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  1. I found this picture a couple of years ago somewhere on the net
  2. Germany, Hesse-Darmstadt - Greece
  3. Germany, Wuerttemberg - Greece (both pictures were taken from eMedals)
  4. Guards badges #3 USSR - Kyrgyzstan - Yugoslavia - "Donetsk people's republic" - Don Cossacks
  5. May I make this Ethiopian addition?
  6. And here's an example of the opposite transformation - from a foreign (Laotian) order into a Soviet badge.
  7. It used to be an ordinary Soviet military badge. But (after a slight plastic surgery) it has become the highest South Yemeni award. What a great success story!
  8. ODM of Andorra

    That's great. Thank you
  9. In addition: Soviet Union - North Korea - Ukraine (the obsolete badge; the "georgian ribbon" on the wreath is about to be officially forbidden in Ukraine)
  10. French Indochina style: Cambodia - Annam. And just for comparison - the unofficial French award: