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  1. Hello 

    Cloud I ask do you have Japanese emperor signature and other document want to sell now?



  2. Dear Dieter

    I am a Japanese award document collector. I find you have many Japanese award documents. Could I ask do you want to sell them?

    I collect "War medal" document, Rising sun, Scared Treasure and Golden kite document, also the Japanese emperor signature.

    Hoping for your reply (My email address is muran_james_liu@yahoo.com.au).

    Best Wish


  3. This is of course an army uniform.
  4. This is 2nd class merit badge from the patriotic women's association
  5. Quite possible. Another possible scenario: original recipient (or even officials) gave it to him (as a token of appreciation, memento, etc) because of shortage/unavailability of contemporary awards (or by some reason he couldn't be qualified for them). Best, Nick
  6. This is not a "Beiyang Government Medal Type 1", but a Wuhan Commemorative Medal 武漢紀念章 I think our boy has a bronze version It was issued by Yuan-Hung after the Wuhan uprising against the Ching Imperial Army somewhere around 1912. Regards, Nick P.S. It is also known as "Li Yuan-hung Merit Medal"
  7. Nice original 2nd type of Naval War College (海軍大学校 Kaigun Daigakkō) graduation badge.
  8. Sorry but I don`t see any problems with this one either. Do you?
  9. Simply ask him for the photos of other fakes that he made and we`ll see
  10. Original piece. Congratulations to your friend/
  11. A few possible scenarios 6th class rising sun order or sacred treasure order + China incident medal + 2600th National Anniversary medal + Red cross medal will do it.
  12. Not quite common, but not super rare Best, Nick
  13. It was awarded to merchant seamen who (1) becamе a model of seamen; (2) made a useful invention or improvement; (3) demonsrated 30 years of excellence onboard of a ship.
  14. Second type of seaman's excellence badge from the ministry of communications. It was introduced in July 1943.