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  1. " Georg may think that the numbers are unit numbers not numbers given to individual soldiers..... " I understood that this is blocks of the personal numbers whithin each Militia Districts and assigned certain unit/regiment. I am wrong ?
  2. "The letter "C" refers to the M3, but there is no regiment 2205..." The same problem with SL 11898 ...
  3. Thank You very much ! All the best in this New Year! Regards.
  4. Good evening, Gentlemen. Sorry, maybe I'm confused in the definitions, but did not fully understand transcript SC 2205 J.B.R. CARON : "I have been told that S is for an NCO" (#1) – what means an NCO ? SC - the letter "S" was set as whole after WW2 or this is an addition for his code during WW2 ? The letter "C" refers to the M3, but there is no regiment 2205 ( "Militia District 3 - Prefix C - Eastern Ontario and South-Western Quebec. Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment 4001 - 9000 ...", but 2205 ?). Many thanks.
  5. It's quite possible, thanks. But may be more opinions ?
  6. Good afternoon, Gentlemen. Maybe someone knows something about this cross ( x60mm, 46g, gilded Br or Cu, revers the same). A few months ago I saw the same in the internet, but I can not find it anymore. Thanks.
  7. United States

    Good day, Gentlemen. For a long time I can't find PH type 1 navy/marine (sterling). So, how difficult is to get it, how rare is it (manufactured ~135 000) and what it's real price (may be it's for sale somewhere now?) ? Thanks.
  8. So, it means that it was given out far less orders than manufactured, and unfortunately without a document it is impossible to know the order was given out or not. But this confirms my guesses too…
  9. As I undertand it is uknown how many total rewardings it were? On sales there are unreal much lots for sale, so it is very strange...
  10. Good day, Gentlemen. From different sources: there were total 769 awards of 5 cl. But the last numbered(ZIN) one wnich I saw was 7xx, also there is a lot of unnumbered orders (IKOM). How is it possible, how many awards really were ? Maybe "769" is only made by ZIN, but then again, how many total (5 cl.) awards it were? So, there is authentic info? Any ideas ? or I do not understand something ? Thanks.
  11. "That doesn't look like a trace of golden color or anything left over after gilding, silver plate layer is on top." It means that the badge consists of two parts/metals?: the central part of white metal, while the rest of yellow. But it isn't logical(for this order) and there are no traces of fastening of these parts. After all it is necessary to see an order carefully alive. Or I did not understand something ?
  12. Good Day ! That's only my opinion too. At first it is necessary to make the analysis of metal at the most damaged places – white metal or maybe silver? 1. Pay attention: that attritions at marked places are not on convex places of a relief, i.e. it is not an attrition, but a covering. Even though it is necessary to carefully watch live. 2. The gilding has a strange tint (if not photo's defect), not like factory made. So, may be: gilding is not accurately restored and orden's basis – white metal (if not silver).
  13. Correct explanation. Unfortunately miracles did not happen ... Thanks !
  14. Good day, Gentlemen. Your opinion on such ("made of siver") description: ? Thanks.