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  1. Deutsches-Reichs-Sportsabzeichen in Silber for a future Tech.Inspektor.
  2. There are many variants of citations for Sports Awards from the more formal German Horseman's & SA Sports Badge to the less formal unit-level sports day certificates. Here is an example of the latter for a member of 52 ID and signed by Lothar Rendulic and also the soldiers booklet/citation for the Deutsches-Reichs-Sportsabzeichen in Bronze...
  3. Oberstleutnant Hans-Georg von Zanthier Born: 21 Aug 1891 Died: 02 Sep 1969 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant Kommandant Magdeburg Kdr Inf.Rgt 349 Kommandant Feldkommandantur 184 Kommandant Metz Kommandant Feldkommandantur 1017 Kommandant rückwärtigen Armeegebiets 594 Befehlshaber Po
  4. Generalmajor Curt Bernard Born: 09 Dec 1886 Died: 02 Dec 1954 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant Kdr Division Nr 178
  5. General der Artillerie Friedrich Dollmann Born: 02 Feb 1882 Died: 28 Jun 1944 Highest rank reached: Generaloberst Kdr IX.Armeekorps Kdr 7.Armee RK: 24 Jun 1940 EL: 01 Jul 1944 (Posthumous)
  6. Hauptmann Erich Marquardt Born: 20 May 1911 Highest rank reached: Major 3./Aufkl.Gr. Ob.d.L Staffelkapitän 2./Erg.Aufkl.Gr.(F) Ob.d.L Staffelkapitän 2./Erg.Fernaufkl.Gr. Staffelkapitän 1.(F)/Aufkl.Gr.Ob.d.L Staffelkapitän 1.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 100 Ehrenpokal: 17 Jan 1944
  7. Hauptmann Georg-Friedrich Altvater Born: 18 Dec 1910 Died: 13 Nov 1942 (Killed in action) Highest rank reached: Major II/KG-3 Staffelkapitän Stabstaffel/KG-3 6./KG-27
  8. Thanks for the additional snippet. It sounds like you were glad you didn't go through their training regime, and who can blame you.
  9. SS-Unterscharführer Wilhelm Drager Born: 03 Oct 1911 Highest rank reached: SS-Untersturmführer 12./SS-Pol.Schtz.Rgt 3 SS-Führerschule des Wirtschafts-Verwaltungsdienstes
  10. Generalmajor Gerhard Berthold Born: 12 Mar 1891 Died: 14 Apr 1942 (Killed in action) Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant (Posthumous) Kdr Inf.Rgt 82 Kdr Inf.Rgt 17 Kdr 31.Inf.Division Fhr XXXXIII Armeekorps Kdr 31.Inf.Division RK: 04 Dec 1941
  11. SS-Hauptsturmführer Ewald Ehlers Born: 03 Jan 1910 Died: 28 Apr 1945 (lynched by his own men in Dirlewanger Brigade) Highest rank reached: SS-Sturmbannführer 1.kl.Kraftwagenkolonne (SS-Totenkopf-Division) SS-Totenkopf-Standarte 5 1./SS-Totenkopf-Standarte 12 SS-Totenkopf-Standarte 8 SS-Totenkopf-Standarte "Kirkenes" 6./SS-Infanterie-Regiment 8 SS-Gebirgs-Ersatz-Bataillon Chef 39.SS-Rekruten-Depot "Debica" SS-Panzergrenadier-Division "Totenkopf" SS-Polizei-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 7 (4.SS-Polizei-Division) Kdr II./Waffen-Grenadier-Regiment der SS 73 (SS-Sturmbrigade "Dirlewanger") Kdr Waffen-Grenadier-Regiment der SS 73 (36. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS) Also served at KZ Dachau
  12. Usually it is just a continuation of his service such as this example shown here but unfortunately it looks like when NARA originally copied the files they didn't bother (or forgot) to copy the reverse of Zwick's one.
  13. That is all there is on his card file. If his personnel file exists in NARA then it will probably be in A3356 Roll 940.7, 985 or 999 with the last two being supplementary files.
  14. The only 'Zwick' listed in the 1936 Stellenbesetzung is a Haputmann (E) with 15./Inf.Rgt 69 but the seniority date is different being 01.10.1934 so it might not be him. Your best hope for his WW-1 details is to see if his file is held in NARA, in the A3356 series. This is his German card file:
  15. Hauptmann Helmuth Raithel Born: 09 April 1907 Died: 12 September 1970 Highest rank reached: SS-Standartenführer (transferred to Waffen-SS in 1943) Nachr.Offizier GJR 100 Kdr II./Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 143 Kdr Waffen-Gebirgsjäger-Regiment der SS 28 Kdr Waffen-Gebirgsjäger-Regiment der SS 58 Kdr 23. Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS "Kama" (kroatische Nr. 2) Kdr SS-Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 11 "Reinhard Heydrich" DKiG: 31 Jan 1942
  16. Have you managed to look in the KG-26 history? I don't have it I'm afraid but maybe he is shown in there although as he was only with KG-26 for around a year it might be a long shot. He certainly seems to of been transferred a lot! For anyone else who might know where to look this is his listing in the Officer Career Summaries: WERNER, Otto-Friedrich. (DOB: 13.06.12). (i.G.). 01.04.30 pre-military flight training with DVS (to 31.03.31). 01.04.31 Kriegsmarine (officer from 1934). 01.05.35 trf from the Kriegsmarine to the Luftwaffe and assigned to Fliegerschule 2 (Warnemünde) for Beobachter (observer) training. 01.10.35 promo to Oblt. 01.12.35 trf to Fliegerstaffel (F) (See) at List/Sylt as a Beobachter (observer/navigator). 01.10.36 trf to Kü.Fl.St. 2./Kü.Fl.Gr. 206 at Norderney. 01.07.37 trf to 2.(F)/Kü.Fl.Gr. 106 Hörnum. 01.10.37 trf to Fliegerschule (See) Bug auf Rügen as a gunnery instructor. 15.11.38 at Fliegerwaffenschule (See) Bug auf Rügen. 05.01.39 ordered temporary duty to Höh. Lw.-Schule (Lehrgang 137) (to 31.03.39). 01.02.39 promo to Hptm. 25.08.39 trf to Stab/Luftgaukdo. XI as Ib Fl. 01.11.39 Hptm., trf from Fl.Waffenschule (See) Bug auf Rügen to Stab/Führer der Seeluft West and appt Ib. 26.07.40 trf to Ergänzungs-Fliegergruppe (See). 12.08.40 trf to KG 4 and assigned to 6. Staffel. 18.09.40 trf to 1./Kü.Fl.Gr. 906. 26.09.40 Hptm., appt Staka 1./Kü.Fl.Gr. 906. 07.08.41 Hptm., Staka 1./ Kü.Fl.Gr. 906. 02.10.41 trf to Stab/Gen.d.Lw. beim Ob.d.M. and appt Ia. 01.04.42 promo to Maj. 16.04.42 trf to Stab/Führer d. Seeluftstreitkräfte and appt Ia. 07.42 transferred to Stab/Luftflotte 3. 01.08.42 trf to Stab/Gen.Kdo. IX. Fliegerkorps and appt Ic. 01.01.43 Maj., trf into the General Staff of the Luftwaffe (did not attend the Luftkriegsakademie). 13.03.43 ordered temporary duty to Stab/Luftflotte 5 for Ic training (to 26.03.43). 27.03.43 trf from Genst./IX. Fliegerkorps to Stab/Angriffsführer England and appt Ic. 1943 Maj., reassigned to Stab/General der Kampfflieger. 15.10.43 reassigned to IV./KG 26 for aerial torpedo training and appt provisional Kommandeur. 11.08.44 Maj., appt Kdr. II./KG 26 (to 02.12.44). 1945 Maj., Ia/Komm.Gen.d.Dt.Lw. in Dänemark (to 08.05.45).
  17. That doesn't resemble his wartime signature. See here... Tippelskirch
  18. Just out of curiosity, who was the second one named as (supposing Fisher was the other)?
  19. Vice-Admiral Frederic W. Fisher was Admiral Superintendent of Malta Dockyard from 16th January 1907 to 26th February 1910 so would most probably be one of those mentioned although he held the rank of Rear Admiral until 1909.
  20. This is just a question to satisfy my curiosity. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places and being a TR paperwork collector that is entirely possible but do WW-1 Soldbücher or Militärpaße exist in collections or come on the market for high ranking officers? I am not looking to buy any but in the past few years I have seen tons of TR related General rank related equivalents but not one for a WW-1 General/Admiral ranked officer. Were they even issued such a thing (I would imagine so as they obviously didn't start off as a General) or did they hand it in when they reached a certain rank and get issued something else? Same goes for major Naval units - do any ever appear for sailors who served on the heavy units at battles such as Jutland, Dogger Bank, the coastal raids etc?
  21. I've finally found one - currently listed for sale (475 Euros) is the Soldbuch of Generalleutnant Richard Freiherr von Süßkind who commanded 2. Garde-Reserve-Division at the Battle of the Marne.
  22. Korvettenkapitän Heinrich Wassmuth Born: 08 Apr 1903 12. Unterseebootsjagdflottille Sützpunktkomp.d.F.d.V. West 4. Sperrbrecherflottille 3. Sperrbrecherflottille Kdr HS-FL. Kertsch bzw. Mariupol Kdr 3. Artillerieträgerflottille 1. Sicherungsflottille Kdr 4. Artillerieträgerflottille Kdr 13. Landungsflottille
  23. Hauptmann Heinrich Stöhr Kdr II/Art.Abt 299 Kdr I/Art.Abt 299 DKiG: 20 Sep 1944
  24. Major Friedrich-Wilhelm Siehl Born: 17 Oct 1896 Died: 19 Dec 1974 Highest rank reached: Oberst Kdr I/Art.Rgt 48 Kdr IV/Art.Rgt 120 Kdr Art.Rgt 225 Kdr Art.Rgt 96 DKiG: 14 Feb 1942 Ehrenblattspange: 18 Apr 1943
  25. Oberleutnant Dietrich Marwitz Died: 28 Oct 1940 Highest rank reached: Hauptmann (Posthumous) III/KG-153 8./KG-4 Staffelkapitän 8./KG-30