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  1. try the soviet-screwback database for the Medal for Bravery (I think he is in there): http://www.soviet-screwbacks.com/cgi-bin/ordlookup.pl?lang=0&ref=ok
  2. HenkWillem

    Netherlands cap badge

    It is the badge that belongs to the "Regiment Huzaren Prins Alexander" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regiment_Huzaren_Prins_Alexander Or are the sides not red but orange? If they are orange, it is a badge from the "Regiment Huzaren Prins van Oranje" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regiment_Huzaren_Prins_van_Oranje
  3. You are an excellent photographer with a wonderfull collection! How did you made the black "pillows" for your medals: http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_08_2008/post-3254-1220038739.jpg , if I may ask?
  4. Maybe you know it. Is there a good (english) reference work for Iraqi orders, decorations and medals? Nice additions to your collection!
  5. You have really an outstanding collection! For how many years do you collect Iraqi militaria?
  6. HenkWillem

    A Good Beginning...

    Are there more versions? And is there a list with all the versions? Many thanks in advance.
  7. Absolutely wonderfull pieces.
  8. The last thing is a comemmorative medal, for the 50 years reign of Wilhelmina. About the first rosette, I really have no idea what it could be. The red,white,blue ribbon can be from the "Ereteken voor orde en vrede" and the orange from the long service medal for NCO's and enlisted men. The second one, is the purple really purple or maybe faded red (Legion d' Honneur??).
  9. HenkWillem

    Yemen medals

    Thank you for posting these interesting awards!
  10. I've digitized my copy of the "Décret Impérial portant création de l'ordre impérial de la Réunion". It was awarded during the French occupation of the Netherlands. Maybe it is of interest for some of you.
  11. HenkWillem

    My Royal Lao Collection

    Wonderfull pieces! I'm also interested in close ups (with the names of the medals)
  12. wonderfull pieces! Thank you for sharing.
  13. I think you mean 40th anniversary? Because Kevin wrote:
  14. Most collectors that has just started with collecting, buy thier stuff on www.marktplaats.nl but this is a Dutch site. www.emedals.ca www.liverpoolmedals.co.uk www.medal-medaille.com also have Duch awards.
  15. That is about 110 euro's. A quite normal price here in the Netherlands.
  16. Is there any name of the company on the inside of the box?
  17. Wonderfull collection! But what is that dark square piece with the four stars on it? And happy new year to you all.
  18. HenkWillem

    More Russian Federation stuff!

    Wonderfull. I love that EMERCOM Cross for Valor and the Medal for Strengthening the Brotherhood of Chemical Disarmament.
  19. Very Interesting article! Doc, Thank you very much for it!
  20. HenkWillem

    Japanese Awards - Order of the Rising Sun

    Thank you, I will take a look at that site.
  21. HenkWillem

    Japanese Awards - Order of the Rising Sun

    I've a 8th class version that is awarded to a Dutch Sergeant. I've been trying to find the citations for the award, but our National Archive didn't have it. Is there a way of researching it in Japan?
  22. HenkWillem

    Baghdad, Iraq Police patch

    Bob, also thanks for the translations of the arabic words!
  23. HenkWillem

    Baghdad, Iraq Police patch

    Thank you for posting these interesting badges!
  24. HenkWillem

    Cross for Valor

    A wonderfull cross! Thanks for showing.