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  1. That doesn't resemble his wartime signature. See here... Tippelskirch
  2. Just out of curiosity, who was the second one named as (supposing Fisher was the other)?
  3. Vice-Admiral Frederic W. Fisher was Admiral Superintendent of Malta Dockyard from 16th January 1907 to 26th February 1910 so would most probably be one of those mentioned although he held the rank of Rear Admiral until 1909.
  4. This is just a question to satisfy my curiosity. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places and being a TR paperwork collector that is entirely possible but do WW-1 Soldbücher or Militärpaße exist in collections or come on the market for high ranking officers? I am not looking to buy any but in the past few years I have seen tons of TR related General rank related equivalents but not one for a WW-1 General/Admiral ranked officer. Were they even issued such a thing (I would imagine so as they obviously didn't start off as a General) or did they hand it in when they reached a certain rank and get issued something else? Same goes for major Naval units - do any ever appear for sailors who served on the heavy units at battles such as Jutland, Dogger Bank, the coastal raids etc?
  5. I've finally found one - currently listed for sale (475 Euros) is the Soldbuch of Generalleutnant Richard Freiherr von Süßkind who commanded 2. Garde-Reserve-Division at the Battle of the Marne.
  6. Korvettenkapitän Heinrich Wassmuth Born: 08 Apr 1903 12. Unterseebootsjagdflottille Sützpunktkomp.d.F.d.V. West 4. Sperrbrecherflottille 3. Sperrbrecherflottille Kdr HS-FL. Kertsch bzw. Mariupol Kdr 3. Artillerieträgerflottille 1. Sicherungsflottille Kdr 4. Artillerieträgerflottille Kdr 13. Landungsflottille
  7. Hauptmann Heinrich Stöhr Kdr II/Art.Abt 299 Kdr I/Art.Abt 299 DKiG: 20 Sep 1944
  8. Major Friedrich-Wilhelm Siehl Born: 17 Oct 1896 Died: 19 Dec 1974 Highest rank reached: Oberst Kdr I/Art.Rgt 48 Kdr IV/Art.Rgt 120 Kdr Art.Rgt 225 Kdr Art.Rgt 96 DKiG: 14 Feb 1942 Ehrenblattspange: 18 Apr 1943
  9. Oberleutnant Dietrich Marwitz Died: 28 Oct 1940 Highest rank reached: Hauptmann (Posthumous) III/KG-153 8./KG-4 Staffelkapitän 8./KG-30
  10. Can anyone identify this signature dated for February 1945 please? It is for an Oberst who holds the title of Kommandant des Tiergartensblocks which came under OKH Waffenamt.
  11. Please post your unknown Second World War Heer/Waffen-SS/Polizei signatures here.
  12. Thanks for another great addition to the Signature Database. Always good to see your contributions.

    1. AlecH


      Kevin - the signature database, along with citation databases are for me amongst the highlights on this forum. Until recently I thought, the whole forum had possibly passed its sell by date - so little activity, I didn't bother posting any more, however recently, it seems to have got its second wind, I intend to be adding to the index. Regards

    2. hucks216


      I think a lot of forums have down periods and some have stronger sections than others, but thanks to yourself and others the signature database is a real credit. Aside from some of the pinned threads your Sachsen-Coburg signature is currently the most viewed thread in the database, some 120 views more than the second most viewed signature.

      Keep up the great work.

       Best Regards


    3. AlecH


      Oh, Kevin that's nice to know - completely forgot who he was, have to re-read my own post. Cheers Alec

  13. With regards to my last post I think I have got it - Helmut Raithel.
  14. Would anyone be able to identify this pre-war Gebirgsjäger-Rgt 100 related signature please? I can't seem to match up the signature to any name in the 1937 & 1938 Stellenbesetzung - I did originally think it could be Reicheneder but then talked myself out of it and began to think the first letter could be a K. Holding the rank of Hauptmann in 1937 could mean he was a senior officer at some point in WW-2 if he made it that far.
  15. Stabsarzt Wilhelm Zeiß Born: 03 Apr 1901 Highest rank reached: Oberstabsarzt Sanitäts-Staffel Hersfeld (Sanitätsabteilung 29) Sanitäta-Staffel Jena (Sanitätsabteilung 47) Stab/Pz.Pi.Btl 49 Stab/Divs.Nachschub-Führer 90 Chef 1./Sanitäts-Kp 84 IVb 4.Pz.Division Heeres-Sanitäts-Staffel Karlsbad
  16. Oberleutnant Ulrich Winneberger Born: 15 Dec 1912 Highest ranked reached: Major Chef 14./Inf.Rg 61 Führer Verb.St.d.Franz.Legion Gen.St. XXXXI Gebirgskorp 8.Gen.St Lehrgang Berlin O2 718.Infanterie-Division Ia 118.Jäger-Division Qu.1 Gen.St 16.Armee
  17. Oberstleutnant Otto Höhne Born: 30 Apr 1895 Died: 29 Nov 1969 Highest rank reached: Generalmajor Kdr III/Kg-254 Kdt. Fl.H. Fritzlar Kdr I/KG-254 Kdr I/KG-54 Kdr KG-54 Kdr Luftkriegschule 4 Kdt. Fl.H.Kdtr A(o) 12/VII RK: 05 Sep 1940
  18. Hauptmann der Polizei Gerhard Konsierke Chef 3./Pol.Btl 319 Kdr II/SS-Pol.Rgt 26
  19. Major der Polizei Fritz-Karl Wirths Born: 22 Mar 1895 Highest rank reached: Oberstleutnant Kommandeur Pol.Btl 171 Kommandeur der Schutzpolizei Kiel
  20. Hauptmann der Polizei Ernst-August Falk Born: 19 May 1917 Executed 30 Jan 1946 (Soviet PoW October 1944) Zugführer 4./Pol.Btl 112 Zugführer 3./Pol.Btl 111 Chef 1./Pol.Btl 111 Leiter eines Hilfspolizeilehrgangs für Volksdeutsche Chef 8./SS-Pol.Rgt 26 Kdr II/SS-Pol.Rgt 26
  21. Kapitänleutnant Hans-Walter Buch Born: 11 Jan 1912 Highest rank reached: Kapitän zur See (Bundeswehr) II Wachoffizier Z-11 'Bernd von Arnim' Marine-Bataillon 'Arnim' (Narvik) I Wachoffizier Z-29 Kdr Torpedoboote 'Falke' Kdr Torpedoboote T-30 Kdr Torpedoboote T-35 Führer der Torpedobootsgruppe 'Finnenbusen' Post-War: Kdr 'Z-4' Kdr des 3. Zerstörergeschwaders (m.W.d.G.b., zugleich Kdr 'Z-4') Kdr des Kommandos der Troßschiffe/4. Fregattengeschwader/Einsatzflottille 2 Chef des 'DDG Project Management' DKiG: 08 Aug 1944
  22. Oberstleutnant Maximilian Kindsmüller Born: 20 Oct 1894 Died: 17 Aug 1943 - KIA Highest rank reached: Oberst Kdr Erg.Btl.Inf.Rgt.19 Kdr I/Inf.Rgt.468 Kdr Inf.Rgt.437 Divs.Führer 132.Inf.Division DKiG: 26 Dec 1941
  23. Please post your unknown Second World War Miscellaneous Signatures here.
  24. It was indeed a good 4 day break.