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  1. Good evening. Unfortunately I haven't recorded information sources (it was a few years ago), but there was also information that only the first part about 20 000 pieces was stamps with application/addition specifically of iron from the tank, but because of difficulties of stamping of such alloy subsequently only copper, nickel, etc. from this tank were added to alloy. It is also visible on structure and quality of medals. This question can probably be clarified by colleagues from South Africa, if they are here …
  2. Good evening, Gentlemen. Can anyone explain. Information from some sources (eg Wikipedia): metal from a Soviet tank captured in Angola used to manufacture a limited number of the Southern Africa Medal. So, is metal from the tank really added only to the limited part of medals, in what numbers range ? Or all the medals contained metal of the tank ? And in fact it was really so (about limitation) ? Thanks.
  3. Yes, it's clear with the Indian, but I can not find an image of reverse for the Australians. What is offered is very doubtful for me. Thanks.
  4. Good evening. Can someone show the reverse of named Burma Star to Australians. The font / method of application has always been standard(what kind of ?) or may be different. Thanks.
  5. Is the date of the version change known (documents)? According to some sources the silver gilded version in limited quantity was produced for high ranks of army and officials as far as it can be true (the awards shown above are made of gilded and silvered copper) ? Regards.
  6. Good Day. It is known that the Order for Bravery was in one class, but how to explain different versions? Both IKOM. When the changes were made, the reason ? Thanks.
  7. Well, I didn't received it yet. But I will check it on receipt.
  8. One more thing. It is indicated that the medal was made of iron with black finish, but this one looks bronze. Maybe I did not understand something or it's fake ?
  9. Good day, Gentelmen. Maybe someone knows what is this medal / jeton? And make a correct translation of the inscription. Sorry for the quality of the photo, only those. Thanks.
  10. Georg14

    Cross identification.

    Good Day. Thanks to all. Yes, GRA, You are right, many thanks.
  11. Good Day. IKOM, silver.
  12. Good day, Gentlemen. Who know samething about this cross ? Of course, something related to radiotelegraphy, with a snake and a green background..., maybe someone already met it? ? Thanks. P.S. 35x35 mm, gilt silver or white metal.
  13. Thanks for Your answer. But here is the granular surface under enamel - characteristic for the GDR/Prawema and the nut is also GDR type. On the IKOM's, the surface under the enamel is smooth and the nut is completely different. P.S. There are a few more 1 cl., one of which is similar to IKOM.
  14. Good Day, Gentlemen. What is Your opinion about the authentic of this subject ? It is positioned as 1 class. Of course this is the GDR, but I ask because a lot of gold-plated lower classes appeared on sale. Thanks.