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  1. French Indochina style: Cambodia - Annam. And just for comparison - the unofficial French award:
  2. Nice site, fine pics, great text
  3. Returning to #223: Liberia - Kuwait - European Olympic Committees (Order of Merit)
  4. Stars and maps again: Yugoslavia - Bulgaria - Alaska - Guam - Djibouti - Burkina-Faso
  5. Order of Friendship of Peoples/Order of Friendship Soviet Union - Russian Federation (1992-1994) - Belarus - Russian Federation (since 1994)
  6. At the top - the small coat of arrms of the Dominican Republic
  7. Nice bows)). It seems that 100-150 years ago they used to be very trendy in both Maghreb and Far East (Tunisia - Japan, Satsuma-Ryukyu) So, Happy New Year to All)))
  8. What will you get after crossing a flower with a lion? A bird, of course! One flower (principality of Lippe) plus one lion (Czechoslovakia)... ... equals one quetzal (Guatemala)
  9. It looks like a butchered El Sol del Peru
  10. The Oceanian Inspiration, or How To Say 'Aloha' In Romanian? Kingdom of Hawaii (1880) - Kingdom of Romania (1932, ie. more than 50 years later)
  11. Not twins - but triplets (on the right - Albanian communist medal "Red star")
  12. Russian Federation - unrecognized "Donetsk people's republic", #2 And let me introduce the official bird of "DPR". Its biological name is still unknown to me, but the anatomy never fails to impress: two heads but no legs