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  1. Paul, you have to really like the Kondraciuk group with the Liberation of Warsaw medal! Nick, the round stamp with the eagle is from the "Wojska Polska" - Polish Army - at the top of the stamp. I can't read the print around the bottom of the stamp, but I'm guessing possibly a unit designation. The stamp underneath the red signature reads "Wojskowa Komenda Uzupełnień" - this means a provincial military reserve administration. "Korman" is a usual Polish family name, but I don't know the abbreviation "Bol." Along with the Capture of Berlin medal, Kondraciuk must have been part of Polish First Army or "Pierwsza Armia Wojska Polskiego" formed by the Soviets in 1944. Possibly a very research worthy group. Thanks for sharing!
  2. IrishGunner

    To The Point, Part 1

    You need to garner invitations to some better dinner parties! Great to read you again! Hope all is well.
  3. IrishGunner


    I agree these are kinda nice. How can you not love those crossed cannons!
  4. IrishGunner

    US Certificate of Gratitude.

    First I've seen this certificate. Very interesting.
  5. IrishGunner

    Unknown WW1 US medal

    These medals likely are not from veteran's organizations; they usually were issued by local communities - towns/cities/counties - to their citizens who served in the Great War. As you note, it's a generic design; so, some smaller communities might have saved money by buying the generic stock medals. Many locales, however, had their own unique designs made with their town's name.
  6. IrishGunner

    1917-1919 ww1 medals

    The two medals with green ribbons on the left are American Legion annual convention commemorative medals. I can only read the top medal's city - Miami; the Legion's convention has been held in Miami several different times, so the medal probably has a year on it. The medal to the immediate left of the Victory Medal is a local "victory" medal awarded by towns/cities/counties; several locales used similar designs, but based on the NY State Victory Medal, this one is likely from a NY community; it may have a town name on it. The medal lower right with the 1st Division patch is not a shooting medal; rather it is a WWI 1st Division AEF Veterans Medal. This one looks a little too "pristine" for my taste to be original. The battle clasps on the Victory Medal also match to the 1st Division (Montdidier-Noyon is only to the 1st Division and/or attached units). The two Maltese crosses in the upper right are Masonic Knights Templar Maltese Crosses. The medal with the yellow/blue striped ribbon is a modern Armed Forces Reserve Medal and seems very out of place with this group.
  7. Another interesting China-related WWI commemorative:
  8. IrishGunner

    Chinese Medal France 1914-1918

    An interesting piece - certainly agree that it's an unofficial "commemorative." First time I've seen anything like it...
  9. Thanks to those who wondered why I've been MIA!  I am certainly alive and well.  However, my time has been sidetracked by other pursuits, leaving little time for much else...  First, I started a full time job last August; I had considered teaching for some time and was offered a full-time position teaching U.S. Government and Criminal Justice at a high school.  It's been both a rewarding and frustrating experience, but something I believe is extremely worthwhile.  As General Stanley McChrystal recently wrote in a New York Times editorial, "education is the lifeblood of a great nation."  I thought it time to go back to serving my country instead of sitting on my butt.

    The second thing that has taken up my free time ... and expendable cash ... is in the picture attached.  My wife and I moved to the Chesapeake Bay with the idea we'd get a boat.  And last April we did just that...  Getting ready to take her out tomorrow for the start of this year's boating season.


  10. How the hell are you???????????????

  11. Appreciated discovering the photos of J.S. Carter posted some time ago. Thanks, Brian Shuckburgh

  12. KIA first day of the Battle of Messines. Nice pick-up.
  13. Yea, Chris, this really is the first US medal that I thought was totally unnecessary and completely "cheap" looking. Of course, this is the artist concept, actual medals haven't been produced yet. But I thought the GWOT Expeditionary Medal, which was already authorized for this campaign, was sufficient.
  14. Let the debate begin. I think it looks like a commemorative medal vice a campaign medal. http://www.defense.gov/News/News-Releases/News-Release-View/Article/708442/department-of-defense-publishes-inherent-resolve-campaign-medal-guidance