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  1. This is of course an army uniform.
  2. This is 2nd class merit badge from the patriotic women's association
  3. Quite possible. Another possible scenario: original recipient (or even officials) gave it to him (as a token of appreciation, memento, etc) because of shortage/unavailability of contemporary awards (or by some reason he couldn't be qualified for them). Best, Nick
  4. This is not a "Beiyang Government Medal Type 1", but a Wuhan Commemorative Medal 武漢紀念章 I think our boy has a bronze version It was issued by Yuan-Hung after the Wuhan uprising against the Ching Imperial Army somewhere around 1912. Regards, Nick P.S. It is also known as "Li Yuan-hung Merit Medal"
  5. Nice original 2nd type of Naval War College (海軍大学校 Kaigun Daigakkō) graduation badge.
  6. Sorry but I don`t see any problems with this one either. Do you?
  7. Simply ask him for the photos of other fakes that he made and we`ll see
  8. Original piece. Congratulations to your friend/
  9. A few possible scenarios 6th class rising sun order or sacred treasure order + China incident medal + 2600th National Anniversary medal + Red cross medal will do it.
  10. Not quite common, but not super rare Best, Nick
  11. It was awarded to merchant seamen who (1) becamе a model of seamen; (2) made a useful invention or improvement; (3) demonsrated 30 years of excellence onboard of a ship.
  12. Second type of seaman's excellence badge from the ministry of communications. It was introduced in July 1943.
  13. Simply google 中朝友谊纪念章 1954 and see for yourself. Chinese analogue of mondvor site doesn`t exist.
  14. Reverse reads 中朝友谊纪念章 1954 China - DPRK Friendship Medal But unfortunately this is a modern chinese fake.
  15. I think photo was made somewhere between 1906 and 1909
  16. He died January 11, 1920 Looks like lieutenant-colonel.
  17. Nice photo. His actual name is 井上仁郎 Inouye, Niro Later photo https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/井上仁郎 Most likely 5th class kite (4th class is another theoretical possibility) I wonder why he didn`t wear his "Constitution" on later photo.
  18. Yea, right. For tea ceremony
  19. Yep, you`re right. So they could mix up the transfer press moulds
  20. Let’s see how many of them are out there All after-war replicas can be divided into two classes General replicas Personalized replicas General replicas were made by different manufacturers for “public at large”. Personalized replicas were created for certain groups of veterans.
  21. Great orders. Thanks for posting these pictures
  22. Sometimes japanese orders can be found in these beautiful and unusual “boxes with tassels”. These are Tamatebako Miyake – Boxes for Court Nobles. They are also known (in the West) as “boxes for foreigners” or “diplomatic boxes”. “Boxes for foreigners” is an inaccurate name for these beauties and “diplomatic boxes” is simply a wrong one. Why? These are not “boxes for foreigners” because members of Imperial House also got their orders in these boxes (as well as “foreigners”). They are not “diplomatic boxes” since all foreigners got their orders in such boxes (diplomats, military men, ministers, professors, etc.)