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  1. My small contribution - the medal Bar of Uffz. Leo Schneider.
  2. Hello, The bar of San.Vizefw. Bechstädt. Cordial greetings
  3. Hello Here is the Gold Military Merit Medal - Württemberg, 333 Gold. Awarded to Gefr. Trumpp Friedrich Christian on 12.01.1917. Gefr. Trumpp was KIA in June 1918 during a attack on French positions by Friendly Artillery Fire. Gefr. Trumpp is the soldier pictured on the left. Enjoy,
  4. Hello GreyC Thank you, i am already bussy with that one (without succes at this point) - so any other info that might exist by Award lists is more then welcome. Cordial greetings,
  5. Hello, Can anyone confirm or get more information on the following GMVM holders? * Ragg Hermann - Musketier * Fritz Jakob - Gefreiter * Trumpp Friedrich - Gefreiter All 3 should have been awarded the Gold Württemberg Military Merit Medal for the same action. Is there any information available such as award date; etc? They all 3 did belong to the R.I.R. 120 Cordial greetings and thanks in advance
  6. Hi Kevin If i can trace more about this soldier i wil let you know for sure! Cordial greetings
  7. Hi Thanks for the additional information. Worth a visit to the Lommel Cemetry as such to check that out. Cordial greetings,
  8. Hi Superb! I can start my further research with this info. Cordial greetings,
  9. Hello Can anyone provide me with more information about the following officer: - Müller, Major - according to the death certificate in the archives they identifyed him as: 7 J.R. 464 - 56 (to me this looks like dogtag information) He was KIA on 08.09.1944 in my Hometown (Tielt) when the car he was in was shot by a Tank during the fighting on that date, he was KIA togheter with at least one othe rsoldier and most probably a third also was killed. His first name sadly not known. The dates of the two other ones are: "Oberleutnant" ..... and no more info and the no rank and no name but solsely " 88/Jnf. Div. Stav 70". Can anyone provide more info? Cordial greetings,
  10. Hi Chris Thanks! I also have a small grouping from a soldier who belonged to the 1/R.I.R. 212, altough he was only first assigned to that Unit on 26.11.1914 (as a replacement for the heavy losses the Unit suffered in the actions you described). He saw action in Flanders in the following battle(s); 26.11.1914 – 30.11.1914: Stellungskämpfe an der Yser 01.12.1914 – 28.02.1915: Stellungskämpfe an der Yser 12.04.1915 – 21.04.1915: Stellungskämpfe an der Yser 22.04.1915 – 25.05.1915: Kämpfe um Ypern 22.04.1915 – 27.04.1915: Kämpfe bei Steenstraete u. Lizerne 29.05.1915 - 31.05.1915: Pilk 26.05.1915 – 26.01.1916: Stellungskämpfe an der Yse 04.07.1915 – 21.09.1915: Gefechte an der Schleuse Het Sas · 27.01.1916 – 10.03.1916: Stellungskämpfe vor Ypern · 20.03.1916 – 14.08.1916: Stellungskämpfe im Wytschaete Bogen o 27.03.1916 – 27.04.1916: Kämpfe bei St. Eloi He survived the war after a heavy wound in France (1917) and was (only) awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class + Black Wound badge.
  11. Hi Chris Absolutely Great groupings and for sure i love the Flanders connection and related ones!!! Thanks for sharing and keep them comming Cordial greetings
  12. Hi Andy As he was assigned to the 26 Reservekorps early 1916 (February) i guess he was transferred from the R.I.R. 216 to the R.I.R. 240 shortly before or mayby after his commissioning? Cordial greetings and thanks once again
  13. Hello Andy Thank you! Very usefull and fits 100 %. This as i know he was active within the 26 Reservekorps early to mid 1916. The RIR 240 was part of the 52 Rd, and this as a part of the 26 RK. Do you mayby know the dates of commissioning with the RIR 216 and transfer to the RIR240? Thanks in advance
  14. Hello Can anyone give me more information on Leutnant d.R. Unruh Wilhelm?Born on 09.02.1893 at Berlin and KIA on 15.02.1917. What unit did he belong to? What awards did he earn? Thanks in advance