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  1. hc8604

    Unknown Chinese medal

    I don't know about if these are real or not.. I have seen some of these for sale, but the sellers also list those fantasy fakes with it...
  2. hc8604

    Order of the White Tiger

    This would be an obvious statement, but there is probably a black and white background one. So far the ribbons correspond to the colored background of the white tiger. larsb001, I would recommend making another topic for others to see and discuss the medal bar Looks more like a lion on the medal bar btw
  3. hc8604

    Order of the White Tiger

    Here is another class. It is a blue version.
  4. hc8604

    Japanese visor hat

    Enlisted visors are harder to find. Enlisted do not have silk lining and has a tag to write name with a different lining. Visors are different by the material used too.
  5. Saw this a few weeks ago and noticed the size was 7.5 cm. Did they come this small?
  6. hc8604

    Qing Double Dragon breast order size

    Thanks KimKan
  7. Hi Wendell, thanks for the information! I assume the medal was lost long ago? Anybody know if Special Breast Order is what class? I am guessing 8th or 9th?
  8. I have always wanted to make a database for the Order of the Cloud and Banner as it seems relatively many survived as being awarded to foreigners. It will include class, serial number, manufacturer, date awarded (if available), name (if available), source found. Let me know if anything else should be added or removed. Medal manufacturer names will be included later since I don't have the Chinese name for them yet. There is some other auctions to go through later. If you want to submit a serial number and/or picture post it below and I will add it to the list. Please include the source. 1st Class 2nd Class 495 - NM,ebay:Aug 2010 3rd Class 73 - GMIC:Irish 4th Class 5th Class 361 - NM,ebay:Apr 2011 6th Class 184 - WAF:Allan H. 473 - LaGallerie:Jan2008 513 - usmilitariaforum:Dave,LtCol. Tom Gibbons! 888 - militaryaviationartifacts 1271 - NM,Affliated Auctions(liveauctioneers):Dec2010,1947Nov15,MSgt Ralph O. Loving 2156 - GMIC:hugh 2213 - usmilitariaforum:Jack's Son,LtCol. Elgin B. Rittenberry! 2910 - flyingtigerantiques 3691 - NM,MBA Auction(liveauctioneers):Apr2012,1946Dec23,Name? 3696 - flyingtigerantiques 7th Class 15 - coinarchives.com 274 - NM,ebay:Jun2011 910 - WAF:helmetbuyers 1043 - usmilitariaforum:coberry731,Capt. Elmer Berry 1408 - usmilitariaforum:Jack's Son 2245 - NM,ebay:Mar2011 8th Class 127 - flyingtigerantiques 449 - usmilitariaforum:manayunkman, PFC Raymond A. Comfort 563 - LaGallerie:Nov2012,1946Aug??, TSgt Carl H. Weber 9th Class 551 - WAF:Paul V 876 - usmilitariaforum NM= Manufacturer mark is not available ! with names means rank was awarded after the award.
  9. hc8604

    Group of 4 PLA medals

    Good observations.. I know there are really bad fakes, but either could be real or genuine, not to sure..
  10. hc8604

    Japanese Tunic

    Also, get a medal bar. From what I can tell, I don't see a strings to attach medals though.
  11. hc8604

    Chinese General's ribbon bar?

    Thanks for the information. Good to know. Seems confusing a bit, but I understand what they are for now.
  12. hc8604

    Chinese General's ribbon bar?

    I never understood how they arranged their ribbon bars or the medals that they represent. I think there is somewhat of a pattern, but not really? It seems that every one I see, it looks all the same medals being awarded (multiple times).
  13. hc8604

    Chinese enamel medal - identification help?

    This is an interesting one. I know the details aren't that great. Although they are starting to mimic the specks in the enamel in which I seen real ones have at times. It also has the similar silver color like the large fake/fantasy breast badges they are making.
  14. hc8604


    I think thats Iranian or something.
  15. hc8604


    I have always wanted to create a database of these things as there are dozens of designs out there. Not sure if worth much effort
  16. hc8604


    Their translation of it is way off from what I can read. Its anti/fight Japanese badge. I know the first couple words on the 2nd line says 3rd war zone/area. Not sure where they got a "5" from. Soldier has his rifle pointed at the "rising sun." Like the others said, fakes or fantasies of badges to sell to tourists.
  17. hc8604

    Type 56 (AK-47) Rifle

    I believe the tip is to help reduce the recoil. When the rifle is fired, the recoil forces it to go up. As the gas leaves the barrel, the bottom tip part diverts the gas to leave from the top forcing the rifle to go down. Both forces try to balance out and thus reducing recoil and improves aim while firing. Its a beautiful AK by the way!
  18. hc8604

    My Grandpa's "Precious Tripod" medal

    I believe its 6th class Order of the Cloud and Banner.
  19. hc8604

    Chinese award identification

    To me it looks like 紀念章, which just means Commemorative medal. Usually these warlords are always commemorating something
  20. hc8604

    Some Medal Bars

    I am not sure on medal bars in this post.. ..but I was surprised to see this 1st lt. with a "7th" class Sacred Treasure. His hat looks lighter, probably a Imperial guard or something, forgot the name.
  21. hc8604

    chinese medals?

    The top gold one is from the 1950s. The one with the Red ribbon and white ribbon are coins. Damaged coins, so not worth much. One is one yuan silver coin, the other is 10 cash copper coin painted silver. You also have a Victory medal from the 1970s and a Taiwan period Air force Exemplary Medal. A hat badge from 1940s it seems.
  22. Oh wow... I assume silver or silver-like metal plated. Getting closer, but the enamel and other mistakes are horrible.
  23. Yeah probably polished, the high points are worn down.
  24. I haven't seen any Chinese fakes replicate the exact same font. They use modern font to stamp the medals. Both have the manufacturer marks circled in red. You did point out that the Brilliant Star and Cloud and Banner use the same base layer, didn't realize that, so it could be either one.
  25. Somebody must be bored.. thats an Order of the Cloud and Banner.. or was..