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  1. Hi Friends, as Rick would say, one of my 47 parallel projects is an upgrade of the existing Roll for the House Order of Hohenzollern with swords. For that I need Your help to improve the list. From the old list done by Willi Geile I could already erase a lot of mistakes and add around 150 more recipients. But that is not enough. We want to be close to perfect. Please assist me and show me Your documents, bars, portraits from Your collections. Thanks a lot Daniel
  2. Hello Friends, news on the "rolls front" available now: Volume XXIII of our series, done by the late Rick and me: "Verleihungen von militärischen Ehrenzeichen des Grossherzogtums Mecklenburg- Strelitz im Ersten Weltkrieg" (award roll of military decorations from Mecklenburg- Strelitz in WW1) Contains the awards of the different crosses for merit in the war (Kreuz für Auszeichung im Kriege), the Adolf - Friedrich Cross and the Kriegervereinsmedaille about 180 pages, softcover Due to the very small number printed, the price is not really cheap... 44,60 Euros If somebody is interested, please contact me via pm. lots of greetings Daniel
  3. There was a guy named Richard Ballas in the German Army, born 1886. in 1914 1st Lt in Foot Artillery Regiment 6, ended WW1 as Major, recalled for WW2 as half-Colonel. Thanks to Dave D. - I can confirm all the awards on the bar - except the Austrian and Hungarian WW1-commemorative medals. Greetings Daniel
  4. Hi Claudio, my best guess would be Joachim von Zitzewitz, 1869-1929, Major in 1914, mostly General Staffer, finished as full Colonel. I have him with exactly this combo in my database. Lots of greetings Daniel
  5. Odd enough, Alan G. owns a small "new style" ribbon bar from the same guy without the peacetime foreign stuff.
  6. Niiice one! Definetly a long serving NCO. No. 4 looks like a Swedish Sword Order - maybe the silver cross? Greetings Daniel
  7. odd!!! He is a Saxon, wearing his ribbon bar upside down...St.Henry, Albert, EK, Hamburg Hanseatic, The last ribbon is not so easy to ID. Lots of greetings Daniel
  8. I would guess it is the Austrian Anschluss medal 1938. Greetings Daniel
  9. Daniel Krause

    Bundeswehr Officers Hat

    BTW, it is a Staff Officers Cap worn from Major to Colonel. Lt´s and Captains had a smaller silver embroidery and Generals wear "golden stuff". Lots of greetings Daniel
  10. Hi Chris, gold find! Can you say me the other mentioned Hohenzollern? Greetings Daniel
  11. Thank you all for the new info and pics! Lots of greetings Daniel
  12. I would guess Bavarian Military Merit Order with swords, most likely 4th class, Meiningen Cross for Merit in the War Hamburg Hanseatic Frontfighter Austrian Military Merit Cross ?? ?? Turkish Half Moon Greetings Daniel
  13. Willy II did NOT wear any 1870 medal. He was too young to serve as an active soldier in this war. The Prussian princes got a theoretical commission as 10 year old boys but started to serve as "real" Officer atr the age of 18. The number 4 medal in Pierce´ pics is very interesting and I am already looking forward to hot discussions. Sascha W. pointed me already to that medal a year ago. In my opinion it is a quite odd award. From different pics we can say that this is the 1863 napoleonic wars commemorative medal, but worn on the Hohenzollern ribbon. As far as we can say now, there were at least 4-5 Prussian princes wearing this medal, Willy 2 and Fritz 3 among them. The medal bar of Prince Albrecht is in the DHM in Berlin - showing this comm. medal on the HOH ribbon! I think, Willy 1 issued this medal to all veterans of the 1813-15 wars and most likely awarded this medal on the Hohenzollern Ribbon to the Princes of the royal house who maybe took part in the celebrations. Lots of greetings Daniel
  14. No question, a very nice little Godet. Lots of greetings Daniel
  15. Hi Chris, thanks a lot!!!! A new one for my list. That late awards never made it in the newspapers :-) Lots of greetings Daniel
  16. Hi, no Falkenhagen, 3 Hahns. Erich, Eugen and Johannes Lots of greetings Daniel
  17. I am absolutely sure that this is the 2nd row of 2 bars... The blue-crown as 922F already said is most likely the Jugo Crown Order. Lots of greetings Daniel
  18. He did not become Field Marshal. Even on his grave is a sculpture of him wearing Colonel General epaulettes. Greetings Daniel
  19. Hi Ralf, nice one!!!! ID - we will see :-) Greetings Daniel
  20. Very nice one!!! I agree with Glenn. I´ve never seen a kind of a complete "Porträt-Galerie" from Fricke. It seems they all have been single issues, mostly mid 1890ies. My impression is as well that mostly they might have been used in the official barracks romms or guard houses to recognize the higher commanders. Single portraits like yours are nearly always Regimental commanders, usually you will find pics with 4 or five guys, the chain of command upwards; Reg.Cdr, Brig.Cdr, Div.Cdr, CorpsCdr and sometimes the Kaiser. Lots of greetings Daniel
  21. Teichmann. Nice pic, by the way. Lots of greetings Daniel
  22. When I am ready :-) Seriously - no idea. There are still too many missing ... Lots of greetings Daniel