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  1. Hello Emma, As I understand it, the Merchant Navy sailors were not treated with the respect they deserve. If I ship was blown from right under them, that same day they were put on "unpaid leave" as they were not "sailing" anymore. Not sure, but think they did not qualify for medals like the Atlantic star. I do have a nice Merchant Navy lapel in my collection. I guess you can use google for more information. Regards Hinrik
  2. Here is one of my Purple Hearts, issued to a hard charging Marine for actions / wounds in Iwo Jima: Non regulation (private) engraved back:
  3. Darrell, Very nice MOH and interesting reading. Thanks for posting. Reg Hinrik
  4. Dear Claymore, where did you find info that they had "gray" shirts? I always thought they were tan, similar to the SA shirts....but I have asked around, and it seam there is not a single original party member left alive, but there are people here that remember the flag rallies and can tell us if the shirts were gray or tan. Will post when I get answers...or...when we actually find the box with the original uniforms! Reg Hinrik
  5. I also have an almost complete collection of every single newpaper and propoganda booklet ever issued by the Icelandic party. They had sub divisions. I have newspapers from the main party in Reykjavik and also in the "Flokksdeildin" (Party division) in the towns of Vestmannaeyjar, Siglufjörður and Ísafjörður. Up until now, we had never heard of or seen these papers from these small towns, which I think only had a few 1000s inhabitants during the 30s. There were lots of duplacates, which leads me to think that the original owner of this estate was a party paper distributor.
  6. I have lots of photos from them. Here are some. Please do not re publish without my consent. Interesting to note the boy in front, last photo; seams he has a NS armband!
  7. The Icelandic NS party was most active from 1933 to 1938. There was an scandal involving a notebook stolen from one of the PM´s which information was puplished in the party newpaper. By 1938 most of the "air" was out of the party and only a few dedicated members remained. When the British invaded Iceland in 1940, the future of the party was gone and many NS members denied ever being in the party. I have heard stories of men burning their relics related to the party. Even today, some familes consider it a shame that grandpa was in the party and they try to hide that fact, often with destroying relics. Any items related to the Icelandic NS party are extremely rare and hard to find. I have been fortunate enough to buy a very large, complete estate from an early member (party badge no 35) who I think was a distriboutor of their newsletter and swastika armbands etc. This will goto a museum one day which I belong to. Here are some photos, but I am not inclined to give any details as that will only fuel an expansion into the fakers inventory. This is only a small expamle of what I have. I would gladly assist any author or historian in publishing anything related to this part of NS history. Silk flag, swastika incorrectly facing wrong way! Armbands, early, mid late, flags, placard and membership ID card. Various pins, badges an emblems:
  9. Dear Will, Thank you for sharing this outstanding collection. I really admire they way you display your items, something I now plan to improve in my collection. I also collect items related to my county, WWI or WWII, but they are hard to find. This is how many museums have started. Reg Hinrik Steinsson Reykjavik Iceland
  10. Dear al I just got a box like this. It came out of a Heinkel He-111 that crashed here in 1941. Can anyone tell my the names of the items (flashlight model / type) etc so that I can look for it and buy. My box is empty, but I would like to get all the missing parts. Reg Hinrik
  11. Hello Hinrik, Im understanding more with all the information here about the torpedo prop. It seems that museums arn{t as reliable for accuracy as I had though. I beleive this to be a post war propellor for a number of different reasons. Will you honor the return of the propellor ?

  12. Joe, I checked my book library, I found the HE-111 photo you were talking about, and I agree, cant really see how many blades. I have a copy of an original torpedo manual but that has no photos of this, just a few schematics. Somewhere in my stach of too many boxes I have old German KM magazines with lots of photos, will have to check there I have also been trying to look at old videos at youtube.com and liveleak.com to see but its either 2 or 4 blade or you cant really tell for sure because of the fin arrengement around the props. I was in a nice museum in Brussels last week. They had a G7 Torpedo there, but sadly this one was missing it rear end. Also makes me wonder if 6 blades was interchangeble with 4 blades? Does any member here have a 2 or 4 blade versions to compare with? Reg Hinrik
  13. Jesse, Merry xmas to you too Come to think of it, even though you dont see any wolfs in the forest, we know they are there... So even if we dont see the 6 blade prop in use in the WWII photos available, does that absolutely garantee that they did not use it? If they were using the 6 blades in 1962 (cant see any detail in this photo by the way) then that version should be better no? Then for an example...what did the WWII Germans use on the advanced XXI-XXIII Electroboats? Makes you wonder... Reg Hinrik
  14. I have seen wartime photos showing the loading of the torpedos into the Uboats that are not the 2 bladed twin blades but this 6 bladed version. Look at this video from the U995: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWFwcXb_C0E&feature=related That seams to have the 6 blades. I found a wartime video showing Uboat in action that showes this too, which to me is proof that this was also used during the war. I need to find it and post it here. Reg
  15. Dear all, This propeller came from me. Its the only one I ever saw for sale. If you know of another one for sale somewhere, then please post a link to it here. I got it from a Norweigian man that is a member onthis site, if I remember correctly. He works with a local museum and sent me lots of photos of complete torpedos that the museum owned. I was suposed to get some special torpedo tools with the prop, but that never materialized. I will look in my original torpedo manuals to see if I can find more info on this. Here are photos of the torpedo tools.