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  1. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Unfortunately, no dates and no additional info about regulation for these devices. Author simply describes the pictures. First picture 天皇陛下が大勲位花章頸飾を下げる際に使 用した肩章の菊花紋章は、頸飾章がず落ちないため の特株な仕掛けがしてあつた。 Second 左2個が八ネ入りの菊花紋章。 中央のボタンのよぅなものが用途不明のもの The text under 玉肩章の下にり僭 込んでいるも のが見 ... ==== He is thinking that these were the special stock. Doesn`t know for what was the central button.
  2. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    It's impossible to say with certainty with existing photos
  3. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    This is of course just a hypothesis and I didn`t see half collars either. So it is quite possible that the photo was doctored.
  4. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Good luck.
  5. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Take a good look at the epollet. Studio or no studio - there is only one link. So they doctored the epollet too? Now, regarding to what the book suggests. It suggests that there are several types of clips. Larger one for the whole chain (?) smaller for the half chain (?). Unfortunately the quality of image is too low (at least for me) to read the inscriptions.
  6. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    You better take a look at this photo. Only half of the collar. So they could start using clips becase of this
  7. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Could be ...
  8. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    Thanks! Nice book indeed. He wore it both ways
  9. Presentation Warrant dimensions

    See post #72
  10. opinion on Rising Sun 5th class

    Nice set of 10 (postcards). No exact date, but it was issued before 1936. Most likely somewhere between 1930 and 1935. Best, Nick P.S. Original name of this set 帝國勲章ゑはがき集 - Imperial medals postcard collection
  11. Presentation Warrant dimensions

    Yes, of course centimetres.
  12. Presentation Warrant dimensions

    Doc for collar has following dimensions (approximately of course) Length 58 см Height 45 см
  13. Pin/clips for the Collar of the Chrysanthemum

    As far as I know they didn`t come with the collar. Could you make a better photo (or scan) of this page. What is the name of the book?
  14. General Nogi's Pour le Merite

    Yes, prices are way too high. It's good to know that you're fine. Best of luck with Papal medals Best, Nick
  15. General Nogi's Pour le Merite

    Here comes a better photo. Dear Pieter, hope you are well Stessel with his "blue max"
  16. General Nogi's Pour le Merite

  17. General Nogi's Pour le Merite

    Nope, he wasn`t. They got their awards simultaneously A short note from Russian newspaper "Russian Word", December, 30, 1904 (January 12, 1905 by the new style) BERLIN, December, 29, 1904 (January 11) Emperor Wilhelm awarded generals Stessel and Nogi with order "pour le merite" in token of their bravery and heroism during Port Arthur siege. Emperor made a request by telegraph to His Emperor Majesty and mikado asking them to give their consent to this awarding. Original russian text БЕРЛИН, 29-го декабря, 1904 (11-го января) Император Вильгельм пожаловал генералам Стесселю и Ноги в знак внимания к их храбрости и героизму во время осады Порт-Артура орден "pour le merite" ("За заслуги"). Император обратился по телеграфу к Государю Императору и микадо с просьбой дать согласие на это пожалование.
  18. Is it a Japanese Red Cross Order of Merit Medal?

    See https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ヒサヤ大黒堂 and http://o53xo.nbuxgylzmfsgc2lln5vxkzdpfzrw63i.cmle.ru This is of course after-war trinket. Looks very modern. P.S. The missing rosette
  19. opinion on Rising Sun 5th class

    The actual reason for silver kanji is still unknown (at least to me). As for the badge (as always no 100% guarantee) it fits the case (more or less).
  20. opinion on Rising Sun 5th class

    More like 1939-1945 (judging by the case)
  21. Help needed - japan badge

    Looks like a prize in 民謡 - folk song festival.
  22. Both orders were issued somewhere around 1970s.
  23. Mint mark M – timing analysis

    Let’s go back to the question of mint marks (to catch up with the beginning of our discussion you should go to http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/51243-order-of-the-sacred-treasure) and mark M in particular. Allow me to remind you that according to Dieter hypothesis mark M was created in 1929 and was in use only for a short period of time. Osaka mint used this mark as proof of identity (this issue became especially important after medal scandal). That’s why we couldn’t find mark M on all specimens from 30s and first half of 40s. And that’s why we couldn’t find this M mark on after WW II pieces.
  24. Mint mark M – timing analysis

    It is not the thread but another rising sun with M mark inside the case with pseudo early inscription I was referring to