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  1. You might wish to post this in the German Imperial Document section just in case members there don't frequent the Third Reich section: http://gmic.co.uk/forum/46-germany-imperial-rick-research-lundstrom-forum-for-documentation-and-photographs/
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    Holtzmann, Robert

    Fantastic, thank you.
  3. Oberst Rudolf-Christoph Freiherr von Gersdorff Born: 27 Mar 1905 Died: 27 Jan 1980 Highest rank reached: Generalmajor O3 14.Armee O3 12.Armee Ic XII.Armeekorps Ia 86.Inf.Division Ic Heeresgruppe B Ic Heeresgruppe Mitte Chef Gen.St. LXXXII.Armeekorps Chef Gen.St. 7.Armee RK: 26 Aug 1944 DKiS: 25 Oct 1943 Gersdorff was responsible for supervising the excavation of the murdered Polish officers at Katyn. On 21st March 1943 Gersdorff attempted to assassinate Hitler during the Führer's Zeughaus Berlin visit but had to disarm the explosive devices in his own pockets after Hitler rushed through the exhibition and left within 10 minutes. In 1944 was also responsible for hiding the explosives and fuses that von Stauffenberg would go on to use on 20th July.
  4. Major Robert Holtzmann Stabsoffizier Wehrbezirkskommando Berlin VII Stabsoffizier Wehrbezirkskommando Berlin III
  5. Major Karl Bodenschatz Born: 10 Dec 1890 Died: 25 Aug 1979 Highest rank reached: General der Flieger Chef des Ministeramts des Reichsministers der Luftfahrt und Oberbefehlshabers der Luftwaffe Verbindungs-Offizier des Generalfeldmarschalls bzw. Reichsmarschalls Goering beim Fuehrer DKiS: 15 June 1942 (Signature on letter dated 1933)
  6. Oberst Reinhard Gehlen Born: 03 April 1902 Died: 08 June 1979 Highest rank reached: Generalmajor (Generalleutnant - Bundeswehr) Ia 213.Inf.Division General-Stab d.Heeres Gruppe-Leiter i.Op Abt.d.Gen.St.d.Heeres Abt.Chef Fremde Heeres Ost (Post War: CIA & BND) DKiS: 28 Mar 1945
  7. hucks216

    Weiss, Walter

    Contributed by member Tompress: General der Infanterie Walter Weiß Born: 5.9.1890 Died: 21.12.1967 Highest rank reached: Generaloberst Kommandeur 97. leichte Division Kommandeur 26. Infanterie-Division Führer XXVII. Armeekorps Oberbefehlshaber 2. Armee Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppe Nord Eisernes Kreuz 2. & 1. Klasse 1914 Militärverdienstkreuy III. Klasse (Austria) Ottoman War Medal (Gallipoli Star) Military Merit Order 4th Class (Bulgaria) Spange zum Eisernen Kreuz 2. & 1. Klasse RK: 12.9.1941 DKiG: 19.2.1943 Eichenlaub zum RK: 5.11.1944 Image: handwritten siganture on KVK2 citation as commander 2nd Army, 30.1.1943 
  8. Time for another big thank you to everyone that has ever contributed to the Germany All Eras: Signature Database over the last 7 years, from established members to the very latest newcomers. This weekend we hit the incredible figure of 900 individual names entered (some of whom have multiple examples of their signatures in their entry) which proves just how generous the members are in providing the time and effort to add what they have. Every single addition has been a positive benefit both to the database and the forum and long may it continue. Once again, thank you one and all. Signature Database Index
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    Fretter-Pico, Maximilian

    Posted on behalf of Damiano S:
  10. hucks216

    Fahrmbacher, Wilhelm

    Dated mid-1930's
  11. Oberst Wilhelm Berlin Born: 28 Apr 1889 Died: 15 Sep 1987 Highest rank reached: General der Artillerie Artillerie-Kommandeur (ARKO) 101 Kdr Artillerieschule II stellv.Kdr 58.Inf.Division Kdr 227.Inf.Division Führer Gruppe-Sponheimer Führer XXVI.Armeekorps Führer CI.Armeekorps RK: 06 Mar 1944
  12. Generalleutnant Ernst Haeckel Born: 05 Apr 1890 Died: 26 Sep 1967 Kdr Inf.Rgt 107 Kdr 263.Inf.Division Kdr 158.Division Kdr 158.Reserve-Division Kdr 16.Inf.Division Kdr 16.Volksgrenadier-Division Kdr Division-Nr.471 RK: 28 Oct 1944 DKiG: 19 Dec 1941
  13. Generalleutnant Hermann Ritter von Speck Born: 08 Aug 1888 Died: 15 Jun 1940 - Killed in action in France Kdr 33.Infanterie-Division RK: 17 Oct 1940 (Posthumous)
  14. Otto Christian Wamboldt Born: 29 May 1884 Died: 01 Apr 1945 - committed suicide with his wife Oberbürgermeister Darmstadt
  15. Major Othmar Matzke Born: 30 Mar 1914 Died: 16 Jan 1999 Kdr Pionier-Btl 211 Abt II Kampfkommandant Regensburg RK: 18 Nov 1944