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  1. Years ago i asked about this "TENO" side cap on the forum but had no idea how to post decent pictures. I have finally got a camera that allows me to do so, so here it is,any help would be most appreciated. I bought this TENO NCO`S cap at a small rural auction over a decade ago ,It was described as a German airman`s cap and came with two matching side caps. The sidecaps have police insignia on but are in cloth almost matching the cap. They all came from a deceased veteran via his widow. The NCO`s cap has been lightly worn and has a full TENO inscription on the silk lining under the celluloid. including the DER which is missing for some reason in other TENO caps that I have seen? I believe that TENO came under the control of the police at some time so that might suggest a link. I`m sure there are much more knowledgeable peolple on this forum than me so finally posting the pictures may shed some light on the matter for me.All the best Andrew
  2. Can anyone tell me if this is an actual TENO cap wreath or that of some other German organisation? It is smaller than an officers silver wreath.it is laurel leaves but fewer and they don¬t meet at the top. Many thanks in advance Andrew
  3. i have a strange side cap that came from a local auction with a near mint teno nco`s cap.the side cap is police style but in teno dark blue cloth same as the cap.silver grey bevo police eagle below cockade on a hexagonal dark blue backing. the badge was sewn on during manufacture.The lining is silver grey ribbed synthetic satin.two of these side caps came with the nco cap and an arm band .came from a local vet.Any ideas. i was told teno were under police control but did they wear police insignia.?mac
  4. I don`t know if you TENO specialists can help me but a few years ago i bought an interesting lot at a local auction .It was listed as "ww2 german airmans caps" in fact it was an almost mint condition TENO nco`s cap.armband and two strange side caps.According to the auctioneer the lot came from a local old lady whose husband picked it up at the end of the war.The cap has a silver flecked piped crown with a plain black ribbed cap band,silver flecked black cap cords and an erel sonderklasse teno eagle sweat shield. The side caps are also mint,made of the same dark blue material as the nco`s cap but have have hexagonal dark blue backed bevo police eagles below cockades on the front. the badge was sewn on during the caps manufacture and the lining is ribbed siver grey synthetic satin.the only marks are printed size56.i believe the caps are associated but can find no reference to Teno staff wearing police type side caps.I was told that teno were under police control at one time but you would know that better than me.Any ideas? mac i shall try and post some pictures later