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  1. Unfortunately original regulation for this badge is still unknown.
  2. This rising sun order came from 1980+ time period. EK is a technical mark of japanese mint. Regards, Nick
  3. Yes, this is Showa piece with correct case. This order was made before the end of WW2. The earlier cases have "7th class Kinshisho" whereas the later (Showa) cases have "7th class Kinshikunsho" inscription. So the earlier inscription is shorter by one character. Best, Nick
  4. George, it`s a fantasy fake. It combines elements of real chinese awards from republican (and warlord) period. + The enamel looks terrible and reverse has uneven surface. Best, Nick
  5. Modern chinese fake.
  6. Dear JapanX

    I am Japanese award document collector. I usually find your reply to post on the Gentlemen Military Club Website.

    I am looking forward the hand-signed by Japanese emperor award document (any of the 3 emperor). If you have  them, do you want to sell them?

    Best Wish


    1. JapanX


      Sorry for late answer, Moran.

      I am also a collector of japanese award documents signed by emperors. 

      I let you know when (and if) i`ve got something for sale.



    2. Moran James

      Moran James

      Thank you bro

      If you have any other award document in Japan want to sell, you can tell me as well

      Best Wish

  7. It looks quite nice, although I`ve never seen this variation before. Original regulation for this badge
  8. It`s a fantasy fake.
  9. Hallo Nick! I hope you are still well. I wish you a happy new year!

  10. Hello. How can I contact you privately?  ''Message'' option says doesn't allow contact with you... 


  11. Modern chinese fake.
  12. Yep, it is Kumch'ok Taehunjang.
  13. Strange choice of thread for posting Japan Women`s association for protection of the country Member`s badge It was issued somewhere between 1932 and 1942.
  14. This cross was made in Moscow by Dmitry Kuchkin (ДК) workshop somewhere between 1908 and 1917.