sultan Ibrahim. Best regards to All. Emmanuel A photo of reverse suspension device
  7. Hello Iilja, But what is medal 1, that one is Uzbek !! Regards. Emmanuel
  8. Hello Gentlemen, I believe that one is the Uzbekistan 10 Years of Independence Medal. As the others from Uzbekistan Medals shown (by me before), it is 34 millimeters in diameter. Best regards. Emmanuel
  9. Hello Gentlemen, This medal, still from Uzbekistan is a bit smaller, only 32 mm in diameter, thickness 3 mm. Again the document shows award to the same person. But no idea what us this medal for ? Could it be for Military Cooperation between foreign countries ????? If any one could helps, he's most welcome. Regards. Emmanuel
  10. Hello Gentlemen, I believe this medal is Uzbekistan Armed Forces 10 Years, it is a superb modern quality medal, of 34 mm in diameter, and thickness : 3 mm. The medal is NOT numbered. If any one has a better translation he's most welcome to help. I will post the photo of the 2 others medals later today. Regards. Emmanuel
  11. Hello Gentlemen, I visited Uzbekistan last year, but I found no medals for sale there, and besides the common soviet era medals, it it forbidden to take Uzbekistan Republic Medal out of the country. May However? I had recently the possibility to buy 4 medals from Uzbekistan. I will post them here. All with document to the same person. As this person might be still alive, I prefer not to post photo of the document with the name. As I do not read uzbek, I still wonder what this medal could be. Its diameter is 34 millimeters and thickness 1,5 millimeters. It is NOT numbered. Regards Emmanuel
  12. Korean Forty Year Reign Comm. medal

    Hello Gentlemen, Here is the silver version of the 40 Years Commemorative Medal. The bronze version is indeed rarer. I have been said by people in Seoul, that all these commemorative medals have also existed in gold, only to be awarded to Royalty. But I have never seen one, and even in museum in Seoul, they do not have such medals (I mean in gold). Regards. Emmanuel
  13. This is an article from a Paraguay Newspaper or Magazine related to the Chaco War Medal Also exist on this topic, the very well made book by Miguel Angel Pratt. Emmanuel
  14. Here is the explication (in spanish), about this medal, that now I understand better. The specimen shown in Army Museum in Asunción also shows no ribbon. I spoke with 2 collectors in Asunción, none of them have this medal in their colelction, so I can assume, it's a rare one. Emmanuel
  15. These are links in English to Boqueron Battle : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Boquerón_(1932 https://anydayguide.com/calendar/2528 In this thread, there is a link to a bolivian fim (at least the trailer) about the Chaco War and the Boqueron Battle : http://soundsandcolours.com/reviews/film-reviews/bolivian-film-boqueron-evokes-the-forgotten-horrors-of-the-chaco-war-29020/ Here for a better explication of the roots and the outcomes of the Chaco War, with photofrom troops, and some equipments. http://www.allempires.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=22753&OB=DESC