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  1. United Kingdom - Romania
  2. The name of this medal means "Homeland war memorial". It wasn't the civil war.
  3. Philippines - Republic of Turkey
  4. Holy See - Republic of Georgia
  5. Socialist Republic of Romania (Gold Star medal of the Hero of the SRR) - Republic of Azerbaijan (order of the Courage)
  6. Thanks a lot, Uwe!
  7. I found my own mistake in this thread but I can't edit it somehow. The right name of the pair in the post #196 is Colombia - South Vietnam. Done! Uwe
  8. taras

    Swaziland Orders & Decorations

    Ilja, this is stunning. I have been in Swaziland (now eSwatini) several years ago, but I have never seen there any militaria items (I mean the cap badges and smth like this) not to mention the medals))
  9. taras

    identification required

    Spain, the cross of the battle of Vitoria, I guess
  10. Belgium - Luxembourg
  11. Wow. I've never seen anything like this before. Thank you so much for sharing, Owain.
  12. Belgium - Bulgaria
  13. I found this picture a couple of years ago somewhere on the net
  14. Germany, Hesse-Darmstadt - Greece
  15. Germany, Wuerttemberg - Greece (both pictures were taken from eMedals)
  16. Guards badges #3 USSR - Kyrgyzstan - Yugoslavia - "Donetsk people's republic" - Don Cossacks
  17. May I make this Ethiopian addition?
  18. And here's an example of the opposite transformation - from a foreign (Laotian) order into a Soviet badge.
  19. It used to be an ordinary Soviet military badge. But (after a slight plastic surgery) it has become the highest South Yemeni award. What a great success story!
  20. taras

    ODM of Andorra

    That's great. Thank you