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  1. St. Sava ... Star

    Thank you for additional clarification. I agree with Paja too, I made mistake, in fact, they are the right dimensions of this Grand Cross or first class Star - width 90mm, height 92mm. I apologize.
  2. St. Sava ... Star

    Greetings Gentlemen, I am starting one of my first topics. I hope that you will find some interesting. Order of St. Sava 1st Class Star, III. emission - the saint is shown in clothes of yellow-green colour holding, from period 1921-1945. Unmarked, production of the well-known German Manufacturer Carl Friedrich Zimmermann. This Pforzheim company manufactured St. Sava Orders in very high quality in the 30s for the Yugoslav Kingdom. In comparison with the Swiss company Huguenin Freres, the saint holds here the book in the left hand. High quality made of gilded silver. Big size: width 81 mm, height 82mm. This brest star can become part of the complete decoration set, if somebody already have the neck order - like 3rd class - of this producer. Kind regards, Andrej.