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    WWI Somme, Napoleonica, sculpting and painting scale model figurines, and collecting original documents and autographs pertaining to the July 20 bomb plot.

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  1. Very interesting. Thanks Kevin. I think Prof. Peter Hoffmann's new bio of Tresckow will be ready this year. It will address some of the recent revisionist slurs against him. First to be published in German, it is hoped that an English version will follow. Colin
  2. Thanks Kevin. I am glad it's been of interest. My postings have slowed with my collecting but I am still picking up the odd hard to find item. I will keep posting. Jim that does looks like Speidel's signature to me. I don't think he has been heavily faked. My initial thought was that it looks post-war but I did read somewhere that Speidel preferred not to sign in WWII uniform after hostilities had ceased. Other opinions? Colin
  3. ColinRF

    Somme related items

    Nice to see that helmet! Seems I got the apple green colour of the Somme brodie right on the model bust I did of my great uncle (see my avatar). My Great uncle George was in the 19th LF (3rd Salford Pals) in the July 1 attack on the Leipzig Redoubt and Granatloch. I was given his last letter describing the attack by a descendent of the recipient a few years ago. So it was fascinating to see these interesting posts relating to the view from the other side of the hill in this area of the Somme battlefield. I have read and reread the 3rd Salford war diary for July 1. It has to be one of the more detailed reports of action that day.....written by battalion intelligence officer Lt. Geoffrey Bache Smith (one of JRR Tolkein's best friends). The first day attack is described in varying detail in three separate reports in the war diary. Great map included too. I just wish the Luftwaffe hadn't destroyed his file in the blitz. Colin
  4. ColinRF

    Recent 28mm projects

    Me too. Expensive but a laugh to do.
  5. ColinRF

    Recent 1/9 busts

    Thanks Frank
  6. Another happy pick up. I am not aquiring many new pieces these days but I will leap when the opportunity presents. I have been looking for an example of the signature of Axel von dem Bussche for a long time and have now found one. His autograph is first on a page from a guest book for a 1956 reception for Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. At this time, von dem Bussche was posted with the West German embassy in Washington DC. Catalogue Entry: -------------------- Title:19 AUTOGRAPHS of EMINENT GUESTS attending a party in honor of PRINCE BERNHARD OF THE NETHERLANDS at the Dakota in NYC. Included among the autographs are those of PRINCE BERNHARD, as well as those of the American magazine magnate HENRY LUCE and the notorious CIA OPERATIVE ENNO HOBBING who, as Bureau Chief of TIME MAGAZINE, led the COUP D'ETAT in GUATEMALA. Author:(Hobbing, Enno [CIA operative]; HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands; Prince Aschwin; Axel Bussche-Streithorst; Hamilton Fish Armstrong; Brooke Astor; Henry R. Luce; et al.) Your Inventory Number: Price: [New York]: October 30th, 1956., 1956.. Fine. - Nineteen autographs penned on a gilt-edged, cream-colored page, 10-3/4 inches high by 8-3/4 inches wide, removed from the guest book of Grace Bristed Jackson and C. D. Jackson at the Dakota. Dated "Oct. 30th 1956", the signatures are identified along the top as those of guests present at a "Party in Honour of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. 14 signatures are penned in a column along the left and another 5 signatures, including that of Prince Bernhard, are penned in a column at right. Near fine. Charles Douglas Jackson [known as "C.D."] and his wife Grace Bristed Jackson hosted parties and events at their apartment in the Dakota. Jackson worked on and off at Time magazine in an administrative capacity for many years and was made vice president of Time, Inc. in 1940. He was periodically sent on various diplomatic missions by Eisenhower. He also found time to serve on the boards of several organizations, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Free Europe Committee and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The signatures along the left include those of: 1) Axel Bussche-Streithorst [Axel von dem Bussche] (1919-1993). A World War II German officer who, as part of the German Resistance, planned to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1943. Stationed on the Eastern front, Bussche had witnessed the massacre of over 3,000 Jewish civilians by the SS at the Dubno airport in Poland in 1942. Traumatized by the experience, he joined a resistance group within the army led by Count Stauffenberg. Selected to model new uniforms when Hitler was due to inspect these at his Fuhrerhauptquartier Wolfsschanze in November 1943, Bussche undertook to carry out a suicide bombing to kill the Fuhrer. His plans were thwarted when, the night before the event, an Allied air raid on Berlin destroyed the railway truck transporting the new uniforms. He volunteered to try again but was seriously wounded on the Eastern front in January of 1944, losing one of his legs. He was one of the very few who was not betrayed and thus survived the war. I still recall seeing Freiherr von dem Bussche being interviewed in the Oscar nominated film "The Restless Conscience." He spoke of witnessing the massacre at Dubno and wishing he had thought to remove his uniform and join the ranks of the Jews being executed. Truly a haunted individual.
  7. ColinRF

    Recent 28mm projects

    That was the Company's intent. A ungruntled late empire Boney :-) Thanks
  8. ColinRF

    Recent 28mm projects

    Me too. Fun to paint. By a company called Stoessi's Heroes.
  9. ColinRF

    Recent 1/9 busts

    Definitely more to come. Here is Marshal Poniatowski, just completed. Above from top to bottom we have : Roman Aquilifer 1st C AD; General Junot Col. Gen of Hussars; Nelson; Marshal Murat King of Naples; Marshal Bessieres Duke of Istria; Von Richthoffen; Marshal Lannes Duke of Montebello; Marshal Ney Prince of the Mosckowa. All 1/9 commercial resin kits. colin
  10. ColinRF

    Recent 28mm projects

    Thanks for that Simon.
  11. ColinRF

    Recent 28mm projects

    Perry, Gringo40s, Full Battle Rattle, Stoessi's Heroes in acrylics and inks.
  12. ColinRF

    Recent 1/9 busts

    Commercial resin busts in acrylics and inks.
  13. Well done reaching out to Professor Hoffmann. I have always found him more than happy to assist and advise someone with a legitimate interest. As you note, his history was relied on for Valkyrie. In addition, he served as voluntary historical advisor (at his own request) to ensure that the film was as accurate as possible. It was. You have a lot more here than I found in Professor Hoffmann's works and in a book on Stephen George's "Secret Germany" circle. What a shame Fahrner and your man burned that correspondance. One can only imagine what important historical documents were lost post-July 20. Kramarz and Hoffmann note in their prefaces that very few documents survived the coup artempt as the Gestapo confiscated everything they could find for evidence and others burned letters to avoid association with Stauffenberg. One wonders how many other survivors were associated with the coup but don't appear in the texts and memoirs. Colin
  14. Sadly he broke the book up and listed the pages individually or in groups. Do a word search under the key word "stockhausen."