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  1. Hi all,

    Does somebody know what the enclosed miniature is? The only clue I got from somebody is that it can be from an African kingdom like Swaziland, Lesotho, Zululand, Burundi or Rwanda. For the rest I am clueless.

    Thank you all in advance.

    PS. if it is not from Africa, then I would like to ask the admin to replace this topic. The general identification topic is closed, so I had to put it somewhere.


    01. vk.jpg

    01. ak.jpg

  2. Dear all,

    I recently obtained a Nichan al Iftikhar order:


    The cypher appears to be the one of Mohamed Sadok, but only rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. Did this occur more often? It is a locally made order and I am pretty sure they did not always carefully made them according to designs.

    And does somebody recognizes the mark on the back?

    Thank you in advance!

  3. Now I am 100% sure that it is Masonic. I contacted the Altschottischer Obermeister (Oldscottish Headmaster) of the Grand National Motherlodge of Germany and he replied:

    ---start quote---

    the information you got is right. The Rectified Scottish Rite which you find in Switzerland and Belgium are reated to The Allgemeine Altschottische Loge. During the centuries only parts of the RSR had survived in Germany. The Pictures show the Members Jewel of AASL. It is the 4th Degree of Große National Mutterloge „Zu den 3 Weltkugeln“. Grand National Motherlodge of the three globes.

    ---end quote---

  4. Thank you Hermann. I made a pretty good deal. The lot contained around 10 Freemason decorations and I paid less than 180 euro ;)

    About the badge. A quick Google search showed this image: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gro%C3%9Fe_National-Mutterloge_%E2%80%9EZu_den_drei_Weltkugeln%E2%80%9C#/media/File:F-Hochgr-gruen.jpg

    It is not a clear picture, but I think it is 99% sure that it is the same badge. Apparently it is the badge for the "Schottenmeister der GNML (3WK)".

    The price of 180 euro is not really that trustworthy. It was also for sale for 98 euro: http://www.ma-shops.com/mueller/item.php5?id=15292&lang=en

  5. Hello all,

    I have this neck badge, but I have only minor information about it. It is some sort of badge of the Turkish Yükseliş lodge (lodge # 12), which is established in the Ankara region on the 24th of June 1950. It had approximately 120 members. I believe the lodge does not exist anymore, since all information I have found dates before 2004. The last grand master of the lodge (Ufuk BULUT) had this position in the years 2003-2004. All information I have is from this website: http://masonlocasi.blogspot.com/2015/04/yukselis-muhterem-locas.html, which I translated with Google Translate.

    Can somebody tell me more about this badge? When was it introduced, who worn it, how many are there produced, did it have a particular function, etc?


    and the backside:


    Thanking you in advance for the information!

  6. Dear all,

    Last week I had to do a quick buy. I was offered this St. George cross 3rd class for non-Christians. The guy who sold it had "no idea" what is was. The only thing he could tell me is that he "dug this piece of metal up in Poland", after finding it with his metal detector. This was the only medal he was selling, all the other stuff were other findings he dug up. The price was really nice, so I had to act fast.

    I have no idea about Russian Imperial medals, so I want to ask you all what do you think of this cross? Is it a valid one? And if so, is there a possibility to research the number (2065)? How many are there in total awarded?

    I would like to thank you in advance for your time and effort and I am looking forward to an experts opinion!



  7. A relative of Jean Krans asked me if I knew what kind of badge it is. The idea of the French Foreign Legion is based on this sentence from the wikipedia site:

    "Hij noemde zich voortaan Jean en droeg dageljks het insigne van de franc-tireurs, een gouden doodskopje, als dasspeld onder zijn kin."

    Roughly translated:

    From now on he called himself Jean and wore daily the isignia of the Franc-Tireurs (a golden skull) as lapel pin under his chin.

    I have no further thoughts about the badge because it is not my area of interest, I'm just trying to help someone solving a mystery.