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  1. The idea that this is a "second row" in an interesting thought... There is no way to be sure of any theory. But I think we can now be reasonably sure this is a Belgian bar...
  2. OH! I thought you dropped some raisins in your lap.
  3. I hadn't thought of why no Victory Medal. Good point... Stuka, why do you think the Congo Service Star?
  4. That is a guess I looked as well. That would make the bar appearing in correct order as in left to right of the photo. A Belgian who received the French and British medals. But the "combatant" part confused me a bit because I thought that the British War Medal was awarded only to Belgian civilians, not combatants. Unless of course, the Belgian Volunteer Combatatants Medal was also issued to civilians in some cases... A possibility as that was awarded to ambulance drivers and red cross. Would mean that the person got around to both fronts. But I'm starting to lean in the Belgian direction as suggested by SOG.
  5. Find of 2019? He probably lost it already....
  6. I am posting this one here because despite the order in the photo, I believe the British War Medal is in the senior spot of precedence. This is an odd combination to my eye. If we go left to right (again reverse the photo order): British War Medal, French War Commemorative Medal, Belgian War Commemorative Medal, and...a blue ribbon of an unknown medal. So, does this bar make sense? What could the blue ribbon represent? My first thought was maybe a Red Cross volunteer or an ambulance driver. If British, however, wouldn't this have the British Red Cross Society medal (a white ribbon)? The American Red Cross has a blue ribbon medal, but were Americans awarded the British War Medal? I can see an American receiving the French and Belgian medals, but I don't see that happening with the British medal in my opinion. Or is this just a fantasy piece?
  7. Here is a photo with more clarity. And one from Fort du Camp des Romains, one of the French forts besieged at the start of the war by the Germans and supported by the Austrian siege mortars (it wasn't only the Belgian forts). This photo shows German (possibly Bavarian) troops mixed in with the Austrians.
  8. It is the Škoda 30.5 cm Mörser M.11 There were 2 later variants, but this looks like the original 1911 model.
  9. IrishGunner

    Why Collect? - The Best Answer.

    As a kid, I was a coin collector. That continued into my young adulthood. While posted to Berlin in the early 1980s, my wife and I would often visit the flea markets and I would pick up a few coins on every trip. One day I purchased a Hindenburg cross and and 1870/71 medal. At the time, I had no idea what they were, but thought they would be good souvenirs of time spent in Berlin. As we traveled around Europe, I gradually found it more interesting to pick up an old military medal at flea markets as a souvenir of visiting different countries rather than coins. Slowly this grew to deliberate searches for particular medals. Gradually, I found myself buying fewer and fewer coins and more and more medals. The rest is history (or an obsession).
  10. IrishGunner

    On Writing With Clarity

    My wife is looking to make a bread pudding from a leftover Italian Christmas Panetone.
  11. So, I was close then with the Sept '16 Verdun guess.
  12. IrishGunner

    On Writing With Clarity

    Sorry, I was asleep. Did someone say there is pudding?
  13. Since you highlighted the Feldpost stamp of the Jaegerregiment zu Pferde Nr, 12, I am guessing something to do with that unit. Sept 1916 they are at Verdun, right? Perhaps the fellow with the white ribbon in his buttonhole is someone famous?
  14. IrishGunner

    On Writing With Clarity

    You forgot verbose. 😉 You could have gotten right to the point and saved me a lot of time if you had written this sentence at the beginning of this novella - " In conclusion, I will attempt to be more mindful of the need for clarity in my writing while not drifting too far away from what I term as a writing style. After all it has taken me decades to get to be this annoying and pretentious." 😋
  15. I certainly wouldn't argue with your analysis. Well done. This could warrant a published article.