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  1. Major Othmar Matzke Born: 30 Mar 1914 Died: 16 Jan 1999 Kdr Pionier-Btl 211 Abt II Kampfkommandant Regensburg RK: 18 Nov 1944
  2. Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring Born: 12th Jan 1893 Died: 15th Oct 1946 - committed suicide hours before he was due to be executed for war crimes. Reichs-Minister for Aviation Reichs Forestry and Hunting Master Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe Representative for the Four Year Plan Chairman of the Council Of Ministers for Reichs Defence Pour le mérite: 2nd Jun 1918 Grosskreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes - 19th Jul 1940 Ritterkreuz - 30th Sep 1939 Blutorden der NSDAP Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der NSDAP gemeinsames Flugzeugführer- und Beobachterabzeichen in Gold mit Brillanten Image: Promotion citation to an American Volksdeutsche - Probable Autopen signature
  3. A citation type that has many variations are those for the KvK & KvM and are also a great resource for signatures. Feel free to show any that you have. I will get the ball rollong with the following examples... The first is for the KvK II Kl mit Schwertern and awarded to a member of a RAD unit and it bears the signature of Generalfeldmarschall von Kluge. The second is also for the KvK II Kl mit Schwertern and awarded to a soldier in a transport unit in Greece (1941) and it also bears the signature of a Generalfeldmarschall, in this case Wilhelm List.
  4. Generalfeldmarschall Albert Kesselring Born: 30th Nov 1885 Died: 15th Jul 1960 Befehlshaber vom Luftwaffengruppenkommando 1 Oberbefehlshaber der Luftflotte 1 Oberbefehlshaber der Luftflotte 2 Oberbefehlshabers Nordwest Oberbefehlshabers Süd Oberbefehlshabers Südwest Oberbefehlshabers Heeresgruppe C Oberbefehlshabers West Oberbefehlshabers Süd Ritterkreuz - 30th Sep 1939 / Eichenlaub - 25th Feb 1942 / Schwertern - 18th Jul 1942 / Brillianten - 9th Jul 1944 Image: EK I citation
  5. Generaloberst Werner Freiherr von Fritsch Born: 4th Aug 1880 Died: 22nd Sep 1939 - Killed In Action near Praga, Poland. Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres Volunteered to serve with Artillerie Rgt 12 during the 1939 Polish Campaign Resigned from service 4th Feb 1938 in the 'Blomberg-Fritsch Affair' Image: Promotion citation.
  6. You have posted it in the correct thread. And thank you for the contribution.
  7. Generaloberst Johannes Albrecht Blaskowitz Born: 10 Jul 1883 Died: 05 Feb 1948 Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppen-Kommando 3 Oberbefehlshaber 8.Armee Oberbefehlshaber 1.Armee Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppe G Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppe H RK: 30 Sep 1939 EL: 28 Oct 1944 Schw: 25 Jan 1945
  8. There are many variants of citations for Sports Awards from the more formal German Horseman's & SA Sports Badge to the less formal unit-level sports day certificates. Here is an example of the latter for a member of 52 ID and signed by Lothar Rendulic and also the soldiers booklet/citation for the Deutsches-Reichs-Sportsabzeichen in Bronze...
  9. Hauptmann Karl-Friedrich Müller Born: 12 May 1920 12./LG-1 1./LG-1 Staffelkapitän 10./LG-1 DKiG: 06 Sep 1943 Ehrenpokal: 12 Oct 1942
  10. Major Eugen Bilharz Born: 06 Aug 1886 Died: 08 Dec 1963 Highest rank reached: Generalmajor Feldzeugkommando III Feldzeugkommando II Kdr Feldkommandantur 996 (Thanks to Dave Danner for identifying the signature)
  11. Please post your unknown Second World War Heer/Waffen-SS/Polizei signatures here.
  12. Thanks for that Dave. I don't think I would of got that in a million years, especially with just the signature to go on.
  13. Can anyone help me in identifying this signature please - dated for April 1933 with the rank of Major and Kommandeur of II/Inf.Rgt 14.
  14. Hauptmann Joachim Helbig Born: 10 Sep 1915 Died: 05 Oct 1985 Highest rank reached: Oberst II(K)/LG-1 4./LG-1 Staffelkapitän 4./LG-1 Kdr I/LG-1 Stab General der Kampfflieger General der Kampfflieger und Inspektor RLM (provisional) Kommodore LG-1 RK: 24 Nov 1940 EL: 16 Jan 1942 Schw: 28 Sep 1942
  15. Hauptmann Iro Ilk Born: 18 Oct 1919 Died: 25 Sep 1944 - KIA Highest rank reached: Major LKS 10 3./LG-1 2./LG-1 Staffelkapitän 2./LG-1 Staffelkapitän 10./LG-1 JG-300 Kdr III/JG-300 Stab I/JG-300 Stab III/JG-300 Kills - 9 or 10 (incl 5 night) RK: 21 Oct 1942 DKiG: 02 Apr 1942 Ehrenpokal: 23 Aug 1943 Information Source: Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries by Larry deZeng & Douglas Stankey
  16. Based purely on the initials (I'm no good at recognising faces) it could be Hans-Georg Borck who won the RK on 23rd November 1943 in 3./Pz.Pi.Btl 209 of 11.Pz.Division. He won the DKiG with the same unit in March 1943. The Waffenfarbe in the photo does look black which would fit with a Pionier unit.
  17. Hauptmann Ernst-Wilhelm Ihrig Born: 27 Jul 1915 Died: MIA 30 Nov 1942 on mission to Rzhev Salient II/KG-3 Staffelkapitän 3./KG-3 Kdr II/KG-3 RK: 14 Aug 1941
  18. Adolf Hitler Born: 20th April 1889 Died: 30th April 1945 Führer und Reichskanzler des deutschen Volkes Image: 1936 Promotion Citation
  19. A variant issued to a sailor who serve in 18 Vorpostenflottile and also won the Coastal Artillery Badge...
  20. Major Pius Hodapp Born: 01 Jul 1907 Died: 20 Nov 1942 - KIA at Rzhev Kp-Chef 10/Inf.Rgt 35 Inf.Rgt 195 Kdr II/Inf.Rgt 195 DKiG: 14 Feb 1942
  21. Generalleutnant Helmuth Weidling Born: 2nd Nov 1891 Died: 17th Nov 1955 - in Russian captivity, southeast of Moscow Highest rank reached: General der Artillerie Kommandeur ArtillerieRegiment 56 Kommandeur Artillerie Regiment 20 Artillerie Kommandeur (Arko) 128 Kommandeur 86 Infanterie Division Kommandierender General XXXXI.Panzerkorps. Kommandierender General LVI.Panzerkorps & Kampfkommandant of Berlin Ritterkreuz - 15th Jan 1943 / Eichenlaub - 22nd Feb 1944 / Schwertern - 28th Nov 1944 DKiG - 23rd Jun 1942 Image: EK II citation
  22. Oberstleutnant Gustav Streve Highest rank reached: Oberst Kommandeure Führer-Begleit-Bataillon Kommandant des Fuhrer-Hauptquartiers Image: Ost Medal Citation.
  23. That would make more sense.
  24. Is there any chance of a higher resolution scan of just the cuff title area? Can't say I've seen one like that - is it ST, SG or GG and then -P.....?