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  1. Is that Otto von Oelhafen's signature? You are right in saying these relatively cheap examples can hold great surprises. I remember seeing one quite a few years ago signed by Oakleaves winner and Normandy related General Friedrich Dollmann and regretted not buying it as it was really cheap. Get it in to the Signature Database
  2. Roland Freisler Born: 30 Oct 1893 Died: 03 Feb 1945 - killed during an air raid on Berlin by the USAAF Director of the Prussian Ministry of Justice Secretary of State Prussian Ministry of Justice Secretary of State Reich Ministry of Justice Attended Wannsee Conference President of the People's Court (Volksgerichtshof)
  3. Blaschke, Hanns

    No idea I'm afraid. This signature is on a citation to an official in Vienna.
  4. Hanns Blaschke Born: 01 Apr 1896 Died: 25 Oct 1971 Beigeordneter und Ratsherr Wien Bürgermeister Wien Held the rank of SS-Brigadeführer. Convicted of treason in 1948 he was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.
  5. Baldur Benedikt von Schirach Born: 09 May 1907 Died: 08 Aug 1974 Reichsjugendführer & Gauleiter Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund 4./Inf.Rgt Grossdeutschland Gauleiter Wien Sentenced to 20 years imprisonment at the Nuremburg Trials. Released 1966.
  6. Good to hear, I look forward to seeing the images.
  7. Hauptmann Herbert Maedge Erg.Gruppe (S) 1 Staffelkapitän 3.(Go)/Schleppgruppe 2 Kdr IV/Fallschirm.Ers.u.Ausb.Rgt 1
  8. Fingers crossed in that case. I look forward to hearing the outcome.
  9. Not knowing Canadian areas etc I'm assuming Red Deer isn't far from you in which case that is another pointer that it belongs to you otherwise what would the odds be that a SB that you bought and which got lost in the mail has rocked up just down the road instead of somewhere like Toronto or Vancouver?
  10. That is a coincidence - have you contacted them?
  11. Generalmajor Erwin Max Clemens Heinrich Ernst Harry Vierow Born: 15 May 1890 Died: 01 Feb 1982 Highest rank reached: General der Infanterie Chef des Generalstabes XI.Armeekorps Kdr 96.Inf.Division Kdr 9.Inf.Division Kdr LV.Armeekorps Führer XX.Armeekorps Militärbefehlshaber Nordwest-Frankreich Kdr Generalkommandos Somme RK: 15 Nov 1941
  12. Generalmajor Arno Ernst Max von Lenski Born: 20 Jul 1893 Died: 04 Oct 1986 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant (Postwar - Generalmajor NVA) Kdr Aufkl.Abt 33 Ehrenrichter am Volksgerichtshof Berlin Kdr Kavallerieschule Krampnitz Führer 2.Schützen-Brigade Führer 11.Schützen-Brigade Kdr Schule für Schnelle Truppen Krampnitz Führer 2.Pz.Division Kdr 24.Pz.Division Captured at Stalingrad Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland und Bund deutscher Offiziere DKiG: 21 Jan 1943
  13. Generalmajor Walter Melzer Born: 07 Oct 1894 Died: 23 Jun 1961 Highest rank reached: General der Infanterie Kdr Inf.Rgt 151 Kdr Inf.Rgt 694 Kdr 252.Infanterie-Div Kdr XXIII.Armeekorps RK: 21 Aug 1941 EL: 23 Aug 1944 DKiG: 11 Feb 1943
  14. Thanks for the service history of your uncle on the other thread. It looks like he was serving with 2.Minensuchflottille when the above photo was taken. The two paravanes seen in the photo would add weight to this.
  15. Is there any chance you can scan in the part of the photo indicated below at a higher resolution? It might be possible to narrow down the ship if we can read the two cap tallies. It looks like it ends with '...flottille'. There are no awards being worn so possibly pre-WW2.