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  1. Unknown Chinese medal

    No ribbon and these are not terribly valuable.
  2. Unknown Chinese medal

    Сommemorative jetton from 1936. 25th anniversary of Republic of China 中华民国 二十五年
  3. Is the First Class of Golden Kites bar?

    No, this one is for chinese order.
  4. Nick, I can't send you a PM for some reason – a pop-up box says you can't receive messages. Please remind me of your email address by PM. Thanks!

  5. Unknown class of a Japanese ribbon

    As far as I remember he was awarded with 3rd class As for the Kleindekoration in the form of the sun - this is unofficial add-on.
  6. Order of the Rising Sun ?

    Original order of rising sun with doctored suspension.
  7. These three are modern fakes.
  8. Manchukuo: Order of Orchid Blossom

  9. New Ribbon Bar - looking for a medal

  10. Rising Sun 3rd Class?

    3rd class from Sowa epoch. 1930s +
  11. Another Rising Sun

    1940 +
  12. Japanese Marine Officer?

    Japanese admiral Naokuni Nomura (1885-1973) Best, Nick
  13. certificate with box

    Probably. Nope. In the center 号外官報 - Official Gazette Around the perimeter 頁二一 - Page 21 + October 2nd, 1906 Best. Nick
  14. Rppc - Naval Barracks (c.1910)

    The card is undated. I`d say "1910s" sounds about right. Regards, Nick