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  1. Hauptmann Karl-Friedrich Müller Born: 12 May 1920 12./LG-1 1./LG-1 Staffelkapitän 10./LG-1 DKiG: 06 Sep 1943 Ehrenpokal: 12 Oct 1942
  2. Major Eugen Bilharz Born: 06 Aug 1886 Died: 08 Dec 1963 Highest rank reached: Generalmajor Feldzeugkommando III Feldzeugkommando II Kdr Feldkommandantur 996 (Thanks to Dave Danner for identifying the signature)
  3. Thanks for that Dave. I don't think I would of got that in a million years, especially with just the signature to go on.
  4. Can anyone help me in identifying this signature please - dated for April 1933 with the rank of Major and Kommandeur of II/Inf.Rgt 14.
  5. Hauptmann Joachim Helbig Born: 10 Sep 1915 Died: 05 Oct 1985 Highest rank reached: Oberst II(K)/LG-1 4./LG-1 Staffelkapitän 4./LG-1 Kdr I/LG-1 Stab General der Kampfflieger General der Kampfflieger und Inspektor RLM (provisional) Kommodore LG-1 RK: 24 Nov 1940 EL: 16 Jan 1942 Schw: 28 Sep 1942
  6. Hauptmann Iro Ilk Born: 18 Oct 1919 Died: 25 Sep 1944 - KIA Highest rank reached: Major LKS 10 3./LG-1 2./LG-1 Staffelkapitän 2./LG-1 Staffelkapitän 10./LG-1 JG-300 Kdr III/JG-300 Stab I/JG-300 Stab III/JG-300 Kills - 9 or 10 (incl 5 night) RK: 21 Oct 1942 DKiG: 02 Apr 1942 Ehrenpokal: 23 Aug 1943 Information Source: Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries by Larry deZeng & Douglas Stankey
  7. Based purely on the initials (I'm no good at recognising faces) it could be Hans-Georg Borck who won the RK on 23rd November 1943 in 3./Pz.Pi.Btl 209 of 11.Pz.Division. He won the DKiG with the same unit in March 1943. The Waffenfarbe in the photo does look black which would fit with a Pionier unit.
  8. Hauptmann Ernst-Wilhelm Ihrig Born: 27 Jul 1915 Died: MIA 30 Nov 1942 on mission to Rzhev Salient II/KG-3 Staffelkapitän 3./KG-3 Kdr II/KG-3 RK: 14 Aug 1941
  9. Major Pius Hodapp Born: 01 Jul 1907 Died: 20 Nov 1942 - KIA at Rzhev Kp-Chef 10/Inf.Rgt 35 Inf.Rgt 195 Kdr II/Inf.Rgt 195 DKiG: 14 Feb 1942
  10. That would make more sense.
  11. Is there any chance of a higher resolution scan of just the cuff title area? Can't say I've seen one like that - is it ST, SG or GG and then -P.....?
  12. You see all sorts of notes, letters and documents from time to time, it's nothing unusual and just depends on what has been part of the group and has been put together either by the family or a previous collector.
  13. His name looks like Heinrich Coutier. The initial on the front cover of the Wehrpass will confirm if his surname starts with a C or G but it looks like a C to me.
  14. Einsatz Osten, Nordabschnitt Einsatz Kampfraum Aachen (Rgt Trier)
  15. Last 6 sections of page 12: 1) Gren.Ers.u.A.Btl 120 (Grenadier-Ersatz und Ausbildungs-Bataillon 120) 2) Alarm-Regiment Tried 3) abbreviations as per #1 4) Marsch-Kompanie and then abbreviations as per #1 5) 6./Grenadier-Regiment von H____ (Stellungs-Kampfgruppe XII/1) 6) 6./Grenadier-Regiment 73 As for his name, can you also show his signature on page 2, his parents names on page 3 and his signature on page 1. It can all help.