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  1. Heeres-Flakartillerie-Abt Grossdeutschland - signed by Eugen Wößner
  2. The book Red Storm Over The Balkans by David Glantz covers the fighting in Romania during the spring of 1944.
  3. Generalleutnant Eugen Wößner Born:18 Aug 1896 Kdr I/Art.Rgt 61 Kdr Art.Rgt Stabes z.b.V 781 Stoart Stab Heeresgruppe A Stoart Stab Heeresgruppe Süd Kdr Art.Rgt 10 Arko 103 Kdr 262.Inf.Div Kdr 197.Inf.Div General der Heeresflaktruppen und Inspekteur der Heeresflaktruppen DKiG: 09 Sep 1944
  4. General der Polizei Kurt Max Franz Daluege Born: 15 Sep 1897 Died: 23 Oct 1946 - executed for war crimes in Prague Highest rank reached: SS-Oberstgruppenführer und Generaloberst der Polizei Chef deer Deutschen Ordnungspolizei Chef Hauptamt Ordnungspolizei stellv. Reichsprotektor Böhmen und Mähren RK KvK mit Schwertern: 07 Sep 1943 DKiS: 10 Sep 1942
  5. According to WW-2 Awards, his Wehrpass does exist in a collection somewhere. That would provide pointers to some of the answers. And I have just found out that his Wehrpass & Soldbuch was sold on the WAF a few years ago and resides in France, but who that owner is I have not got a clue.
  6. No idea. As far as I'm aware the only two in existence are in Münster and Kubinka.
  7. From this weekend (which is Tankfest) they are introducing a CGI viewer sort of thing from World of Tanks whereby, I think, you put on a pair of 3D Virtual Reality goggles and you can see a rendered life size version of the Sturmtiger. They had the console in place playing an advert for it but it wasn't up and running. You can see the set-up on the right of the second photo.
  8. Yesterday I had a day out and visited the Bovington Tank Museum and here are some photos of the Tiger Exhibition. Unfortunately they haven't managed to get a Sturmtiger but they do have a Sturmtiger gun barrel. The Porsche variant of the Königstiger and the Jagdtiger... ...and the shell that the Jagdtiger fired: The Henschel variant of the Königstiger and the Elefant which is on loan for 2 years from the US. Lastly, the well known Tiger '131' and the Sturmtiger's gun barrel.
  9. Nice photo - do you think it is a relative of the previous owner?
  10. Deutsches-Reichs-Sportsabzeichen in Silber for a future Tech.Inspektor.
  11. Oberstleutnant Hans-Georg von Zanthier Born: 21 Aug 1891 Died: 02 Sep 1969 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant Kommandant Magdeburg Kdr Inf.Rgt 349 Kommandant Feldkommandantur 184 Kommandant Metz Kommandant Feldkommandantur 1017 Kommandant rückwärtigen Armeegebiets 594 Befehlshaber Po
  12. Generalmajor Curt Bernard Born: 09 Dec 1886 Died: 02 Dec 1954 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant Kdr Division Nr 178
  13. General der Artillerie Friedrich Dollmann Born: 02 Feb 1882 Died: 28 Jun 1944 Highest rank reached: Generaloberst Kdr IX.Armeekorps Kdr 7.Armee RK: 24 Jun 1940 EL: 01 Jul 1944 (Posthumous)
  14. Hauptmann Erich Marquardt Born: 20 May 1911 Highest rank reached: Major 3./Aufkl.Gr. Ob.d.L Staffelkapitän 2./Erg.Aufkl.Gr.(F) Ob.d.L Staffelkapitän 2./Erg.Fernaufkl.Gr. Staffelkapitän 1.(F)/Aufkl.Gr.Ob.d.L Staffelkapitän 1.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 100 Ehrenpokal: 17 Jan 1944
  15. Hauptmann Georg-Friedrich Altvater Born: 18 Dec 1910 Died: 13 Nov 1942 (Killed in action) Highest rank reached: Major II/KG-3 Staffelkapitän Stabstaffel/KG-3 6./KG-27