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  1. IrishGunner

    Thoughts about this pair?

    Nice find in the research.
  2. IrishGunner

    Photos and Feldposte

    Gebirgs Kannonen Batterie ... nice. Oh, and I have a Kunes in my family tree!
  3. Yea, and I see some Feld-Artillerie in there. Sleeping around again? EK1 to Fernsprech Abt. has to be unusual in itself, though, n'est-ce pas?
  4. IrishGunner

    An excited telegram!

    You just keep rolling with this secret artillery fetish, don't you?
  5. IrishGunner

    Photos and Feldposte

    All of the Anton Hoffmann cards are great. But of course, artillery is the best! I appreciate your words regarding researching your family. Perhaps focusing only on your grandfather's WWI service will help you get over the wall. Cheers!
  6. IrishGunner

    Thoughts about this pair?

    Yep, USS Washington became USS Seattle in 1916 so the name Washington could go to another battleship. But USS Seattle was on escort duty and would likely never have qualified for the White Sea bar. Of course, with the dates of 1908 and 1912, nothing says Weldon was on either of those ships for WWI and post-war Russia operations. I still like the pair.
  7. IrishGunner

    Photos and Feldposte

    Tony, I am envious. It's priceless to have family mementos. There is a lot of opportunity for research.
  8. IrishGunner

    Thoughts about this pair?

    Hopefully, our Navy Good Conduct Medal experts will jump in with some comments. But in the meantime, to get things started: First, that "Washington" clasp is odd - not an official part of the Navy GCM. The engraving "USS Pennsylvania" and the date 1908, means this was not the famous battleship USS Pennsylvania (BB-38), but rather USS Pennsylvania (ACR-4) or an armored cruiser. BB-38 was commissioned in 1916, at which time ACR-4 was re-named USS Pittsburgh. BB-38 earned the "Atlantic Fleet" clasp. ACR-4 did sail in the Baltic from June 1919 until Sept 1919 on relief operations. The "White Sea" clasp was authorized for visiting Russian ports from Nov 1918 until 31 July 1919; so, it's possible ACR-4 did earn the "White Sea" clasp. Although, I could not find a list of ships specifically authorized the clasp. According the Navy's official history website, there were only 1000 "White Sea" clasps issued; so, yes among the most scarce Navy bars to the US Victory Medal. But I have seen legitimate ones for sale in the $300 range, so not unobtainable. You have a name; so, further research (Ancestry) is very possible. For me, a plausible and legitimate pair.
  9. IrishGunner

    USMC KIA post Tet Bronze Star /Purple Heart

    19 years old. These are the stories I wish my high school students could understand.
  10. Armee Korps was my first thought also... bayer. I AK ... 1. Landsturm unit something or another. But I haven't seen before this dual numbered helmet cover either.
  11. IrishGunner

    Photos and Feldposte

    I may have missed an earlier post. Why is KuK Inf. Rgt. 83 your favorite? And I've not seen before the artist rendition "Erstuermung einer russ. Batterie" ... I like that one. It's difficult to find RPPC with a Russian theme that are not "crazy" priced. And an artillery connection. Very nice.
  12. Very nice. I always enjoy seeing this medal mounted...and with bars.
  13. Timo, you always have the best of luck in finding gems