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  1. I have been bitten by the Croix de Guerre collecting bug. Here is my first haul; I expect there will be more. I don't know what it is about this particular medal. Maybe its simplicity, its history, its reputation. Whatever it is, I'll be scouring flea markets and military shows and even Ebay for more. (I really need a cheaper hobby)
  2. Thank you both for your answers. To buy or not to buy, that is the question.........(with apologies to the Bard) Jerry
  3. I am familiar with the London version as having no date- have one in my collection. But the one I am referring to is totally plain, flat. See listing Jerry
  4. I have seen advertised on Ebay a WW2 CdG with a blank, completely plain reverse. Is this anything official, or even semi-official? I cannot any other reference to such a model. Thanks for any possible information Jerry
  5. This medal is Belgian, not Dutch. It is the medal of the order of Leopold II. It should have a blue ribbon with a black center stripe. Yours has the ribbon of the British War Medal (WW I)
  6. A NATO medals is then not considered a foreign medal?
  7. My Question has nothing to do with the actual mounting, however, I am rather confused about the order the medals are mounted. It seems to be somewhat random. A NATO medal in first place in the second bar, and last in the 3rd bar. Surely, they cannot both be correct.
  8. The flag on the medal, and presumably the issuing agent, is the "Northern Army", one of the many armed "liberation" movements in Chad. Regards, Jerry
  9. Hello, I recently picked NJ National Guard medal. I cannot find any details anywhere. Does anyone here have any idea what it might be? The text reads: Winfield S Emmonds Guard (above) Elizabeth, NJ (below) The medal is silver with plain reverse. It cost me a staggering $5.00, so if it is worthless, it would be no big deal. Thanks, Jerry
  10. I know that nobody has responded to this post in over 6 years. I have gone through -and mostly read- over 2000 post of this forum alone and another 4600 if the Imperial German forum and come to the conclusion that our hobby has become a minefield. I started to collect in the early '80s but stopped because of financial constraints. I started again about 1 year ago and found the entire landscape changed almost beyond recognition. It appears that the internet, which did not exist 30 years ago has made a tremendous impact, both positive and negative. On the plus side, we can now communicate with our fellow collectors instantly and share ideas and information; in the minus side, the unscrupulous have found a new way to separate the unwary from his or her hard earned cash through all manner of crooked schemes and medal collecting has, sadly, not been immune. There must now be legions of counterfeiters all over the world producing what can only be described as garbage and sell this stuff on auction sites. Unfortunately, there really are people out there who still believe that one can buy gold and platinum Lenin or a Pour le Merite at a bargain price on Ebay. Even more concerning are those items which are more everyday goods like Red Banners or Iron Crosses, and sell them for prices approaching market values. It is only because my near permanent state of impecuniosity that I have not been ripped off by these characters. After having read 6000+ post, I have to admit that i am very reluctant to buy anything online, even from what appear to be reputable dealers. Unless one has expert knowledge of the items in question, it is at best a crap shoot. I know there are some on this site who can recognize fakes at a glance, but the vast majority of us do not have this skill. I do not wish to impose on the good will of other forum members every time I want to make a purchase. I have come to the conclusion that I am really quite ignorant when it comes to fakes. I am trying to learn but it is difficult when one cannot make an actual visual comparison between a real and a fake medal. If only someone could come up with a solution.................. Jerry
  11. Hello, I am relatively new to the German Empire. But after having gone through all of the 4600 and some odd posts, I am reluctant to buy anything anymore. I understand that a lot of combinations are completely bogus, but what about their constituent parts? Are all their medals counterfeit as well? Or do we deal with a combination of authentic and fake? Reading through all these post made me realize how completely ignorant I really am. However, I see it as a learning opportunity. If I were to have bought the bar in, let us say, post 156, would I have wasted my money? or would I still have 5 good medals that just did not go together? I believe I have learned enough to turn down a pilot bar and observer bar (they felt like pewter!) at a local flea market, but some of the finer points of fake-detection still escape me. I know there are some on this forum who look at a medals bar and will be able to tell me that it belonged to oberuntergrefreiterfeldwebel Franz von Fritz with a wife named Ilse and a dog named Spot. I doubt if I ever get to that level of competence, but I like to know enough not to get taken too often for too money. Regards, Jerry
  12. Hi, Interesting. I would assume that members of the Citizen Military Force could to transfer to the AIF if they wanted too? Or would they have to resign from one and then enlist in the other? Jerry
  13. I agree Serbia has produced some outstanding designs and Milosh the Great is in class by itself. Some of your neighbors also make some great designs. Skanderbeg, Sts. Cyril & Methodius, Carol all come mind. It would be nice to have a thread dedicated to what collectors consider truly beautiful designs. Just an idea..........
  14. Hello, Greetings from the Great White North. I like to ask a question about US medals. We are all aware of the Stolen Valor Act and I do not want to get into that subject. However, companies like Graco Ind. offer on there website just about any medal the US ever issued. I can buy Purple Hearts, Distinguished service medals and crosses and just about any thing else. For a few hundred dollars I can make myself out to be a real war hero. Yet sales of legitimately issued medals of many classes is against the law. As a collectors I could acquire an impressive collection of awards that have never been within a mile of a real soldier. I see these items here at flea markets and hobby shows. I cannot help wondering why a country that normally respects it Armed Forces does not set stricter standards for the availability of its medals. In most countries the medals are only available from the government and only to those who were actually awarded them. (I know France is also one of the few exceptions.) I would love to buy some Canadian medals, but unless the estate of a recipient is willing to sell, I am out of luck. (A soldier is not allowed to sell his or her own medals) Since Graco is a government contractor, we cannot call these medals fakes. We can call them re-strikes, but that could imply replacing a lost or stolen medal, but some of these conflicts were over a hundred years ago. Anyway, I was just wondering.
  15. the Pushkin medal, sorry bad spelling