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  1. Help needed - japan badge

    Looks like a prize in 民謡 - folk song festival.
  2. Both orders were issued somewhere around 1970s.
  3. Mint mark M – timing analysis

    It is not the thread but another rising sun with M mark inside the case with pseudo early inscription I was referring to
  4. Mint mark M – timing analysis

    This style of inscriptions was in use until mid 30s. + Don`t forget that mint didn`t manufacture award cases. I would say that this set came from second half of 20s (but no guarantees of course) Rossette is from 1936 +period. I think you gonna like this thread Best, Nick
  5. Good conduct document.

    P.S. He served in 3rd infantry regiment See https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/近衛歩兵第3連隊
  6. Good conduct document.

    This is indeed 善行證書 - Good Conduct [Certificate] It was issued 大正五年十一月二十八日 - Novermber 28, 1916 to 陸軍歩兵上等兵 - Superior Private (infantry) 渡邊三郎 - Sabu Watanabe
  7. Please date this Sacred Treasure 3d class.

    This is katakana ナ (na). It is possible that Namikawa workshop used this mark but (as of today) no hard evidence.
  8. A pair of badges...

    Imperial reservist league member badge Round one 二十五周年 - Twenty-fifth anniversary 軍恩全連 - Military alliance
  9. CHEMULPO 1904 Medal

    Anyone who bought this medal got duped. Around 10-15 bucks.
  10. Great East Asia War Medal Replicas

    This is police badge. 警察功績章, where 警察 - police 功績 - achievement 章 - badge Inside the case we see date 和昭 49 年4月 日 22 - April 22nd 1974 受賞 - awarded + name of the badge. This is how document for these badges looks like You will find additional info about this badge here http://www.wikiwand.com/ja/警察功績章 Sincères salutations, Nick P.S. Strange choice of thread
  11. Please date this Sacred Treasure 3d class.

    I`d say somewhere around 1900s-1910s.
  12. Please show the obverse.
  13. Naaa, not mine Just an example of another type of the case/
  14. Another possibility - outer case for original box