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  1. Hello Gentlemen, After the fall of Saddam Hussein in March 2003, lots have speculated about the return of the Monarchy in Iraq, we now know, that it was not the future chosen for Iraq. Whatever, it is not the place to discuss about politic, but about Order and Medals. In 2005, I saw in ELM in Singapore an entierly new made set of the Order of Faiçal, and also a breast star of the Order of Rafidian (Order of the 2 Rivers), the later with entirely black center (because they did not knew which symbol to put in the center, yet). But we now know that the other jeweler of Singapore : "Royal Insignia" did manufactured at least 1 set, but likely 5 to 10 set of the Order of the Hashemite Crown. The inscription in red : "Order of the Hashemite Crown" This purely a private Order, awarded in a very small number by the Royal Faimy of Iraq, but qality is stunning. It's silver gilt and enamel, NOT gold !!!! Breast star is 90 millimeters in diameter and 224 grammes heavy. Sash badge is 101 x 82 millimeters and 133 grammes heavy. I hope you can enjoy this piece, as it is. Best regards to all Emmanuel With the sash that was in the case. Best photo I can do Emmanuel
  2. And because I like to see myself as a constructive person, I post a photo of an officer from Trinidad & Tobago Police, you can see he's wearing 3 medals, the first from left being the Commemorative Medal for the 5th Summit of the America's in 2009, the 2nd in the middle being likely an MSM on a different ribbon... or something else, the 3rd one at right being the TT Police LSGC Medal. Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  3. Waw.........so easy, so why isn't the market flooded by them......? Maybe you're not aware, but I know Graeme (gongz) personally, we met several times, I even visited him ounce, and believe me he lives very far (far from Europe, and far from the America's) I know he travel extensively, and do great effort to get medals for his own collection. I know he toured the Caribbean in the early 1990ies. Remind us what year we're in now ?? In 1995 Graeme organised an exhibition on Commonwealth Medals in his home country (at the occasion of a Commonwealth Summit), it was a succes. So Dave Wikinson, explain us, why collectors that are always in motion, never ever saw one similar medal (from Trinidad), in Shows in the UK, or at OMSA, or in auctions in the UK, or elswhere on the continent ??.....if it is so easy..... To criticize is ever easy, to be constructive demand some effort I can only agree that the current medals are not of exceptional quality but the verison before 1976 is of good quality (for the records, Prisons Service Medals & Fire Fighters Medals from Trinidad & Tobago post 1976 are of better quality than the Police one's)....., but again on that specific point I agree with you Dave, I got T&T Medals post 1976 that certainly have been struck in year 2010 or a bit later, it make sense to assume that such similar medals struck in the 1980ies were of better quality, but if so easy to get, where are they .........??? Instead of criticize, you should thanks that there are some fellow up there in the forum to post photo of those (because as long as I understand, nobody did before.......). It is not over-reacting, but just "framing the pictures" And we have to thanks and greets the members of this forum who are from Trinidad, to take parts and post their own photo (I know on other thread related to TT, some did). Best regards to all. Emmanuel
  4. Hello Gentlemen, Now here is the serie of 3 medals of Trinidad & Tobago Police from 1976 onwards. The Gallantry Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal & the Long Service & Good Conduct Medal. I have been said that so few, Gallantry Medal have been awarded, that a specific ribbon was not designed for.... The current medals are 35 millimeters in diameter, 1,5 millimeter thick, weight : 19 grammes, and ribbon width : 34,5 millimeters. And whatever you may think, it is extremely difficult to get them. Best regards. Emmanuel
  5. heusy68

    ARAB MEDALS -- Bahrain

    Hello Gentlemen, Owain is much more a specialist in Gulf & Arab Order than I'am myself, but I will try to help the best I could by supporting this post with photo's. On first row at left, the red ribbon is I assume Order of Renaissance from Bahrain, (I just got this small photo) On first row, the sand ribbon from right side Officer is Order of Sheik Issa (it seems the highest class) (I join photo of 2nd, 3rd & 5th Class to show what it looks like). On first row at right this is the ribbon of Wissam al Bahrain (but it exist 2 type of this 5 classes award) (I join photo of 1st Class & 4th Class of the 1st Type, with Sheik looking towards left, and breast star of 1st Class and 4th Class 2nd type, with King looking towards right). On 2nd row, at left it is Order of Achievment (Wissam al Ajamat), it's a 2 Classes Award.(I join photo of both classes) On 2nd row, in center, as Owain said it's Order of Magnanimity Sorry Gentlemen, my knowledge in Bahrain award do not go further, but feel free to help, and as best as you could, support this post with photographic evidence). Regards. Emmanuel
  6. Hello Asandy & others Gentlemen, To help this topic, I post the obverse & reverse photo of Asanty Awards (similar medal, from my collection, with the sole exception of the Humanitarian Service Medal) : 1 Humanitarian Service Medal 2 Fifth Smmit of the America's 2009 3 Trinidad & Tobago 50 th Anniversary of Indepence Medal 4 Efficiency Medal I hope this help. Regards. Emmanuel
  7. Hello Frank & others Gentlemen here, To add to this topic, I will post the photo of the medals of Trinidad & Tobago Police Force, Here the TT Police LSGC in use from 1962 to 1976, TT became a Republic in 1976, so a new series of Awards replaced then the older serie (mainly the lion in center of the star was replaced by a hummingbird). The 1st type is well made, in silver Diameter : 36 millimeters, thick : 2 millimeters, weight : 37 grammes. Ribbon width : 34,5 millimeters. It is extremely difficult to get TT Medals. Best regards. Emmanuel
  8. And this is how looks like an Officer of Order of Distinction. Quality of Jamaican award is stunning. Made by Skinner of London. Regards. Emmanuel
  9. In a London auction, I bought this Mauritius Police MSM last month. Even if not attributed, it's an extremely rare medal. I have spoken ounce with a collector of Mauritius, who told me, he has 3 (1 attributed, and 2 un named). I bet it shall exist a Mauritius Police Gallantry Medal, but it has yet to come to surface..... Best regards. Emmanuel
  10. Hello Gentlemen, Always better with a photo. This is an Order of Distinction in Commandor Rank. It is NOT the one awarded to that reggae singer, but at least you can see an actual one. All these badge who are issued are named on their reverse. Emmanuel
  11. Hello Tony & others members. I have never had the chance to go to visit Fiji (yet). But I have been able to grab this photo of a Fiji Police Medal Group (sadly it's in black & white). It was sold in Melbourne in the 1990ies. The last medal at right hand side is the Fiji independence Medal. Best regards. Emmanuel
  12. Hello Gentlemen, But this medal is for sale in Rangoon. By the way it is a named one, on the rim : U SAN KYAW 3rd JUNE 1925 I had it in hands in mid November 2017. Diameter is about 60 millimeters and weight about 80 grammes. The family that own it, use a "broker" to sell it. But then the asking price is about 13.500 US $........... Yes I know that sounds high, very high, when retail price of gold would be 4.500 US $, but in Burma, getting post 1962 Ne Win era or later is cheap, but any medals from Burma 1948 to 1962 is hard and they comes expensive. Any Campaign Medals in silver with Queen Victoria or Edwards VII, that are for sale in the Scott Market would be 2 to 3 times more expensive than in auction houses in London. That's a fact. I've been Rangoon 7 times (1st time in February 2006, then 6 times between 2012 & November 2017). For those who dreams, no I never come across any Efficiency Medals with scroll BURMA, neither the KGVI Burma Police Distinguished Conduct..... Best regards. Emmanuel These are the photo I took with my phone in November 2017
  13. Hello Tony & others members. I've just been ounce to Mauritius long time ago, and found any medals there. But even finding actual photo of these awards is challenging. So here is a Mauritius Police LSGC Medal (sold in 2012 by Lockdales auction, Lot number was 559). That medal was awarded to Sgt 962 Mooseley G. There is reference that in the period before 1992 (i.e. 1968-1992) (in 1992 Mauritius became a republic), only 130 Police LSGC Medals were awarded. If ever a members has one such medal for sale, I'am happy to buy it. Best regards. Emmanuel
  14. heusy68

    Nicaraguan Awards

    Hello Gentlemen, to complete this post, here some photo of Anastacio Somoza, that I grabbed left & right on the net. They are the best I have been able to get, which shown his medals. Ribbon of his Distinguished Service Cross seems different of mine, but I'am pretty sure mine is correct too (maybe ribbon colors have changed from decade to another ??). I've never been to Nicaragua myself, but I bet all traces of this era have been vanished, and that no sample of pre 1977 Orders & Medals remains in Museum in Nicaragua, if ever there were there. Could be possible that one day I would fly up to Managua (from a nearby distance in central America), just to check if there is an Army Museum worth to visit). There is a web site, where all the current (post sandinist) medals of the Nicaraguan Army are on display, ....and even if this web site is down, I had downloaded the photo of the medals, so one day I may post them on GMIC, but in medal show or auction I never saw any of these new medals for sale, with sole exception of the Army 5 Years Long Service Medal (yes they got an Army 5 Years Service Medal currently). Regards. Emmanuel
  15. heusy68

    Nicaraguan Awards

    Here an exemple of the Medal of Merit. This medal is clearly a medal struck in the 1920ies (more recent strike lacks details). This medal is NOT in my collection, I just host the photo. I hope this helps. Regards. Emmanuel