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  1. JapanX

    Order of the Sacred Treasure question

    Vince, I am not a dealer. As for the "relieble dealer" - in US ebay will be your best choice . Regards, Nick
  2. JapanX

    Order of the Sacred Treasure question

    But beware, not every four riverts construction treasure came from before ww2 time period. Yes.
  3. JapanX

    Order of the Sacred Treasure question

    Yes, all orders without riversts belong to the after-war time period. This particular order came from Meiji/Taisho epoch.
  4. JapanX

    Another unknown Chinese medal

    Modern chinese fantasy fake
  5. JapanX

    Gold versus Silver

  6. Check out this piece. Made in high-standart gold ;)
  7. JapanX

    Rising Suns questions

    6th class 1940+ . Most likely afterwar vintage. 8th class belong to the same time period. The main difference is in the pure unblended greed. These prices are outrageus (putting it mildly)
  8. Doesnt`t look like a Thai person to me.
  9. More like devastated by such a waste of my time. Of course this photo was made long before 1941. And no, Johannes Krause doesn`t have Ehrenkreuz des Weltkriegs 1914/1918 in his medal bar. The last cross is Friedrich-August-Kreuz 2nd class. There is a lot of other evidence that 2nd type was in use long before 1941. Period.
  10. Count Hasegawa Yoshimichi will be an exellent start
  11. You are clearly quite upset Micke. I'm sorry if I said or do anything to offend you. In fact my desicion to post anything in this thread was a huge mistake in the first place. That will never happen again. I wish you all the luck in your future research projects.
  12. I bet you will because you`re quite a reseacher Micke. That's for sure. To say nothing about the incredible level of your trustworthness. Simply incredible
  13. A great-looking uncle with a great-looking elephant, dear Pieter! Same elephant at the present time.
  14. P.S. Micke, since you`ve seen (and quite obvious read) all these documents would you mind explaining to us why you (or the person who actually read them) decided that change in design took place in 1941? Har man tagit fan i båten får man ro honom i land.
  15. I know what you`re thinking Micke. "When this photo was made", "wrong uniform - right time", "correct uncle - wrong order" etc. If it is, don't bother. Poor Charles left us in 1935 https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Joseph_Dupont At present time. What's our next step? Building a time machine.
  16. Micke, you're full of surprises. You`ve read and seen practically everything. Now, it is my pleasure to introduce to you general Charles Joseph Dupont. Let`s hit "close-up" button.
  17. JapanX

    That’s what I call “fervent zeal”

    Of course it was possible P.S. This medal was recently sold in Japan. Ribbon folded in sacred treasure style + typical japanese hook
  18. Yes, Micke. Very unfortunate. I would even dare to say tragic. I`ll stick around and wait until Dave will supply you with original text of these regulations. Naturally (since you are such an expert in thai) with your translation in English Right after that I`ll show some new evidence (since Dave obviously wasn`t really impressed by the last one) Until then hej så länge, Micke!
  19. JapanX

    red cross miniature

  20. You bet I am. Did you Mike? But since you are obviously don`t suffer from this problem + already read these regulations from 1941 please tell me what exactly do they say about time period when type 1design pattern was replaced by type 2
  21. Good luck with this site Mike. From what I see it has only basic info about current thai awarding system and latest news about awardings. But maybe I simply can`t find the right directory. Please give me a direct link to the directory where I can find these documents "you`ve seen"
  22. Let`s see some of these documents that "you`ve seen" and then I`ll show my evidence
  23. JapanX

    That’s what I call “fervent zeal”

  24. JapanX


    This a doc for regular member badge (exact match to the one that is in the box). It was issued on April 12, 1909.