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  1. Well done reaching out to Professor Hoffmann. I have always found him more than happy to assist and advise someone with a legitimate interest. As you note, his history was relied on for Valkyrie. In addition, he served as voluntary historical advisor (at his own request) to ensure that the film was as accurate as possible. It was. You have a lot more here than I found in Professor Hoffmann's works and in a book on Stephen George's "Secret Germany" circle. What a shame Fahrner and your man burned that correspondance. One can only imagine what important historical documents were lost post-July 20. Kramarz and Hoffmann note in their prefaces that very few documents survived the coup artempt as the Gestapo confiscated everything they could find for evidence and others burned letters to avoid association with Stauffenberg. One wonders how many other survivors were associated with the coup but don't appear in the texts and memoirs. Colin
  2. Sadly he broke the book up and listed the pages individually or in groups. Do a word search under the key word "stockhausen."
  3. Jim - I got the GD. doc from Huesken and he has the rest of the visiting book first sale, page by page. If you are in the mood gor a challenge. I shall try to get to my books this week to see if I can add anything on your guy. Colin
  4. Jim - thanks for posting this. Lucky you in acquiring such a great piece. I agree with you that holding such a piece of historical paper has the ability to transport one to another place and time. I often wonder what was going on in the room when my various pieces were written or signed. I particularly like the connection to Hansen. I am sure you have seen the Hansen piece I recently picked up. Its a hard signature to find. Cngrats and thanks Colin
  5. My reading on Dulag 121 and the general treatment of Soviet POWs highlights the crimes of some conspirators (for example General Quartermaster Wagner, who constantly reduced POW rations and declared "let them starve"). I didn't know that as many as 3.3 million of the Russian losses in WWII were POWs who died. Makes the mistreatment of German Stalingrad POWs more understandable. I don't expect that the Soldbuch holder had more than influential contact with the conspirators in the Abwehr. There were many pro-Nazi and neutral officers in Canaris' organization. I expect, being in Group III N, that he didn't have close contact with the heavy resisters as they were in Abteilung Z, the central admin group. I expect the treatment of Soviet POWs was an open secret in the overall organization. Malende was in the postal censorship group so he would know of the content of soldiers' communications from the front, for example. I expect the holder of the soldbuch was sent to Dulag 121 as he was an officer in a Landschutzen battalion attached to Abwehr III N.
  6. I thought it a good buy once I saw it had Sell's signature. I haven't seen many IDs with an Abwehr Wehrkreis III stamp. I notified the seller about the July 20 link but he deep discounted it anyway, so in I went. Thanks.
  7. I already had a postcard signed by Abwehr Oberstleutnant Ulrich Freiherr von Sell (see #39 above) but at the very inexpensive price, I couldn't resist this Soldbuch to a Major who served in the Abwehr Group III N under von Sell. The Soldbuch is signed twice by von Sell, who was Stauffenberg's liaison to Wehrkreis IX (Kassel) for Operation Valkyrie on July 20, 1944. The bio of von Sell can be found at the earlier post under this thread. Interestingly, the Major to whom the book belonged, also served at the infamous transit camp Dulag 121, in Gomel, where many Soviet POWs perished under inhuman conditions.
  8. Just got this EKI Urkunde signed by Generlleutant Walter von Brockdorff Ahlefeldt. Brockdorff's signature is usually seen on Demjansk Shield award documents and always in stamped form, as this general died before theseawards wer granted. Brockdorff, or "Boney Charles" as Ewald Heinrich von Kleist says he was known by his men, was a major player in the coup planned by Hans Oster in 1938. He and GFM von Witzleben were in command of troops critical to the plan to raid the Chancellery and to kill Hitler. Brockdorff commanded the Potsdam garrison, consisting of the 23ed Infantry Division. Witzleben worked with Brockdorff and Gisevius to identify SS and Gestapo locations in Berlin to be neutralized. As noted in earlier posts, Oster's daring plan unravelled primarily due to Neville Chamberlain's appeasement efforts at Munich.
  9. Thank you Pieter. Yes I sculpted the bust myself in polymer clay. Painted in acrylics. Upper Canada College in Toronto is the private boys' school attended by Dunn. They own his VC and a=other awards and his sword as I recall. Currently the awards are on loan to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa and UCC has copies to display. Regards Colin
  10. In keeping with the theme, here is my original 1/5 portrait of Lt. Alexander Dunn, 11th Hussars and first Canadian born VC winner, in the Oct. 25 charge. Colin
  11. Looking over past pages here I am saddened to see how badly automatic system upgrades have screwed up my posts. Bad enough that umlauts and apostrophes are now shown as ? marks but many attachments are now shown in the wrong posts. The result is a mish mash that is useless as a research source. Is there no way for me to fix or edit this? If not, I don't really see the point in continuing this thread. Its a lot of work writing these bios and adding scans. Having the wrong attachments appear due to a dumb computer update is pretty demotivating. colin Update - thank you to Nick for granting me limited edit rights in order to correct the problems.
  12. New painting

    Heres an example in model form. Might be the same chap as above. http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/a-news-for-september.80014/ colin
  13. Another recent addition. This is a pre-war postcard sent to Irene Stoelzel, signed by various fellow students of the famous Coburg Casimirianum Gymnasium. One can see roughly midway on the left the signature of Georg Hansen, later to be Stoelzel's husband. Oberst i.G. Georg Hansen was a major resister, being appointed by Canaris as his successor as leader if the Amt Ausland Abwehr. Once the Abwehr organisation was subsumed into the RSHA, Hansen was second in command to Walter Schellenberg. Hansen was one of the first additions to the Reichswehr's fledgling panzer corps before moving to the general staff and then to the intelligence function before the war. He commanded to general staff training program at the Berlin Kriegsakademie. He subsequently moved to the Abwehr where he rose to command Abwehr I, German SIS under Canaris. Hansen had early contact with Beck and Stauffenberg through his senior role in the general staff organisation. He was an active resister as early as 1938, actively plotting Hitler's assassination with Tresckow since 1943. He was heavily involved in the run up to Valkyrie, providing security and vehicles to the resisters, as well as use of his home in Rangsdirf for secret meetings. He was tasked with arresting RSHA and Gestapo staff on July 20. He was also intended to be a major negotiator with the western allies adter the coup. After disagreeing with Stauffenberg about post-coup political plans, Hansen opted to absent himself from Berlin on July 20, choosing instead to attend one of his five childrens' baptisms. He returned to Berlin on July 21 and was summoned to the RSHA where he was arrested in the lobby. He suffered intensive interrogation (i.e. Torture) and broke down, implicating many including Canaris. He was tried before Freisler on August 10 in the company of Berthold Stauffenberg, Fellgiebel and others. He was executed on the meathooks at Ploetzensee on September 8, 1944.
  14. Congrats on a nice addition. If you look back you will see I got a post-war movie script signed by Szokoll. I have some more pieces by others to post when I can shake loose some time. Colin