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  1. JapanX

    Unknown chinese/korean medals

    Source. Hope you are well Hsin
  2. JapanX

    A Japanese Badge

    After war fire brigade badge. Issued in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of municipal fire service.
  3. Yes, looks like all the names are there. Although they are sound something like Joruju Antowānu etc Regarding the number of the japanese doc - as for today no database is available for futher research. Best, Nick
  4. Yes, I know Patrick I was talking about number of japanese doc 3 381. Japanese docs issued for foreigners have special separate numbering system. The number on french athorization doc 31 212 Regards, Nick
  5. Very interesting article about Georges de Tressan by Minami Asuka that was published 8 years ago in Arts Asiatiques Source. Arts Asiatiques Année 2010, 65 pp. 167-180
  6. Great! The number of this doc is only 3 381 (this is a special numbering for foreign recipients).
  7. Thanks! Superb group! Did you check rising sun for marks (at the rim including the part of the sun rim that is hiding under suspension leaf)? Will it be ok with you if I`ll show your group to our russian colleagues? Regards, Nick
  8. Very interesting group and cavalier! Congrats! If possible, please make close ups of french permission document, order obverse and reverse and photo where he is wearing rising sun order. Best, Nick
  9. JapanX

    Tanto help red

    Yep, looks like you are right. 天正九 = 1581 So it couldn`t be Ichihara Nagamitsu. 長光道 can be read as Nagamitsu Michi. This fragment looks like 光定 - Kōjō (?)
  10. JapanX

    Tanto help red

    Looks like this sword was made by Ichihara Nagamitsu (1886-1960). See https://www.japaneseswordindex.com/naga.htm 長光道 where 長光 - Nagamitsu 道 - most likely from 剣道 - kendō/way of the sword
  11. JapanX

    The Order of the Sacred Treasure 7th Class

    Nice sacred treasure. It was made by Osaka Mint in 1930s.
  12. JapanX

    Russian Medal?

    China https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Friendship_(China)
  13. JapanX

    Japanese rank slide??

    Could be a veteran do-it-yourself style souvenir.
  14. JapanX

    How to read Japanese certificates masterclass ! !

    This is because there is no such thing as "bravery level". 勲三等功五級 , where 勲 = merit = sacred treasure or rising sun order 功 = meritous service/deed (in fact 功 is simply an alternative form of 勲) = golden kite order. as for 等 = 級 = grade/class
  15. JapanX

    Chinese or Japanese Decoration

    At obverse (most likely) Deng Keng https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/鄧鏗