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  1. Replica of Saddam Hussein's Medal Bar

    For my next project I'm labeling every medal in all of my displays. Some displays are done already. After That I hope to be able to Mount all five classes of the PRL era of Poland's Order of Virtuti Militari. Doc
  2. Replica of Saddam Hussein's Medal Bar

    Hey Ramon, Here's the Close-up. Best, Doc Riley
  3. It's a long shot...

    Thanks for the information. I'll have to change the title on this display of his picture and the medals. Doc
  4. It's a long shot...

    Thanks for the Info!!! Doc
  5. Does anybody recognize this Bulgarian? There is no name on the back of the photo. Also, What is this badge. Doc Chev. Michael Riley, GCBE, GCOBE, KCRCC & Etc.
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After much soul searching I finally decided on a way to mount the medals as seen in the portrait of Saddam Hussein. I made sure that NO damage was done to the medals. I just put the display together. Above the Medal Bar is the Portrait of Saddam wearing the medal bar. Next to it is a bag containing pieces of the bunker under his main Palace in Baghdad. This was a long project as I could only afford one or two at a time. The Wisam al-Jadara, 1st Class (the first medal) took me two months to get. I hope that you enjoy the display as much as I did making it. Doc Chev. Michael Riley, GCBE, GCOBE, KCRCC & Etc.
  7. "Doc" Riley's Showcase

    My personal collection of medals from around the world
  8. Here's the remaining pics... Doc
  9. Here's a Captain of the Medical Service Daily Uniform. I have learned that while it may look ordinary at first glance, there are some interesting details. First, the cloth used in the set is much better than usually, second, the insignia is from the 1950s or 1960s rather than the 1980s - and finally, and most exciting IMHO - the graduation badge is a multi-piece Leningradskij Monetnij Dvor hallmarked medical school badge with hot red enamel. The captain may have been an Afghanistan war serving officer, the ribbon bar holds both Order of Red Star and Order for Service to Motherland. Doc There are a couple more pics...
  10. Here's a Medical Services flag, 1919-1920, Ukrainian Forces of the Russian Civil War. VERY RARE!!! Doc
  11. I've neglected to post items in my collection. Here's a huge DDR Navy Medical Flag. Doc
  12. Please excuse my ignorance but what are the medals? I have a lot to learn. Doc
  13. Please show the medals!!! I'm very new to Baden medals and could use some tutoring. Thanks, Doc
  14. Graet pictures!!! I love any Medical related photos. Maybe a thread could be started for world-wide medical photos? Doc Chev. Michael Riley, GCOBE, KCRCC