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  1. A teacher friend of my wife's brought a Panetone bread pudding with her (I think he son made it. It was delicious!) Incidentally, one of my lines is "My ancestors came over on the Pedantic." Michael
  2. I beg to differ, Peter. The 61st Pioneers became the 1st Madras Pioneers in 1922. The Madras Pioneers were disbanded in 1933. If they had gone into the Sappers and Miners, surely it would have been into the 2nd QVO S & M?
  3. Sadly Archives now wants $25 for a service record, so I didn't send off for any more. That's almost as much as I could sell the medal for. I'll probably put most of my USN GCMs up for sale, as I can't afford to have too diverse a collection anymore.
  4. I have a Videsh Seva and I,C,S,C, to a Barber in the Dogra Regt. Michael
  5. I remember another Stratford performance (but forget which star actor, but possibly Olivier) where spying a front row patron following along in his book, he took his sword, flipped the book shut and snarled "Pay attention!"
  6. Definitely an Australian: http://www.ww2roll.gov.au/Veteran.aspx?ServiceId=A&VeteranId=421635 https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/DetailsReports/SeriesDetail.aspx?series_no=B883&singleRecord=T
  7. I believe that allied personnel who were being treated in American military hospitals were on occasion given these medals through inadvertence and ignorance of protocol, but they really were mistaken issues. Michael
  8. In 1965, a Lt.Col. U.S. Army, stationed Governor's Island NY born August 14, 1919, died September 28, 2006, last residence died Colchester England Michael
  9. Would you hire a teacher who came from an "Abnormal School"? Michael
  10. I wonder if there was an error in his second name. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/42713/supplement/5107 Wilfred Albert Ward LG 26 June 1962. GPO Mechanic-in-charge, Bournemouth. On the other hand there are one, possibly two Wilfred Arthur Ward or Wilfred A Ward in that time period Oh, apparently the London Gazette online does not have all the issues! Michael
  11. "In my defence and as I pointed out to my father there were no witness to the alleged explosion; none that were over the age of majority that was. So really it was simple hear say that I was anywhere near this unfortunate set of coincidences, and therefore inadmissible as evidence. It surely couldn’t be that small bit of misadventure and besides I was the injured party in that I served a period of grounding for an offence that the prosecution (aka parents) failed to prove, due to lack of evidence, and then denied me an appeal process." As the son of a Q.C., in the years before I attended Law School, I soon learned that although he practised corporate law, my father was no slouch at cross-examination. My elder son (who just wrote his Bar Exams) still thinks he can argue law with me. This Court is not bound by the laws of evidence, or indeed any laws. It is pure "palm tree justice". Michael
  12. My father's brother-in-law received the 1953 Coronation with the RCAF. My mother's brother was awarded the Canadian Centennial Medal, which is with my cousin. My aunt was awarded the 125th Anniversary of Confederation, but we couldn't find it after she died in 2001. I have the first group, and have miniatures for my other uncle and aunt. Michael
  13. David, Do you know if the medals are still in the family? They were issued un-named, although I have seen a few that were privately engraved, and one 1937 to a member of the Life Guards that was impressed. It would be a simple matter to recreate the group. Michael
  14. Here's the answer! "Australian Awards of the Coronation and Jubilee medals by David Helfgott confirms all awards you mention. All with his connection to the Lutheran church. 1935 Jubilee is in the South Australian list."
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