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  1. And this is how looks like an Officer of Order of Distinction. Quality of Jamaican award is stunning. Made by Skinner of London. Regards. Emmanuel
  2. In a London auction, I bought this Mauritius Police MSM last month. Even if not attributed, it's an extremely rare medal. I have spoken ounce with a collector of Mauritius, who told me, he has 3 (1 attributed, and 2 un named). I bet it shall exist a Mauritius Police Gallantry Medal, but it has yet to come to surface..... Best regards. Emmanuel
  3. Hello Gentlemen, Always better with a photo. This is an Order of Distinction in Commandor Rank. It is NOT the one awarded to that reggae singer, but at least you can see an actual one. All these badge who are issued are named on their reverse. Emmanuel
  4. Hello Tony & others members. I have never had the chance to go to visit Fiji (yet). But I have been able to grab this photo of a Fiji Police Medal Group (sadly it's in black & white). It was sold in Melbourne in the 1990ies. The last medal at right hand side is the Fiji independence Medal. Best regards. Emmanuel
  5. Hello Gentlemen, But this medal is for sale in Rangoon. By the way it is a named one, on the rim : U SAN KYAW 3rd JUNE 1925 I had it in hands in mid November 2017. Diameter is about 60 millimeters and weight about 80 grammes. The family that own it, use a "broker" to sell it. But then the asking price is about 13.500 US $........... Yes I know that sounds high, very high, when retail price of gold would be 4.500 US $, but in Burma, getting post 1962 Ne Win era or later is cheap, but any medals from Burma 1948 to 1962 is hard and they comes expensive. Any Campaign Medals in silver with Queen Victoria or Edwards VII, that are for sale in the Scott Market would be 2 to 3 times more expensive than in auction houses in London. That's a fact. I've been Rangoon 7 times (1st time in February 2006, then 6 times between 2012 & November 2017). For those who dreams, no I never come across any Efficiency Medals with scroll BURMA, neither the KGVI Burma Police Distinguished Conduct..... Best regards. Emmanuel These are the photo I took with my phone in November 2017
  6. Hello Tony & others members. I've just been ounce to Mauritius long time ago, and found any medals there. But even finding actual photo of these awards is challenging. So here is a Mauritius Police LSGC Medal (sold in 2012 by Lockdales auction, Lot number was 559). That medal was awarded to Sgt 962 Mooseley G. There is reference that in the period before 1992 (i.e. 1968-1992) (in 1992 Mauritius became a republic), only 130 Police LSGC Medals were awarded. If ever a members has one such medal for sale, I'am happy to buy it. Best regards. Emmanuel
  7. Nicaraguan Awards

    Hello Gentlemen, to complete this post, here some photo of Anastacio Somoza, that I grabbed left & right on the net. They are the best I have been able to get, which shown his medals. Ribbon of his Distinguished Service Cross seems different of mine, but I'am pretty sure mine is correct too (maybe ribbon colors have changed from decade to another ??). I've never been to Nicaragua myself, but I bet all traces of this era have been vanished, and that no sample of pre 1977 Orders & Medals remains in Museum in Nicaragua, if ever there were there. Could be possible that one day I would fly up to Managua (from a nearby distance in central America), just to check if there is an Army Museum worth to visit). There is a web site, where all the current (post sandinist) medals of the Nicaraguan Army are on display, ....and even if this web site is down, I had downloaded the photo of the medals, so one day I may post them on GMIC, but in medal show or auction I never saw any of these new medals for sale, with sole exception of the Army 5 Years Long Service Medal (yes they got an Army 5 Years Service Medal currently). Regards. Emmanuel
  8. Nicaraguan Awards

    Here an exemple of the Medal of Merit. This medal is clearly a medal struck in the 1920ies (more recent strike lacks details). This medal is NOT in my collection, I just host the photo. I hope this helps. Regards. Emmanuel
  9. Nicaraguan Awards

    Here is the Nicaragua Distinguished Service Cross. Mine is marked 14 kt Gold. Likely it is an early one, but it is possible that later version were in metal gilt. Long time ago I had downloaded from eBay a photo the miniature of the Distinguished Service Cross Any ways a very are to get award. Best regards. Emmanuel
  10. Nicaraguan Awards

    Hello Gentlemen, I know some sort of answer comes more than 13 years after the last post on this topic, but nicaraguayan phaleristic is also fascinating, because very few is known about, despite a book was published in 2007? or 2008. In all my life I have been able to but 2 Cross of Valour, with each a different ribbon. The one at left is older (clearly). And ribbon from the one at left correspond to the one illustrated in the book. Medals are in blackened metal. I hope this helps. Regards. Emmanuel

    And here is link, in french, on the ceremony held on 28 December 2017, on awards of the Medals by the Police of Burkina Faso. 186 Medals were awarded, but only 123 of them were Medal of Honor of the Police. The 63 others were United Nations Medals. https://academiedepolice.bf/index.php/2-uncategorised/264-ceremonie-de-decoration-la-police-nationale-recompense-le-travail-de-ses-agents The link exist only in french, but at least it's better than nothing. Best regards. Emmanuel
  12. Republic of Guinea-Bissau

    Hello Gentlemen, Here is the better photo of the Ordem Nacional de Colinas de Boe, awarded to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Sometimes a photo, even not as its best is better than nothing. Emmanuel

    Hello Gentlemen, patience pays. Even if I have still NOT get for myself a Medal of Honor of the Police of Burkina Faso, here is at lest the best photo I have been able to get. On 10 February 2012, Pierre Michel Pons was awarded this medal. It is interesting to mention that he was in 2010 also awarded Knight of the National Order of Burkina Faso. http://pierre-michel-pons.com/?Médaille_d’honneur_de_la_Police_Nationale I hope you can enjoy. Best regards to all. Emmanuel

    Same remark as on the post on Golden Heart Order. Despite photographic research, there is no evidence that this type of award was ever awarded. I really hope that someone will bring a clue to lights this mystery, maybe someone who worked for Drechsler in Munich at that time. Emmanuel

    Hello Ilja, these insignia were produced in Germany in the late 1970ies (by a company from Munich), likely immediately after First president Kenyatta passed away in 1978. Even if these insignia were in the UBS Order sale of November 2008 (Collection Andreas Tammam), there is yet a photo to be found, or any evidence that these insignia have ever been really awarded. You know I constantly search for that kind of evidence, but yet, I got none. Kenya Armed Forces displayed well on their respective web site, photo of the successive Chief of Staff in full uniform. Never an award from this series was seen on these photo. My opinion is that these insignia were even never delivered to Kenya. But it's only my perennial opinion. Best regards. Emmanuel